I've been meaning to watch Cross ever since I learned that my Korean girl crush, Yang Jin Sung was part of the cast. I saw BTS photos from her Instagram account and since then, I've been looking for online streams. Unfortunately, the series already ended when VIU uploaded all the episodes. Nice, one! :p I didn't google any synopsis of its plot. In my mind, I just wanted to see Yang Jin Sung again. When I started the series, I totally forgot about Yang Jin Sung. My attention was diverted to the lead actor, Go Kyung Pyo. He was a revelation for me. 

The first reason why I wanted to watch Cross - Meet one of my Korean girl crush, Yang Jin Sung

Cross is a suspense thriller medical drama. In a nutshell, it's a story of revenge. Dr. Kang In-gyu (Go Kyung Pyo), is a promising doctor with a dark past. His father became a victim of an organ trafficking syndicate in South Korea, while her sister has been suffering from a heart related disease. Dr. Kang In-gyu and his sister were eventually adopted by renowned surgeon, Dr. Go Jung Hoon (Cho-JaeHyun). Dr. Kang In-gyu, who used to be the kind-hearted and humble son, discovered something that rifted his relationship with Dr. Go Jung Hoon. All these circumstances planted his growing revenge. He became determined to uncover the truth behind his father's death at all costs.

Here are reasons why I love the series

1. Predictable characters in an unpredictable plot - It's easy to figure out hidden villains in a Korean drama. The evident body languages such as movement of the eyes and brows, side glances, hand clasps, sudden lean on the chair, all these provided obvious hints of a person's real character. I think Korean writers deliberately presented it this way. The element of suspense is on how characters will uncover hidden intentions. 

2. The suspense are all worth it - Episodes 1 to 3 are showing hints of suspense. All the elements of suspense thriller in a medical drama will escalate from Episode 4 to 15. The fourth episode made me realize above anything else, this K drama is a priority. :D 

3. The supporting actors and actresses were great - I didn't see any actor or actress, with lousy acting skills. In like manner, there was no exaggerated acting among the cast. I liked that no one cried as if begging for an acting award. 

4. Go Kyung Pyo was a revelation - I don't know anything about Go Kyung Pyo prior to this series. His acting sustained my interest on the first few episodes.  When I reached the fourth episode, I started searching information about him. I did some online stalking and needless to say, I developed another celebrity crush. He may not be the handsomest, but his acting is more than enough.

You expect, there's always a barbecue scene in any Korean drama :)

5. I read somewhere that Cho-Jae Hyun's character, Dr. Go Jung Hoon, should have been part of the final episode. Unfortunately, Choe -Jae Yun got involved with a sexual harassment case. He was dismissed from the series, which forced the entire team to alter parts of the ending. But tbh, I never felt this shortcoming. 

Some points I didn't like

1. Something about organ transplants - The entire drama series centered on patients needing organ transplants. I'm still in denial on the possibility of a heart transplant, even if the medical field has proven and established its possibility. ;) In like manner, the series made it appear that organ recipients can easily recover and go back to their lives, as if nothing happened. 

2. How organ traffickers operate a patient in a dilapidated building - Really? How can you operate and transfer an organ in an ambulance or a dilapidated and contaminated building? Seems impossible in the point of view of a non-medical practitioner like me.

3. I got annoyed with Dr. Baek Ji-Nam (Yoo Seung Mook) on the concluding episodes. The selfish fan in me wished, he could have done some cover up for Dr. Kang In-gyu. Protecting Dr. Kang In-gyu could have been a way for him to avenge the death of his son. My sentiments are going overboard. ;) 

But overall, I can forgo these inconsistencies. The plot, transition and quality of acting of the entire cast are 5 out of 5 stars. 

If the flow of the story will be followed, the two should end up together. However, I love that the writer didn't force it. It makes sense. 

Jeon So-min rendered great acting too. 

How to behave when crush is around ;) 

It would have been nice if these two developed feelings for each other. The story will become complicated and interesting. (selfish wish) It will be a good angle only if the series was made longer.

All for one, one for all - another scene I love

Go Kyung Pyo is love! Hahahaha