Tiredness... This was the theme of my past week. I started with my new work schedule that requires me to wake up at 5 am to catch my 7 am classes. Aside from the additional teaching assignments, my research paper advisees contributed to my less than 4 hours of sleep. In my attempt to finish everything, I ended up sacrificing my other responsibilities as well. I felt disappointed. Hopefully, the succeeding week's theme will shift to recovery and adjustment.

Before the most awaited weekend started, I meet up my regular Fridate girlfriend, Anne. I attended a half-day affair within Makati so we ended up meeting at Greenbelt 5, a mall whose shops never fail to intimidate me. LOL

Hours before my fridate, one of my recent freelance clients gave his downpayment for my professional fee and you know what happens next. Payday and mall day, boom! I would like to believe that I became a more mature shopaholic now. I limited myself to a nice blouse from Zara (a brand where I shop once in a blue moon) and I decided to make long term investments
Hopefully, they will become long term and productive investments I'll never regret.

My usual routine with Anne

We decided to give ourselves a break from our Bon Chon addiction. We decided to have Chinese dinner at Mann Hann.

Weekend came and I indulged myself with my favorite hobby... zzzzz

After depriving myself of sleep over the past week, I overindulged myself with those sleep hours. To my defense, I badly needed it and I believe that sleeping is way better than stress eating. Either way, anything excessive becomes unhealthy and a proof to that is the minor headaches I gain, as soon as I woke up from my long afternoon naps. But seriously, I hope everything is fine with me.

One thing I'm really grateful whenever I'm typing my Beautiful Sunday post is the fact that I'm at home with my family. I usually prepare my regular Sunday post in our living room while my parents are watching their favorite weekend shows. When budget permits, we spend our weekends with a box of pizza or a KFC takeout. Simple things like these make me feel blessed and forget all those troubles and worries I have in life. Never mind the bills to pay and issues at work if I have weekends spent with the people who love me the most.

A great proof to this is the plate of Pansit Bihon and Spanish bread prepared by my Nanay (mother) that awaits me

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead!