When I was still pursuing my MBA, it has become a routine for me and my girlfriends to hear masses at the elegant and historic San Agustin Church. Before hearing the mass, we would often catch the recessional of an earlier wedding. We would hide in one corner and admire every beautiful and happy bride, as she walks out of the church with her equally fulfilled groom. Every Saturday, we would always render that huge sigh and laugh about our own frustrations. On those days, one of my fervent wishes was for that someone-that-i-used-to-know to love me back. My two girlfriends have their own wishes. However, I'm pretty sure that their prayers are way different and mature than my selfish intentions.

Five years after, God has granted some prayers. However, I have this feeling that God misheard our prayers. My wish for that one great love ended up in the hands of my two girlfriends. Haha As it turns out, my girlfriends and constant Saturday companions found their own destinies. 

My friend Lani is engaged and will tie the knot next year. Joy, the elder sister that I should have, officially left singlehood today. Ate Joy found her lifelong happiness with Vel. The 15th day of September will forever be significant to Ate Joy and Vel because they chose to profess their love and commitment to each other. 

Who would ever thought that the historic San Agustin Church would soon belong to Ate Joy's wedding.

Ate Joy and her parents.

At this point, I'm the only one left rendering that huge sigh. LOL 

Best wishes to our Ate Joy!

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