Lasagna and Oreo Cake! Perfect meal for a 12-hour working day

Another forever favorite, Chef Tony's Country Cheddar :)

Super supreme pizza for Dad's birthday!

One of the few non-blue shirts I love and my custom made Meteor Garden necklace 

 For those who are not familiar, Meteor Garden is the first Asian drama series aired in the Philippines. Long before the Koreans invaded the Philippine TV, it was this Taiwanese drama series that started everything. The necklace was the gift of Jerry Yan to Barbie Xhiu

All the while, I thought that I lost this necklace. When I was cleaning my things, I learned that Nanay kept it . Happiness for the hopeless romantic in me! It came so timely because my new office uniform shifted to the wing styled collar. Everything is perfect for necklaces that can break that monotonous look.

I'm finally using my favorite metallic Longchamp and my addiction to Peter pan collared blouses is becoming unstoppable. :)

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday!