Sunday, October 13, 2013

Life lately

I've been neglecting this blog for the longest time. I would like to believe that I'm just busy with work or I'm just poor in time management. I guess the second explains everything. I usually blog at home, hours before going to sleep. Over the past weeks to months, I always reach home late. As much as I want to blog and visit my blog friends, my body is already showing strong signals of exhaustion. I succumb to sleep and beg for additional hours of sleep the next day.

Over the weekends, I spent a lot of time sleeping. Even reading and watching my Korean drama series took a step back. Obviously, sleeping hours have become my best buddy.

While writing this post, I have a feeling that I will mess up and make another lousy post. Hopefully not. Actually, my real intention in writing this is to compile and share the things that occupy me lately.

I mentioned in one of my Sunday posts that this is how my old workstation looks like.

After the renovation, my place was downsized to this

I wasn't expecting my space to be this small. Added to this the floating shelves (not in the photo) that is causing me minor head bumps whenever I access my tiny cabinet. With the lesser space, this desktop computer was replaced with this

Almost happy for this very lightweight and portable buddy except that I find the 10-inch screen too small.
Using the tiny screen for 8 hours demands a lot of adjustment for me. I also fear that the small screen can deteriorate my 20-20 vision and cause me those back pains as I often slouch using this buddy.

I do have other challenges on my day job and freelance works. I'm contemplating options, decisions, and some people who have been affecting me both in positive and negative ways. In order to relieve myself from these problems, I sought refuge from these :)

I've been drowning myself with lots of nachos paired with the deliciously unhealthy cheese sauce. In my everyday trips to 7-11, I found this locally produced potato chips. It's a bit expensive but enough to satisfy my unhealthy cravings. I'm also addicted to TCBL's Toblerone Cheesecake.

Packs of Bounty Fresh's Top Torikatsu! Thanks Bounty Fresh :) I blogged about them and was given packs of chicken, which I shared to a few colleagues. This is the first time I received free product samples from blogging. Hopefully, more to come. :)

I bought this book few weeks ago. I can't remember if I already blogged about it. Haven't read it, but the few pages already impressed me. I'm planning to display this on my working table.

It's that time of the year! Most shopping malls are starting to provide the vibe of the happiest time of the year. This inspires me to work harder.

Sorry if this post appeared too lousy. I'm looking forward for a better week and positive things to happen. Have a great week ahead!


  1. A lot of adjustments on your part. It's really too bad about that smaller screen. Love all your snacks but have to stay away from them too. We have started snacking on animal cookies to satisfy the sweet tooth with fewer calories. We are also seeing Christmas appear in the stores. I pay no attention these days. I won't let myself get stressed.

  2. Me too, been MIA so many times because of mommy duties.

    So glad you're back. Missed your well-written posts.

  3. I'm really sorry about the downsizing of your work space. And I agree a small screen really puts a strain on your eyes, which means you should take more breaks!
    I haven't seen any Christmas decorations yet...I think they start in November over here. Those Santa Clauses look cute :)
    That book sounds great! Wishing you a stressLESS week!!

  4. Your posts are never lousy! We always enjoy reading about what you're up to....even when you tempt me with all those taste treats. Our stores have been full of Christmas stuff for a long time now. I heard Christmas music playing in the craft store a few weeks ago....way too early.

  5. talaga, 20-20 vision mo? ang galing.. considering na mahilig ka manood at magbasa. inggit. :D

  6. I guess we all feel like you do once in awhile when posting. You want to give it your all but when you are tired and have lots of stuff going on-it's tough. Your post was informative in letting everyone know what you are up to. It was not lousy. It was cute and interesting. I like your new office set up-would like to see something with color in there to make it pop or make it a conversation piece!


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