Two of the greatest ironies in life...

Money is the hardest to earn, but the easiest to lose... 

Weight is the easiest to earn, but the hardest to lose...

I'm typing this post after a long day at work. My day started with my 7 am classes, short working stint at the office, presentation in the entire afternoon and attending to my 5 pm class. Along the way, I encountered some bad news. All in all, these contributed to a rare intense headache.

 If I have one wish now, it's for me to reach home once I close my eyes. It could never happen so I have to move my tired self. I have to take a ride to the train station, hopefully secure a comfortable seat, transfer to another transportation and finally reach home sweet home.

A while ago, one of my students told me that he is reading my blog. Hi there beautiful JPG! :) 

Going back to my 30 things, I'm sure everyone will agree with me about money's greatest irony. How come? How come? Why do I have to spend sleepless nights, wake up early, deal with annoying people, prolong patience and endure all those sacrifices in exchange for the little monetary return? Some would say that life is more than money but really, we cannot argue with the fact that we need money.

When I started working, it's enough that I'm able to give something to my parents. When my Father retired and I embraced the role of the bread winner, my life took a 360 degree turn.  Every centavo I earned become more expensive and valuable. 

I may sound ranting and complaining. I will not deny the fact that sometimes I wish I have more than enough. Despite the regular rants and complaints, my heart holds on to that single wish. I just want to things to work out fine. Nothing grand or extravagant. I just want the assurance that whatever happens, I have something enough for myself and my family.

The second irony, my grown up struggle of losing weight. I'm 5'3'' and screaming at 140 lbs. I'm bordering the overweight line for the Asian BMI. I don't know how it happened. I'm aware that I eat a lot. But as to how I reach 140 lbs from 120 lbs, I can't backtrack the path.

I don't wish to have that body worthy of a bikini ad. I just want my 120 lbs back. Maybe 130 lbs will work for me.  I once lost 5 lbs after my regular weekend jogging. Somewhere along the way, I learned to love sleeping during weekends. Hence, the 5 lbs was regained in less than a year.

My friends have been telling me, try that cleansing activity. But since I'm teaching, I can't afford to lose my patience and let go of that temper I've been hiding for years. I don't want to end up rendering that "I can buy everyone" dialogue... because I'm broke in the first place. ;) 

If I can't lose weight, I just have one wish. If someone will assure me that I'll be happy. I can let go of this weight gain burden and enjoy whatever "food" I mean "life" would give me.