I want to confess something. ;) At this age, I enjoy attending kiddie parties more than weddings and all those grown up events. Kiddie birthday parties never fail to excite the forever kid-at-heart in me. I guess the overflowing foodie treats, party loot bags that are so sinful for my weight and age and the very laid back atmosphere make me appreciate kiddie parties more. There's no need to worry about the party dress, shoes, makeup and all those stressing and prettifying preparations.

Last Sunday, a member of our Fun Fab Fam celebrated his first birthday. Yay! Months ago, I wrote about his baptism rites and reception. Time flew so fast, the youngest member of the family turned one.

There are a lot of beautiful things to blog about his birthday. I couldn't contain everything in one post. Let me start by sharing one of my favorites. I also have to mention that I'm blogging this for my dear friend CC. Hopefully, CC will have the patience and effort to click and visit my page. ;)

Sweetness and Cuteness Overload!

This was my first time to encounter a real candy buffet. If I'm not mistaken, I discovered this concept from a few American bloggers.  One thing I realised, party needs are changing and diversifying over time. Before, everything was provided by the caterer from appetisers to desserts. Today, it looks like specialisation is the name of the game. There's a separate service provider from the main course to desserts and another niche specific for candies and sweet treats.  

CC, these are the towering jars I've been telling you :)

My first trip to the candy buffet

Marshallows, sour soft candies and a few chocolates not in the photo

Should you wish to take home some candies, paper bags are likewise provided

Biscuits to be dipped to the chocolate fountain

Now I'm tempted to throw a party just to have my own candy buffet experience :)