Hong Kong is always a good idea, at least for me. :) While it has been the same place, each travel experience is distinct because of different companions. It started with friends, colleagues and recently, my family. Each trip has a different story. My recent learning, there are certain expectations I have to lay out depending on my travel companions. Despite making the most detailed itinerary and budget plan, the consensus of your companions will always prevail. To be more frank about it, expect plans to fail. Of the three companions, I was quite surprised to discover that I had accomplished a lot with friends. I love my family but in this area, my friends seem to be the best option. Haha 

This was the first time I get to travel with some family members. We were able to score promo tickets via Cebu Pacific, as always! A cousin who reached a milestone age wanted to treat herself with a travel getaway. It was also a dream for me and my female cousins to travel together. Although not all females in the clan were able to join, I was glad that everything happened. I also have to mention, Cebu Pacific impressed me during my last trip. It started when our early morning flight left Manila on time. Surprise!!!! hahaha During take off, the cabin crew took the initiative to open my lights when she noticed I was reading. On our return trip to Manila, another cabin crew gladly assisted me. A fellow passenger, occupying the window seat, needed to temporarily leave the plane. It was hard for me to move since I was eating my McDo breakfast with my heavy hand carry bag. As you can see, I'm not the hardest to please. ;) The simplest kind of assistance is enough to win me. 

I felt quite familiar and at ease navigating Hong Kong. I didn't spend so much time drafting the itinerary, searching routes and cheapest public transportation and all other travel preparations. I bought most of our tickets online, including our accommodation. It was my first time to try AirBnB! Thanks to other travel bloggers for introducing this facility. It was quite a challenge to narrow down and select our apartment. My fear then was ending in a place we will hate. Fortunately, everything went great with my first attempt. I will share my entire AirBnB experience in another blog post. 

Here are snippets of our trip

It was my first time to fly at 5:30 am. The earliest flight I had was 11:30 pm, arriving in Taiwan  at 1 am. I swear, I will never choose that option again especially when traveling alone. Public transportation was a challenge added to it worries about safety.

I was worried about our 5:30 am flight because it meant having no sleep at all. But we survived. :) The only problem was we arrived too early for check in to our AirBnB apartment. But I have to commend our host for allowing us to leave our luggages. Our Day 1 was actually spent in the neighboring Macau. We knew we needed to leave the apartment and our bodies were still begging for sleep. Hence, I decided to take them to Macau. They can use the travel time in the ferry to get some sleep. Most of the photos here actually happened on Day 2.

A must see in Hong Kong : The Ngong Ping Village - We took the cable car to reach the place. I insisted this because it was my first time to FINALLY try a cable car.  During my last visits, either the cable cars were under maintenance or my companions were exaggeratedly frugal. The alternative is the bus that also provides a rare view of the lush mountain ranges and beaches of Hong Kong. Yes, there are beaches in Hong Kong!

If you have air or seasickness, it might be a challenge to take the cable car. :) I initially thought that the cable car will only pass around mountain ranges. I forgot that some islands in Hong Kong are separated by bodies of water. I'm beyond amazed! I don't ever regret buying the round trip tickets for the cable car. The experience was all worth it.

This was my second time to see Ngong Ping 360. Unlike my previous visit, I was able to see more attractions. After taking the 268 steps to reach The Big Buddha, my previous companions headed to the bus station. I felt quite regretful because I knew there was something inside and behind the temples. True enough, I was able to see the Grand Hall of the Ten Thousand Buddhas. Taking photos is prohibited inside this magnificent and sacred temple. The nearest photo I saw was from this blogger.

Truth to be told, I still missed some places here. I failed to see the Wisdom Path, Lantau Trail, and the Lotus Pond Temple. All these are documented by this blogger

Traveling to Hong Kong with kids will never be complete without Disneyland

I was surprised how ticket prices increased over the last six years. But their current system is way better because tickets already include one full meal. There are actually hotels and inns in Agoda that offer discounted Disneyland tickets for their guests. You have to buy it from them during your stay though. 

We also checked out Disneyland Resort Hotel .... that is way too far from the city. If your intention is to explore Disneyland with the kids, a stay here would be perfect. For adults who would love to see the major cities of Hong Kong, staying here will be expensive from accommodation rates to transportation costs. 

I love this area dedicated for Cinderella, even though my favorite is Belle of Beauty and the Beast. 

I finally saw and experienced the famous labyrinth :) 

The happiest place on earth and the ever popular Sleeping Beauty's Castle 

I will never get tired of watching the Disney parade. Don't ever miss this in any Disney park!!!

My favorite BFF :) 

The Jungle River Cruise felt surreal!! It doesn't look man made at all 

The evening parade and the most awaited fireworks display are love!  I never fail to get goosebumps and tears whenever I hear A Whole New World from Aladdin and Tale as Old as Time from Beauty and the Beast. 

I didn't anymore document my cousin's shopping escapades. I brought them to City Gate Outlet and they went crazy with the popular shoes bargain area at the 10th floor. As for myself, I bought some items from Esprit's outlet store as gifts. I also toured my cousins at Harbor City. Don't ask me to relate how much time they spent shopping. :p This used to irritate me but they are family. Patience is a virtue and if such translates to cash, I have probably earned my first Louis Vuitton or Tod's Wave Bag. Hahahaha But seriously, I would always oblige to be my family's mother hen in Hong Kong or any other travel adventure again.

P.S. Big thanks to my cousin and inaanak Yana for lending me some of the pictures here.