Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Beautiful Sunday # 355 - Wish List

If there's anything that made the past weekend other than sleep, it's food. Lots of carbs, sugar and anything that cause weight gain. :p Maybe, I can be forgiven if I'm doing some exercise. But lately, the religious routine of exercising three times a week is gone. I have been using spare hours to either sleep or check my social media accounts. I read my journal entries last year and much to my surprise, I was able to carry out a 5-day exercise?!? Where did I get the strength and inspiration last year? I haven't checked my weight lately and I don't have plans until I get my drive to exercise again. :p

My thoughts are all scattered. I feel restless with deadlines (always) and on the rare times when I'm multi tasking with three simultaneous assignments. On the rare times I'm not disturbed by work related tasks I'm again attached with my smart phone and checking out some items in my wish list. The list includes

1. This super cute animal flats from Elisa Litz - Who wants to buy? Pasabay :p I saw a Philippine based shopper who offers a pair for Php 7,000!!! But upon checking the costs, I realized that one can spend around Php 5,000 for a pair. Still expensive, but way better than the shopper's price. 

2. Loqi Bags - I think they have the best designed eco shopping bags. Too bad, it's only available in selected Euro countries. 

3. Another Hermes book in my wish list - This pop-up book is love!!! 

4. My sneaker addiction - I wish to have this pair of Onitsuka Mexico S6 retro edition.

5. A replica of the Happy Days lunch box from Captain Marvel

6. This tulle skirt from Adidas 

7. Not really shopping, but I'm getting more interested with Shanghai in China.

8. To eat Japanese food at least once a week :p

I can eat this everyday!!!

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!


  1. You are so wonderful at photography my friend and namemate! I mentioned you on my blog today! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. Diane we have Loqi bags here in Taipei! DM me the design you want and I can look for it :)

  3. I checked your link and the sneakers are out of stock today (the 27th). The tulle skirt is romantic and you could look good in it. I sent you a postcard today, hope you get it!


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