Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Wedding After the Royal Wedding

I was on leave on work yesterday because I wanted to watch the most awaited Royal Wedding. Haha Seriously, I just need to avail my vacation leave credits. My employer has this policy that all leave credits that exceed 30 days shall be forfeited. So even though I don't have errands to attend, I went on leave to avoid experiencing the forfeiture. 

I watched the BBC's coverage of the Royal Wedding in our local channel. Kate or I mean Catherine's most kept and awaited wedding gown was simple and elegant and I honestly like it. A lot say that it looked like Grace Kelly's wedding gown. I actually love both. 

Photo Source here
Photo Source here
Back to the real reason why I am writing this post, one of my High School friends got married today.  Jen and I were classmates during our freshmen year in High School. We were partners during those regular line formation. 

Jen and Marlon exchanged vows at a chapel in our hometown. I love the small chapel because it is located near the Marikina River, surrounded by lush trees and greenery. The pictures will tell it all

Anna and May Ann
 The chapel of St. Anthony of Padua in Calumpang Marikina City.  
What is seen on the ceiling of the church

Meet my friend, the bride

The reception was held in this beautiful venue.
Water Nymph Resort

I love the wine goblets arranged to become a water fountain

The couple's first dance at the reception
Congratulations to Marlon and Jen! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Face of the Modern Libraries

The Library has been one of my favorite places in every school. If you have been reading my posts, you know that I work in an academic institution. Aside from home and friends, my life has evolved on studying schools. (Yes you read it right. I study schools! I am not a student. It's the schools that I have been studying.)  

After college, my first employer was a school. When I started working, my environment was relatively not new to me. I went back to school not as a student, but as an employee. My first job was a Researcher. I worked at the Research Department of one of the oldest colleges in the Philippines. I conduct studies that are used by the school's management as reference for planning and decision making. 

I grew up in the field of research and this later gave me the opportunity to teach. After completing my MBA, the management gave me the chance to teach. Up to this date, I still handle research related subjects such as Thesis, Feasibility Study and Business Plan Writing.  My teaching job is not my full time assignment though. I still work in one of the offices of the school. After serving the Research Department for some time, I was transferred to the Corporate Planning Office. A lot of people always get surprised when I tell them that schools also have a Planning Office. You see, educational institutions are businesses too. They need to develop strategies and actions to improve and keep in pace with the demands of the industry.

Since my job entailed research, one department has been my constant companion over the last years. The Library has been my steady partner. And when I say "the library" I meant the entire force that run the library. I have worked and gained friends with a number of Librarians.  

A lot of parents and students do not realize that the Library is one indicator of a school's position and quality of education. Aside from the qualifications of the faculty members, a school should have adequate and state of the art library materials. Books and all those printed materials are a must. But today's technology have brought evolution on the stereotype libraries we once grew up with. The Digital Age conceived the existence of the Modern and Digital Libraries.

The best Digital Library I have seen is posted in the website of Facto Design. Here are some pictures I have taken from the site. 

This Post Print Library belongs to the University of Amsterdam. The library gave the University the 2010 Dutch Design Award. 

So how does the book less or  Post Print library work? According to Facto Design, these red crates store books and other materials requested by students online. Through the Online Catalog, students are able to search their materials faster even in the comfort of their on homes or dormitories. Students just submit their chosen materials online and drop by the library to pick up their request. 

Aside from the technological advancements adopted by libraries, I have been fascinated by the new design of the Modern Libraries. 

Photo from Arch Inspire

Photo from Beautiful Libraries

Photo from DecoModes
These libraries have diverted from the traditional image of "closed" libraries, characterized by blinds, thick and heavy curtains. Libraries with transparent glass windows looks more alive, relaxing and conducive for users, especially for those students who spend lenghty hours of research. I hope the management of schools would realize the advantage of using the daylight. Electricity consumption will be be lessened to some degree. Students will likewise not anymore feel bored and fall asleep with these libraries. 

This modern library from Japan really impressed me. 

Photo from Momoy's Home Trends, Decoration, Gardening

Photo from Momoy's Home Trends, Decoration, Gardening

Photo from Momoy's Home Trends, Decoration, Gardening
This magnificent and unique library belongs to the Musashino Art University Library of Japan. The library perfectly exemplified the architecture of aesthetics and functionality. The library was made so spacious with all those towering shelves. The site also mentioned that all the shelves were arranged in a circular way to accommodate a wider study area. The library has taken into consideration the main clientele of the library, the students. Libraries are after all not just about books. It should also consider the welfare and preferences of the students. Surely, this library provides more than enough space for students to remain focussed and undistracted.

Here is a library that braved with unique colors and furniture pieces.

Photo taken by Laura Stamer from Interior Design News
A never ending bookshelf?

Photo taken by Laura Stamer from Interior Design News

Photo taken by Laura Stamer from Interior Design News
This is the Hjorring Central Library in Denmark. The library also made use of large panel glass windows to capitalize on the natural light and the nice view from the outside.
Another unique design from the National Library of Belarus in Russia.

Photo from Design Float
Libraries with high ceilings project a wider illusion of space. 

Photo from Design Float
This is the National Library of Singapore. It has the arrangement of traditional libraries but the high ceiling and the transparent glass windows broke that monotonous look of libraries. The facade of the library reflects more of the contemporary architecture.

Photo from 1st Sin at Thru-Hiker
And what's wrong with having a garden inside the library?

Photo from 1st Sin at Thru-Hiker

I also love the idea of moving away with the typical library chairs and tables. Libraries could divert in these colorful and modern furnitures.

The following pictures were all taken from BCI Library Design.

The Stockholm Cultural House in Sweden

The Vestfold University Library in Norway

Open Space Design from the New Public Library of the United Arab Emirates.

This one will be well loved by the females who are into Pink and Purple.

Photo taken from the Modern Architecture Contemporary Style
This is from the Library of the Faculty of Architecture of the Delft University of Technology in Netherlands.

Photo from Home Design Ideas
Among the libraries I have googled, this one amazed me the most

Photo from Wikipedia

Photo from History of Science
The Seattle's Public Library is the library of modern libraries. The glass work of the roof is magnificent. I love it's architecture, adequate and modern furnitures, and of course the effect of using natural light in the library. Going to libraries will never be dull and boring in Seattle.

Modern libraries have diverted from the design of typical and classic libraries. Dark colored walls and furniture, monotonous blinds, bulky curtains, and monobloc chairs are out. Space, high ceilings, ergonomically designed furnitures, and transparent glass windows are common trends among modern libraries. 

Creating and transforming to Modern Libraries require extensive financial resources. I know most of the schools' management will be reluctant in adopting the design of the Modern Libraries. Believe me, I work in a school! I have observed the system. The regular acquisition and update of library collections already consume a significant amount of the school's budget. But as you can see, this transformation is likewise not achieved overnight. Schools can develop a Library Transformation Plan, with the help of engineers, architects and all those who are knowledgeable in infrastructure development. The plan should contain a time table and target achievements, which the school can undertake every year. This approach will demand time and to be specific even years. But with an organized plan and direction, we all know that those baby steps will later on lead us to that target goal.

Ooops, did I just become too serious? ;-)

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


"One could fall in love many times during the course of our lifetime, but the first rush of love always hold a special place in our hearts."

I don't own this quote, but I remember reading this as a Facebook status message of one my contacts. First love, first crush, first heartache, and all those "firsts" in our lives would always mark a special trace in our life. And when I say "firsts" I don't just pertain to love. I also refer to other experiences like first day as a college freshmen, first job interview, first payday, first promotion, first time to experience a failing grade.. we all have our own memorable and painful stories.

And why am I suddenly reminiscing about my "firsts"? Everything is all explained in this new TV Commercial of Nestle Philippines. 

I hope you could take time to watch this short TV commercial. It might take some minutes for the video clip to load, but I assure you that everything is worth the wait.

The music used in the video was a Filipino song originally performed by the Apo Hiking Society. The title of the song was "Di Ko Malimutan," which literally translates as "I will never forget." The song tells us that we can never forget the time when we started to learn how to love and to be loved in return.

The commercial became so close to my heart because it's very family oriented and it depicted the special unconditional love of our parents. Aside from God, I believe that parents are the next best individuals who can prove the existence of selfless love.  

Love grows and even strengthens over time. Our parents and families are again the best people to attest that this is possible. Who could ever thought that an innocent crush and "puppy love" could grow and develop for a lifetime. Loving someone over time is not always a walk in the park. Problems and trials will come and surviving all of these is what strengthens that love.

Yesterday was not a good day for me. If we share the same experience, I hope this video clip was able to somehow cheer you up. I know there will be more "firsts" that would come my way. Whatever it takes, I know it will pass and my life would carry on..

Sunday, April 24, 2011

One last post for the Holy Week

Happy Easter to everyone!

The Holy Week break is over and tomorrow...I will be reporting back for work. Goodbye late night movies and siestas.

But before I finally bid goodbye to my almost one week vacation, allow me to share with you more pictures of how I spent the past days.

On Good Friday, my family drove all the way to Bulacan to visit my Tita (Auntie) Emy's family. I have blogged about my Tita Emy's house last year. When I wrote that post, I remember having zero followers. Hahaha!  At that time, it was only me who reads my blog. I wanted to show everyone of how beautiful is my Tita Emy's garden. Here are some reposted pictures

The beautiful flower garden now turned to this

The flowers are all gone and it made me a bit sad. But my Tita Emy said she has better plans for the garden. She is working for a mini vegetable garden and to start with, here is her initial potential harvest
Fresh garden tomatoes!

The leaves and the soil looks so dry because of the intense weather condition in my country. It's summer here and the temperature do not favor planting. But in God's time and Tita Emy's perseverance, I know she could turn this picture to a green and healthy garden.

Another potential harvest
It might take months before my family will be able to visit Tita Emy again. But on our next visit, I am very optimistic that Tita Emy's green thumb can turn great wonders for this garden.

And how could I forget this 
I don't often see this especially in the city. 

During our visit, Tita Emy also treated us with healthy and the best tasting Filipino foods.

My all time favorite

Sapin Sapin

We call this "Sapin Sapin." In English, the term is literally translated as layers.It is called Sapin Sapin because it is made of layers of different colors. Sapin Sapin is made of glutinous rice, coconut milk and sprinkled coconut flakes. 

Sapin Sapin is cooked manually and this is what I appreciate about it. The process include the careful selection and endless mixture of all the ingredients to produce each different layer. Unlike those that are sold in bakeshops, what I love about the home made Sapin Sapin is its presentation. The traditional Sapin Sapin is placed on a "bilao" (winnow) on top of fresh Banana leaves.

 Another healthy Filipino snack
Boiled Peanuts
Sorry for the messy table. These two adorable kids were the culprits
Jasper and Fhaye
I spent my Holy Week vacation mostly at home with my family. Today is Easter Sunday and to start the week right, I attended the Easter Mass with my mother. 
Christ has risen!
Christ has risen to let us know that we are saved. Come with the celebration of the Easter Sunday, I pray that I shall also rise from all those sadness, worries and miseries. In God's time, I hope.. I will be fine. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

How I spent my Holy Week

I always look forward for the Holy Week because I can rest, recover sleeping hours, and spend more time with my family.

This was how I spent my Holy Week.

I got plenty of rest, sleep and I was able to do some of my favorite past times.
Yes, it's only now that I watched Con Air. And after watching it, I can say that the movie is already one of my few favorites.  I also finished watching Julie and Julia, a feel good movie about cooking and blogging! So to my blog friends who are into cooking, you might consider watching this film. Three more movies to watch and I'm done!

I keep on shopping for books but I haven't finished reading any of them. I get a bit impulsive especially when I go to thrift bookstores and booksales. 

I came from a family and a country where most are Catholics. Here is a Holy Week tradition I never fail to witness


This is the traditional procession of the life size images of the saints, who made a significant contribution in the life of Jesus Christ. The procession is conducted every Maunday Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  

The Easter procession however is different among the rest. We call the traditional Easter procession as "Salubong." The Filipino word "Salubong" literally means meeting someone who is about to arrive. During the Salubong, a reenactment of the first meeting of the Risen Christ and Mother Mary is undertaken on the pre-dawn of the Easter Sunday.  The carriages of the Mother Mary and the Risen Christ will come from different places and will meet at the Church's patio. Part of the Salubong rites will involve a female child who plays the role of an angel who will remove the veil of Mother Mary, before she faces his son, the Risen Christ.

I'm writing this post this Black Saturday. On my succeeding post, I will try to capture pictures of how the actual Salubong takes place. 

Hope everyone had a peaceful Holy week.