Sunday, August 25, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 70 - Bon Doys Chicken and more

Life has been like this for the entire week

Work and classes were suspended so I was on house arrest for a week. I took advantage of the unexpected vacation to accomplish my pending freelance works.

The week long of heavy rainfall is finally over. I woke up with a better weather.

Before reporting back for work, I managed to spend some time with my cousins. We spent the entire day at the mall and ended the day with our favorite hobby.

When Chicken Bon Chon was introduced in the Philippine market, the craze for the best fried chicken in town has intensified. There is Chicken Charlie, Manang's Chicken and 4 Fingers. Bon Doy's Chicken joins the bandwagon of providing the tastiest fried chicken in town.

The small restaurant is located along the stretch of J.P. Rizal St. It's particularly situated inside the previous parking site of the Markina Auto Line. The space they occupy is very limited and can accommodate less than 50 persons.

Despite the limited space, the restaurant's menu is overflowing with selections.

This is only a preview of their menu. They still have variety of desserts, beverages and value meals to choose from.

We tried their best seller.

Yay for another best tasting fried chicken! Like the other restaurants, they offer spicy and regular flavored fried chicken.

I ate two pieces and my verdict? It's 4 out 5 stars. The chicken skin is thick, flavorful and crunchy. Although like most other flavored fried chicken, the white meat tends to lose the flavor. But for the price and quality of service, Bon Doys Chicken surpassed my expectation. They serve fast and have the most accommodating food servers. One of my cousins was even recognized by the owner as a regular client. The owner was generous enough to give us a free thin crust cheese pizza. Hooray!

After the heavy chicken meal, I tried their best selling dessert. 
Fried Oreo with Vanilla Ice Cream
One of the best desserts you can avail for only Php 59!

My cousin who refused to take the rice and chicken meal had this burger and fries combo.
 On my next visit, I will surely try this. And yes, Bon Doys Chicken is worth another visit.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 69 - Busyness and Sweetness

I'm afraid that I'm making another lousy post again. Why? It's because the past week was just all about work. August is a blessing of overflowing work for me. When the month ends, I can hopefully accept more work (heehee) in time for my favorite time of the year.

Setting aside that serious side of my life, here are snippets of the few beautiful things that made my week.

How can you get more excited than this!
A few shots from the opening ceremonies of the Annual Intramurals for our dearest college kids

This is one of the rare days when students are more than willing to come early for school :)

At the workplace....
Bubbatealicious' Milk Tea after a long day at work! My favorite variant is Wintermelon. How about you? Do you also like milk tea?

Wearing my old military inspired jacket since it's been raining over the past days.

My Sunday post will never be complete without all my foodie adventures. I know its unhealthy but I've been a fan of 7-11's hotdog sandwiches and Manhattan dressing.

Pan de Manila Sardines in Tomato Sauce - I've been reading positive reviews about Pan de Manila's line of sardines. When I had the chance to drop by one of their branches, I took home a bottle to finally experience everyone's recommendation. My verdict? The best!

Tous Les Jours (TLJ) Bakery - I discovered TLJ from my friend A. We thought that it's one of those expensive French bakeries. It's French but to our surprise, it's a Korean based company. We love TLJ because of their closing time sale. Most of their bread are sold 50% off price around 9 pm. All the while, I thought that they only exist in Greenbelt. I recently discovered a nearer branch on the way home. Hooray!

French Macaroons from TLJ - Not the best, but the cheapest at Php 28 each.

French Baker Macaroons
Yes, French Macaroons again!

Those who have been following me on Instagram (dianewrites) are very familiar with my French macaroon addiction. I got this box from French Baker for Php 192. The happiness lasted only a few minutes :) but I tell you, this is the best among the cheapest French macaroons in Manila.

How about you? What are the beautiful things that made your week?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Workaholic maybe

Took a leave from work today to accomplish some freelance work sssssh Please don't tell my boss :)

I have nothing much interesting to post this week. The past days evolved to these two workstations

Morning Shift

 Night shift at home

Blessed to be stressed?!? 
I would like to believe that I'm not really busy. I'm just poor in time management, which is partly true. I spent the entire day zzzzzzz  Nominate me now for the most hardworking employee! It's 11:45 pm here and my day is just about to start. I'm turning nocturnal every weekend because of these freelance works. Bad for my health, I know. Just let me finish this pending work and I promise to get the adequate sleeping hours again.
Send me all the hard work, patience and an active mind to survive the hours when everyone is enjoying sleep.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 68 - Short and Sweet

Nothing much happened this week. I was occupied with the students' grades. No teaching, but I was fixed with my not-so-favorite things to do, identifying deficiencies and checking papers. But I guess the highlight of the entire week is the unexpected freelance work. The work is quite outside my comfort zone. Hence, part of me is nervous about everything. I'm nervous to the extent that my arms feel weak while I'm typing this post. Client is a big time boss so all the more I feel pressured. If this becomes successful, this might start another steady source of freelance works. Hopefully, I will not mess up and make things happen.

Since, I'm quite busy over this long weekend, I have to apologize for this short and literally sweet Sunday post.

 I'm trying out everything at the workplace's cafe. 

For those who can remember, I posted the same slice of Sansrival last Sunday. I like that they converted to the buttery icing but the sweetness of the entire slice is too exaggerated for my taste buds. 

Right is a slice of caramel cake that is on the contrary begging for sweetness. LOL

The few good things I appreciate from the workplace's cafe is the glass of housblend iced tea and banoffee pie. I think I had two of these for the week and I can feel the consequences. I feel so bloated and that translates to additional lines in the weighing scale.

Meet my Saturday night companions! I was already starting my freelance work. As much as I wanted to sleep, I can achieve my writing groove whenever everyone is quiet and asleep.

Pinipig crunch for the win! Vanilla ice cream covered with crunchy chocolate and rice krispies to keep me awake.

My current read! Hoping this would make it as another favorite from Cecelia Ahern. Here's an excerpt that affected me

Happy Sunday to everyone! 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Reviewed! Jemima J by Jane Green

I love the theme, setting and the main character of this book. It’s just that I eventually lost the connection and interest as the story progressed.

A few of you might remember my past book reviews about Jane Green. Those few books gave me nothing but appreciation to her talent and writing style. I admire her talent of being able to write stories that deals with life and its accompanying issues. Along the way, she can unravel realizations and a little learning from the realistic characters. I was expecting the same caliber of reading experience with Jemima J. Unfortunately, I have to exclude this book from my list of favorites.

The story evolved on Jemima’s two major struggles; the weight loss journey and every girl’s dream of ending with Mr. Right. Jemima was successful in shedding out every inch of her accumulated fat. She became an entirely different person with her mere physical transformation. Unfortunately, her second struggle related a more complicated story.

Jemima Jones started as a very interesting read for me. The first paragraph can explain.

And yes, I’m affected with the first few sentences because THIS IS ME. I took this as a sign of connection and interest.

Contrary to my expectation, I developed a heightening disinterest. Despite of everything, I finished the book in the hope of encountering a compelling ending. The story had its own decent ending except that it was evidently predictable. Setting aside my disappointment, here a few good insights I gained from the book.

The book carried Jane Green’s trademark of sharing a thing or two about life. Jane Green emphasized the concept of inner beauty, intelligence and a well respected character. The physical attributes can provide an advantage to a limited extent. Green manifested the importance of investing on your inner self. At some point, I was convinced that the people who don’t surpass the society’s biased standards of being beautiful are the most blessed. Why? Their family and friends love them for who they are. They are loved because of their inner being. They are loved for who they really are and who are they not.

Green also manifested that being beautiful brings out its own frustration 

Other than this, I found no other significant and striking messages in this novel.

In the end, I'm giving the book 3 out of 5 stars. Jemima J still has that satisfactory story line. It's just that it didn't impress me well.

PS Hopefully Ricki will host another Literary Friday linky. :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Gentleman's Dignity

I used to love movies and drama series that give me the intense outpour of emotions. I have to cry and feel an equal amount of hatred to the villain to become satisfied with a certain story. I guess this was brought by my innate Filipino genes. We love to cry and place ourselves in the shoes of the oppressed protagonist, who will later have her moment of redemption :)

Over time, I would like to believe that I outgrew this sadistic preference. Haha I learned to appreciate the lighter and shallower story line. In particular, my selections exclusively shifted to the segment of romantic comedies. Why the sudden change? As my friend T and I would always say, life is already too serious and taxing. Why should we stress ourselves with movies and drama series that would make us disappointed, angry and revengeful? LOL

The few of who have been reading my posts might remember the past drama series I've finished, Rooftop Prince and My Princess. For this month, this is the newest addition to my Korean favorites.

A Gentleman's Dignity was locally aired a few months ago. But since I always arrive home late, I never had the chance to watch it. I can catch it through Drama Fever, but a fast internet connection is not always available. I instead opted for the DVD copy. After the 20 episodes, I would like to say that it was one of the best DVD purchases I ever made.

I will no longer relate the synopsis of this drama series. Wikipedia provides it already :) I will instead identify the reasons why this drama series is officially included in my growing list of favorites.

1. It featured the best places in South Korea. This in effect heightens my desire to visit the Land of the Morning Calm.
One of places I would love to see is park that witnessed that blissful moment

Other places I would to see is Mango-Six  (the cafe where Jang Don Gun saw Kim Ha Neul) and the entire stretch of the street that featured Bell Amie

2. Kim Ha Neul, the lead and my favorite character, is a teacher! To be more specific, a hopeless romantic teacher who almost defined me. Except that of course Kim Ha Neul is way way way beautiful.

3. The character of Kim Ha Neul was realistically presented. Unlike other local drama series where the protagonist is always beautiful, Kim Ha Neul was presented a real human being. She has her own set of stupid, ugly and haggard moments.

Photos were compiled from Google Images
4. Fine, I admit it. Jang Don Gun is handsome despite being in his 40s!!
Photos were compiled from Google Images

5. Part of the story evolved on shoes!
More than the sexiest pair of strappy heels, it's the significance of this pair that mattered the most.

It happened twice in the entire series.
 This time it was the girlfriend who gave a pair of shoes.

6. It has the most unique wedding proposal I've ever seen.
 Can you see the rolled paper held by Jang Don Gun? It made the wedding proposal so unique.

7. And as always, it made me believe in happy endings (cheesy, I know) Haha

To my friends who are interested to with this drama series, you can watch it through Drama Fever. It's a free application for all Apple users. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 67 - Rare and Overflowing

I would like to believe that I had a rare productive weekend. Yes, it was rare! Over the past months, weekend for me means sleeping more than eight hours, reading my hopeless romantic paperbacks and watching my dose of Korean drama series. Surprisingly, everything started out early last Saturday.

My day started with my monthly visit to Ms. Orthodontist. It was time to tighten the toothy metal wires again. I later headed to the house of my dear friend M. I shared my little knowledge in Statistics to M because she needed it for her project (Yihee, may raketship si M! haha). My day ended with a birthday party and mini-reunion with my Fun Fab Fam.

Someone turned YOUNGER! Happy Birthday Kuya D!
 Thank you dearest cousins. Hope we could do this more often.

 While I always look forward to weekends, weekdays gave me its own set of beautiful things.

No lectures and classes for a week!
Half of the semester is over and it will be examination week tomorrow. While I'm spared from rendering lectures, I have to spend the next week checking papers and preparing status reports.

 I will never miss a Sunday series without my overflowing food posts.

Real meat miniburgers and french fries owned and managed by my college kids

To my few workplace friends and colleagues  (just in case you land here), 
please support the business venture of my college kids :) 

Purchases from 7-11 is usually comprised of a tumbler of Coke (to keep me awake because I don't drink coffee), Bread Pan, bag of Oishi's ridges and a piece of Cavendish banana to balance everything haha

On the second photo is a very sweet Sansrival slice from the workplace's cafe. It was too sweet to keep me awake and even threatened me for a possible sore throat.

Still at the workplace, I will be forever addicted to this Korean ice cream
 Ice cream sandwich with vanilla and red beans

Manang's Chicken and French Macaroons from Tous Les Jours

I was able to taste another chicken meal that joins the bandwagon for the best fried chicken. After attending a meeting within the Makati area, I meet up with my friend A. Since I rarely visit the place, we ended up trying Manang's Chicken in Glorieta. And my verdict? Let's reserve that in another post :)

After having a full dinner, A and I dropped by Tous Le Jours to avail of their closing time sale. It was my first time to try this Korean based bakery. I managed to take home a few bread and two pieces of these little treats. 

Aside from food, the other things that never fail to make me happy 
Fashion Favorites!

Forever blue blouse from Apple & Eve and my newest pair of Anthology flats
Both items were scored from a little sale to compensate my guilt and evil shopaholic hormones ;) 

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday!