Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 67 - Rare and Overflowing

I would like to believe that I had a rare productive weekend. Yes, it was rare! Over the past months, weekend for me means sleeping more than eight hours, reading my hopeless romantic paperbacks and watching my dose of Korean drama series. Surprisingly, everything started out early last Saturday.

My day started with my monthly visit to Ms. Orthodontist. It was time to tighten the toothy metal wires again. I later headed to the house of my dear friend M. I shared my little knowledge in Statistics to M because she needed it for her project (Yihee, may raketship si M! haha). My day ended with a birthday party and mini-reunion with my Fun Fab Fam.

Someone turned YOUNGER! Happy Birthday Kuya D!
 Thank you dearest cousins. Hope we could do this more often.

 While I always look forward to weekends, weekdays gave me its own set of beautiful things.

No lectures and classes for a week!
Half of the semester is over and it will be examination week tomorrow. While I'm spared from rendering lectures, I have to spend the next week checking papers and preparing status reports.

 I will never miss a Sunday series without my overflowing food posts.

Real meat miniburgers and french fries owned and managed by my college kids

To my few workplace friends and colleagues  (just in case you land here), 
please support the business venture of my college kids :) 

Purchases from 7-11 is usually comprised of a tumbler of Coke (to keep me awake because I don't drink coffee), Bread Pan, bag of Oishi's ridges and a piece of Cavendish banana to balance everything haha

On the second photo is a very sweet Sansrival slice from the workplace's cafe. It was too sweet to keep me awake and even threatened me for a possible sore throat.

Still at the workplace, I will be forever addicted to this Korean ice cream
 Ice cream sandwich with vanilla and red beans

Manang's Chicken and French Macaroons from Tous Les Jours

I was able to taste another chicken meal that joins the bandwagon for the best fried chicken. After attending a meeting within the Makati area, I meet up with my friend A. Since I rarely visit the place, we ended up trying Manang's Chicken in Glorieta. And my verdict? Let's reserve that in another post :)

After having a full dinner, A and I dropped by Tous Le Jours to avail of their closing time sale. It was my first time to try this Korean based bakery. I managed to take home a few bread and two pieces of these little treats. 

Aside from food, the other things that never fail to make me happy 
Fashion Favorites!

Forever blue blouse from Apple & Eve and my newest pair of Anthology flats
Both items were scored from a little sale to compensate my guilt and evil shopaholic hormones ;) 

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday!


  1. What a wonderfully positive way to look at life! Those ice cream sandwiches look delicious, and I adore those cute little shoes!

  2. You ended your day great with a b'day party and all that yummy food! Thanks for the party dear Diane. Have a blessed Sunday.

  3. You always find the cutest flats! And I love your pretty top. Looks like you found some yummy treats this week, too! Sweet hugs!

  4. What a cute idea for an ice cream shaped! Am I reading it correctly..vanilla ice cream and red beans? Could that be red candy bean ice cream? Seeing different foods or foods presented in a different way fascinates me.

  5. A beautiful Sunday indeed. Love the French Macaroons and your shoes are darn cute! Thanks for hosting, Diane. I always enjoy visiting you.

  6. I always look forward to your food "free ad"... It's quite interesting tasting food that is new to me or haven't tasted yet. In short, I'm always looking forward to your beautiful Sunday posts

    1. Thanks Donna :) Why not join me then? Make your Sunday posts too

  7. I love your cute blouse! I think I've asked you before, but my girls love the Korean show Boys Over Flowers. Have you ever seen it? {I like it, too.}

  8. What a busy week you had, full of your favorite things. Your food posts always make me the banana thrown in with everything else, lol. Cute shoes!!

  9. To be productive on a weekend is indeed unusual... Aren't weekends meant for relaxing and catching up on sleep? :)


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