Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Candy Buffet Project : Evia's Christening

This is the third candy buffet project I'm sharing here. The first was given for free. The second was our first paid and earning project. This third project was only half paid? Let me explain how it happened.  

Our business became one of the casualties of Typhoon Mario. The heavy rains prevented us to finish our project. The main casualty is our chocolate fountain. C planned to buy the ingredients for the chocolate fountain on Friday. Unfortunately, the strong winds and rain brought some flooding to C's place. The event was scheduled on Saturday morning and there's no way for us to purchase the ingredients before 7 am. Instead of offering full refund, we agreed to offer partial refund to our client. Good thing, our client understood our predicament. So despite the little misfortune, we were able to push through with our project.

Client wanted a Barbie inspired theme. In my mind then, the theme may not be suitable for a Christening event. :)  Instead of offering the typical and very feminine Barbie style, I played with the design. I opted for a garden inspired theme. After weeks of preparation, here's the final design we were able to make.

The grass mats became a useful investment for us. It helped a lot in creating that garden inspired theme.

A showcase of pinks :) Thanks to my Dad who made the improvised stand for the cute baby dress.

The other half of our candy buffet. We were forced divide our set up because of a minor problem we encountered. We were unfortunately not provided with the tables we requested. In effect, we were forced to use whatever table is available in the function hall. We were forced to adjoin two office tables of different height and size for our buffet.

My peg for the birdhouse was inspired by the movie Up. Unfortunately, I underestimated the balloons I purchased. I should have bought more packs.

And here's the star of the buffet!

The sugar lollipops, gummy bears and the mini chocolate kisses were a hit.

And the entire project with the mismatched tables :) 
Yay or nay?


  1. I say yay because I love having things at different levels, it adds so much interest! When I do a table, I put blocks under the cloth to set certain featured dishes on. You did a wonderful job on this!

  2. Hi Diane!
    That's is such a cute and girly theme! You did an amazing job and I'm sure nobody even noticed the different height tables! Love those big letters spelling out the girl's name!
    I'm glad your candy buffet business is picking up. I hope you get lots more clients in the near future :)
    have a terrific week!

  3. It's a yay! I'm not a Barbie fan but overall, the theme with the miniature garden setup, flowers, Barbie dolls and lotsa candies worked. Ganda! I'm sure the client and the guests liked it, too. :)

  4. Yay! Parang Barbie meets Lego (dahil sa blocks sa tablecloth) :D

  5. Keri naman! I love the dress stand and the house.

  6. A big YAY! Perfectly executed pa rin, and the mismatched tables blended well with your garden theme. I also think that putting the candies at the elevated table is a good idea because na-highlight sya in that way. I've seen buffet tables wherein there's just so much on the table, nakakahilo na tignan. But yours look organized and dainty at the same time. Congrats!


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