Sunday, November 23, 2014

Beautiful Sunday 135 - Counting the days

Hello to the last week of November! In a few more weeks, it will be my favorite time of the year again. For my US friends, they still have thanksgiving to look forward. In my case, I look forward to the possibility of Black Friday Deals from my favorite US based online shops. Hahaha But seriously, someone has to get me off shopping. Yes, I'm guilty. I made advanced purchases already. This stress busting habit is not doing any good for my struggling wallet. So before my 13th month pay totally vanishes, I have to prevent myself from going inside my greatest temples of temptations. No more trips to the shopping mall for me.

I have an unexpected work for next week. I have to report to another place. I just hope everything will turn out well. I cannot afford to mess up for the Bigger Boss. Honestly, the past week was spent almost worrying about this. I have this greatest talent of immersing myself to unnecessary stress, which later leads to either stress eating or shopping. ;)  Before facing another week, let me recount the few beautiful things I've encountered.

Graham Balls - My favorite snack at the workplace. If only I have interest in baking... in the first place, can anyone tell if this really needs baking?

Slammin Burgers - Whenever I had the chance to drop by Trinoma, I will surely have a take out from one of my favorite burger chains. 

Surprise from my fruit box -A very unusual selection for my daily dose of healthy treats

Bagaholic Hormones - I'm weak, sorry. Hahaha But this has to end my advanced Xmas purchases. My shopaholic hormones was fulfilled but my thrift hormones are suffering. For the record, this is currently the most expensive bag I own. Yes, I bought a bag again.

I'm beginning to love Kamiseta again. - I studied in an all girls school whose uniform remains unchanged since its foundation. I've worn ruffles and jumper skirts for 10 years. I guess this has intensified my love for ruffled blouses. 

Relic by Fossil Sling Bag - Scored this from a neighborhood bazaar. I love the colors and patterns. 

Hi Kate! - The only thing I can afford from Kate Spade is their Daycation Bon Shopper Bag. I don't know if I can still purchase another bag from this favorite brand. I have to stay away from the internet on Friday!!!

Photo not owned by the author

Till we meet again Fr. T! - In the middle of the week, the entire workplace community attended the neclorogical service for our dearest Fr. T. It was my first time to see the entire congregation gathered and united for his final blessing. The kids and the kids at heart will miss you forever Fr. T!


  1. My aunt makes good graham balls. Di na ata kelangan i-bake. Mix lang yung crushed graham tapos other ingredients like condensed milk. I saw in my sister in law's fb even my 4-yr old niece helps her make graham balls so I guess madali lang sya. :)

    1. Thanks! Hanapin ko, sana lang sipagin ako hahaha

  2. Re graham balls, nire-ref lang yata.
    Now, shopping, I sent you a text sa Viber a few weeks ago and didn't get a reply. Nung may KS sale pa. Anyhoo...lovely bag. Inggit ako. :)

    1. Mother E, tinotopak ang viber sa phone ko. I have an account pero halos d ko nagamit. Sorry.

  3. I'm a bagaholic too! I'm searching for the perfect bag!!!! Patsy from

  4. I make graham balls pag trip ko. No baking needed yan. Bilis lang din gawin but you have to work with your hands, sticky pa sya kaya effort din. I think I have a recipe somewhere in my Cooking with Edel menu on the blog. Haha.

    P.S. I looove the bag with the girraffe print! Gandaaaa! :)

  5. I tried making graham balls before pero nasobrahan ko yata sa condensed milk... it was too sweet. Pero yeah, it's a no-bake dessert.

  6. It looks like it was a beautiful service my friend. And your purchases are wonderful as always. Fossil is my very favorite brand for handbags! Sending you lots of sweet hugs today. Your friend and namemate, Diane


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