Thursday, July 30, 2015

A not-so-good experience in eBay

I don't have intentions of blogging anytime this week. I'm all conditioned to contain everything on my next Beautiful Sunday post. For those who know me well, you can easily sense that something happened within the week. Something so "blog worthy" happened and I cannot wait until Sunday to share it. Unfortunately, what I'm about to share is not something good. Apologies for spreading some negativity, but I just need to vent this one out. 

Warning long and maybe, annoying story ahead :)

I have been wanting to purchase this branded and popular perfume for the longest time. It's usually available in almost all department stores but as always, empty payday problems. :) It's hard for me to rip off part of my monthly income for a bottle of perfume. I'm also quite reluctant purchasing the entire bottle because I might eventually dislike it. Yes there are testers inside the mall, but I'm not contented with a few sprays. :) There are also perfume retailers or those who offer in small bottle refills. I don't know, but I don't find them sufficient for trial or road testing. :) My friend recommended this eBay seller who offers cheaper versions of the perfume in the form of testers. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of these cheaper "tester" perfumes, but for the sake of discovery, I decided to try. 

In fairness to this eBay seller, she was very accommodating and customer oriented. She clearly answered my queries, acknowledged my payment in less than a minute and ensured that I received my order the next day. I was more than impressed with her service. In fact I'm willing to consider reordering from her. On the way home, I received this unusual text from this eBay seller.

eBay seller : "Good evening my dear, what is the problem with the ____ perfume tester that you bought from me." 

Her text message came as a surprise because as far as I can remember I gave her positive and high ratings. 

Me : " Huh? I never had problems. I even gave you a positive feedback in eBay. I believe your text should be intended for another person."

eBay seller: "Kasi dear according to eBay, you gave me only 4 out of 5 stars for the category of ITEM as DESCRIBED. It is clearly stated in my listing what a tester version is. I even answered all your inquiries about it and asked you if you are fine with it. Coz if not, I would recommend you the regular / retail packaging which you didn't want. You wanted the tester packaging instead. I don't think it's fair when I went the extra mile to explain to you what a tester is even though it is already described in my listing. Anyway, if you felt that I didn't describe the item clearly to you, sana you shouldn't have brought from me na lang. Stars are very important for top rated sellers on eBay coz we get sanctions if we get low rated stars. Have a wonderful night my dear... ;) 

I felt the need to defend myself. I replied to her message and before I knew it.... I already feel so pissed off. 

Me : "Wait, I think that was a mistake. I remember giving all 5. If that's the case, I think I overlooked the ticking of the stars. In my mind, I know that I gave all 5 stars."

"I just used mobile when rating. I might tapped the incorrect star. Didn't know that my unintentional mistake would make a great impact on you. "

"Seriously, I hope this does not taint my reputation on you. I have plans of ordering again."

eBay seller: "I just wanted to let you know because I believe I do not deserve 4 stars for ITEM as DESCRIBED category. I was reviewing our SMS conversation and most of it was regarding the description of the item you bought. G'nyt..."

Me: "Yes. I was more than impressed with your service. :) Apologies for the unintentional mistake in the rating. I even appreciate that you told me how you felt. It's just that I now feel bad for the unintentional mistake. :( On my next order, I will ensure that you will receive perfect ratings because I also don't like making other people feel sad and disappointed."

Apologies for the bad words... wat da f*^k !!!! I can't believe that I humbled myself too much. I was trying to appease her. I apologized and explained myself even though at the end of the day, I believe I'm entitled to render my own rating or opinion. 

Botttomline, I felt like I stoop down to the level of my "grade conscious" classmates back in elementary and high school. 

Part of me is being pushed to become mean and rough to this "grade conscious" and shallow seller. I held on to my composure. I apologized and humbled myself even though I knew that I have nothing to explain. I don't owe her any explanation. I don't need to explain my opinion. But the heck, it feels like I apologized for something I shouldn't be. 

If I allowed my "mean" self to handle the situation, I should have responded "your perception is not always the perception of another person." Maybe in your opinion, you don't deserve the "four stars." Unfortunately, it's never fair to force your opinion to another person. I was really tempted to tell her, b*^@h, you should have told me that you wanted a flawless excellent rating. 

I maybe over-analyzing and making a big fuss out of this situation. At some point I even wanted to lecture her about CUSTOMER FEEDBACK. A real and objective customer feedback is never forced nor imposed. Part of my current work is handling customer feedback from students, employees, parents and other stakeholders. I've been designing surveys, administering them to the target respondents and providing the necessary analytics. One important feature of customer feedback is the presence of freedom among the respondents. Real customer feedback is not imposing. It should never ask the respondent to explain his / her sentiments. I had my own share of "unfair" evaluation results. I never confronted the respondents because I have respect for everyone's opinion. 

In my case with this "grade conscious" eBay seller, I felt that part of me has been also deprived. Whether my rating was a mistake or not, I don't have the responsibility to explain myself. If she felt that she doesn't deserve 4 out of 5 stars, I likewise don't deserve to be confronted for exercising my right in the first place. 

P.S. :  Mother E kampihan mo ako hahahahahaha parang #rajobianca&barkada 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Beautiful Sunday # 170 - Club Balai Isabel

Half of the week was spent in Manila. The other half was spent for an out of town work. I ended spending Saturday zzzzzzzzzz. Added to this, I took home another set of back ache and a huge bruise on my thigh. The back ache as always, attributed to poor sitting position and the bruise, it took me a while to remember how and where did I get it. I hit the edge of a huge Narra table at Club Balai Isabel. Good thing, no one saw my lame stupidity. Hahaha It took me some time to stand up and recover from the pain. This is probably my worst stupidity injury. The bruise was about the size of my palm and as an added sacrifice treat, my sleeping position is somehow affected. 

Prior to the out of town work, I have a little confession to make. I became Rebecca Bloomwood again. Blame the stress and the happiness from retail therapy. I'm editing a book. There's reorganization at the workplace. Promises heard. Decisions to be made. Even my Facebook newsfeed is stressing me. Apologies but I hate it when some colleagues post those cryptic status messages whose real message is too evident. C'mon! My immature self is sometimes challenged to reply, friend don't say it, do it! Hahahaha Okay, I've vented out my sentiments. Let me relate the few good things that made my week.

Stress eating - This has been dinner before my evening classes. 7-11 may not offer the best hotdog and bread but this three sauce trio compensates for everything. 

My first Sperry - My biggest excuse, I got it with a big discount from Zalora. I have been indifferent with Sperry,Sebago and all those top sider shoes. I love loafers and moccasins but this style never attracted me. I also believed that their leather may be too thick, painful and uncomfortable. Zalora's discount changed my mind though. Hahaha I got my first pair and true enough, it doesn't look good to my feet. Aesthetics wise, fail! But when comfort is considered, I was all wrong. This pair is surprisingly so comfortable. It's the perfect walking shoes. I should have had this during my trip in Hong Kong. Leather was sturdy but it feels so soft. Sole support is also better than my usual flats. Also in the photo is my favorite skinny jeans, Uniqlo anchor top and my Cath Kidston sling bag. :)

Postcards - Thank you Athena and Terra! I have another reminder that I have yet to see South Korea. And the quote from Henry David Thoreau came in perfect timing too. 

I went to Club Balai Isabel for the nth time! I wasn't there to relax and enjoy though. I was tagged by the Big Boss for work.

Wishful thinking, to have this view at work everyday 

I felt a bit sad and nostalgic when I sneaked in a few minutes to take photos. It was the annual summer outing at the workplace when I first visited this place. Back then, I was with my favorite people at the workplace. Years after, I returned to this place with fewer friends. This time, I was already on my own. Sigh. People come and go. Before I realize it, it has already been years. 

I could only wish for a private suite with this facility.

It's ugly yet it's comfy haha

One of my favorite places at Club Balai Isabel is this pathway

that leads to this

This unique pizza place that I love. Dining here also provides the best view

The trip was exhausting so before I ended the week, I had these

Stress eating Hahaha Big thanks to MFA for joining me haha

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Beautiful Sunday # 169 - Home alone

I'm home alone over the past days. The remaining members of the family went out of town to visit a relative. My mother was considerate enough to prepare meals for me. :) She knew I wouldn't survive a couple of days because the kitchen is not my territory. But I eventually got bored with menudo so yesterday, I went to Goldilocks for dinner. I deserve it! I've had a long week and I'm almost done with one freelance work. In the middle of my "happy" meal, I accidentally spilled my most awaited ice cold sago't gulaman. S*#t :) My fault and karma because I had bad and revengeful thoughts at that time. Hahaha I will relate this in another blog post. And yes I admit. I never claimed to be a saint. :D 

Meanwhile, here are the few beautiful things that kept me occupied on those days I'm home alone.

Of random movie marathons

I've read the book but I can't remember the entire story. Hahaha All I know is that when we are dealing with Nicholas Sparks, there's always an element of tragedy. When this movie was released, everyone around me loves Zac Efron. This was one of his movies after transitioning from his teenage role from The High School Musical. Not that I'm being mean, but I find Taylor Schilling way older for Zac Efron. Like someone nearing her 40s? But when I checked her profile, Taylor was even a year younger than me. Sorry naman. I guess it has something to do with her makeup and wardrobe. 

Madagascar - For the boring and sleepy afternoons at home, I  needed a little noise to wake up :)

#TheLastSingleGirl - I wasn't one of those girls dying to catch the local airing of Sex and the City. It was only my friends A and A, who introduced me to the series when it finally had its own movie. We watched the two movies together and I'm still indifferent which is my favorite. But the first installment seem to give me more memories. The supposedly Carrie's wedding at the grand library filled with the best love stories of history, unexpected trip to Mexico, the new year's eve when Carrie run to Miranda in the midst of a heavy snow fall and that famous pair of sapphire Manolo Blahnik. So I guess, this is my favorite. But while everyone loves Carrie, I can't get enough of Samantha Jones. I would love to have a friend like Samantha. :)

Postcrossing - Postcrossing friends in Instagram, everything is on its way! :) I discovered something surprising with this  new hobby. All the while I thought that the people who joins postcrossing in Instagram are either older or within my age range. Turns out, much or all of them are teenage kids. Most of the girls are 19 years old and below?!? This was a surprise for me. I suddenly felt like a grandmother sending letters to her grandkids.

This unique display from Old Navy - I love the display! Unfortunately, it took me some time to find Old Navy's shop. Haha By the time I found the store, it was already closing time. This was one of those rare times I was able to see Robinsons Galleria. I spent one afternoon after work in this mall.  All shops are having their midyear sale. My heart be still! I found a nice orange bag from Topshop. I almost purchased it but my control hormones seem to be working well at that time. Mark that bag, I'll be back!! Hahaha 

TED Talk - It was never a waste of time to watch any archive of TED Talk. I recently watched Chip Conley's meaningful sharing about what really counts in life. I love his thoughts about how this Vietnamese immigrant who found happiness in a work that entailed cleaning the toilet bowls!?!  If only I can wake up earlier, I think it's a great idea to watch one episode of TED Talk every morning. My dream is to actually attend one TED Talk or become a resource speaker?! In my wildest dreams, hahahahaha We have TED x Talk in Manila. I'd love to attend but I felt disappointed with the university host that invited a resource speaker I can't admire. Sorry, I have trust issues with this resource speaker with evident cases of plagiarism.

Mocha Roll - The all time favorite from Goldilocks. I will never get tired of taking home this entire roll for only Php 160. The price can beat all those expensive cake slices from fancy coffee shops. 

The Thai Kitchen - A restaurant I discovered in Robinsons Galleria. Truth to be told, I'm not sure if the dish I ordered was great. I was so hungry when I took this meal. Hahaha But affordability wise, this wins for Php 99. It even comes with a free glass of iced tea. The restaurant also have a very affordable buffet at Php 279. I might try it with a glutton friend one of these days. Haha

Cheesy Pinipig (rice crispies) Ice Cream - I just deserve this after completing a half-day lecture to my colleagues. This was the task that made me cram over the past week. I have been teaching for quite a number of years but giving a lecture / seminar to your colleagues is way way way different.

Mexican Corn - Another comfort food in my list. :) Everything was explained on my previous post

Sunday is about to end and I have yet to start another freelance work. It's 4:15 pm and a few more hours, it's Monday again. I should finally get things going by starting to take a bath now. Hahaha 

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Mexican Corn

I woke up this morning with a bad back ache. Signs of aging, unhealthy lifestyle and bad posture. Blame the prolonged slouching in front of my laptop. The chair has back support but I don't know, I always end up bringing myself closer to the table and screen. I planned to use the long weekend for the freelance work but given this little struggle here, I don't know if it's possible to type while lying down flat on my bed. Haha 

Before this backache arrived, I was a bit rattled during the entire week. I overlooked my schedule and forgot an important work last Thursday. I was cramming from Monday until Wednesday. On those weeknights, I always end up feeling so hungry. Years before, I would often find  myself in Taco Bell. :) But last Monday was quite different. I went to Rustan's Supermarket and purchased some of these

I spent around Php 200 for these. Expensive because I had no choice but to settle with Rustan's. It is the lone supermarket that offers ready to eat corn cobs especially around 8:30 pm. So what I did with these? :)

Hello Mexican Corn!!!

A friend who recently traveled to Mexico has been sharing this corn to her Instagram and Facebook feed. Apparently, this is how corn is eaten in Mexico. I got so curious with the mouthwatering photo so the next thing I did, I searched for DIY recipe. Turns out, it's not hard to make this Mexican corn. All you need are sweet corn, mayonnaise, Cotija Cheese, chili powder and lemon. 

After reading the needed ingredients, my first problem was, where in the world will I find Cotija Cheese? In the first place, what is Cotija Cheese? Some local food bloggers equated Cotija Cheese with kesong puti. Another struggle, where will I buy kesong puti at 8:30 in the evening? :) I searched for substitutes and settled with Parmesan Cheese.  

I also learned that Mexico's Cafe Habana, uses sour cream spread instead of mayonnaise. Although I believe it's better to have homemade mayonnaise. That is if you know how to make one. Haha Curious question though, what can be the best brand of mayonnaise to use? I opted for Lady's Choice because it was the cheapest and offered in sachet. #PoorGirlProblems Also, my health conscious mother does not store mayonnaise at home. 

Another way to make this cheaper is to use calamansi instead of lemon. In addition, don't buy DOLE if you are budget conscious. I was forced to buy DOLE because it was ready to eat and I had no choice at 8;30 pm. The best source is the Japanese street corn sold in the local wet market. 

Some DIY recipe I found required that the corn cobs be grilled. I don't anymore have the energy to grill so I just reheated the corn cobs using an over toaster. I'm not sure if the taste would be significantly different when the corn is grilled. After the corn was heated, I spread the mayonnaise, sprinkled the cheese, and chili powder. And the major finishing touch, squeeze some lemon!

Some bloggers preferred to spread all the ingredients before heating or grilling. Others would mix all the ingredients together before spreading to the corn cob. Also, some preferred to eat the lemon in between bites. Another optional ingredient is cilantro. I saw other food bloggers sprinkle minced cilantro. 

I believe my version is still not the best. But I'm contented with what I prepared. The burst of flavors was a like a bomb. :) I initially thought that the lemon was useless. Turns out, it complemented the overload of cheese and spice.

This is definitely another comfort food in my list!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Beautiful Sunday # 168 - Postcrossing

I'm afraid I'm turning to a more boring person here. Truth to be told, there's nothing interesting sharing about my life now. No family celebrations, travel adventures, and foodie discoveries. My life has been evolving on home, online window shopping, and as always, work. :) I've been blessed with a few freelance work to settle some grown up bills. Unfortunately. Hahahaha I almost forgot, I'm back to teaching. I have early morning classes that were disrupted by the recent suspension of classes. The perks of working for a school! I had an unexpected three-day vacation. I should have used the time to finish my pending freelance work but the rare colder temperature will forever be conducive for zzzzzzz. It's the best thing I'm enjoying now. It's not every time that Manila feels 26 °C. 

This has been my environment for the past days.

Waking up with this weather - To mornings with colder weather!

My books - The "shelf" project has been delayed for the longest time. My growing book collections need a decent home. And my antique dress cabinet, I've been wanting to repaint this with baby blue. To which my mother would never agree hahaha

Lychees - Minus the messy part of eating, this can be a great substitute to my potato chips :D

Working for nothing - LOL The tradeoff of having a fast internet connection. Kate Spade, ASOS and Zalora are calling me. I have to constantly remind myself, these are for the bills to pay!!!

When I discovered that there's more about postcards, POSTCROSSING!

Everything happened when I uploaded the postcards I received in Instagram. I #postcards and discovered #postcrossing along the way. I learned a hidden trend among Instagram users who still enjoy the old school way of sending letters or postcards. Users who upload photos of postcards with #postcrossing are signifying their intention for exchange. I became interested and before the week ended, I mailed my first #postcrossing experience. Hello Athena!

The idea would have been so perfect if I have a supply of attractive postcards. I had my own share of rejections. There were users who refused and ignored my postcards. Heartbreak? Haha But seriously, finding nice postcards in Manila is quite a challenge. I love Papemelroti and my friends, Marieken, Terra and Jeannie seem to love the cards I got from this favorite shop. Unfortunately, not everyone in Instagram loves Papemelroti. Haha I got another set of postcards from The Candy Shop Prints but not everyone seemed to be impressed as well. I made some efforts in taking photos and I believe it's gaining a little more attention. :) I found a postcrossing partner from Taiwan who even took time to discover my blog. Hi there Hellen!

As I was tidying up my things, I remembered these cards given by Leah last December. I'm not a sore loser after all. Hahaha I have another set of attractive cards to share. Hopefully, there would be takers for my cards.

If I will not be able to see the world, my wish is that I would have letters and postcards from each of my dream countries. A few of the countries in my list are found in my small stamp collection.

The weekEND is starting to END. :) The unexpected vacay I got from work will have its own adjustments tomorrow. There's nothing much to panic or worry. I'm actually more concerned with my freelance works. It's my first time to edit a book and there's another research paper I have to untangle and simplify. It will be Dad's birthday tomorrow, but my wallet is screaming empty. Grown up problems indeed!

To a better week ahead and hopefully, any refill to my struggling wallet is a welcome addition. :) 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Beautiful Sunday # 167 - Surprises from the mail

My struggle is still here but I can safely say that I'm feeling better! Big thanks to my little support system in the blogposhere. Most of my friends are away from me. Haven't seen and talked to them for a while. It helped that I have online friends who sent that much needed sunshine. I'm still blessed and lucky. Thanks everyone! 

There are a few good things that made the past week better. First on the list is the new freelance work. I was tapped to do some improvement and documentation project to a large distribution company. My nose is bleeding with all the terminologies and technicalities. I'm still on the process of learning. I'm praying for the success of this project because it's my first industry experience. I also believe this would open more opportunities for me. But before I further daydream, I have to get things going. 

Late last year, the highest office at the workplace tapped me to join this working committee. The work entailed coordination among other sister companies. My short lived involvement placed me in an "awkward" position. I was just burdened with the inconvenience of explaining my presence. Truth is, they were expecting another person to represent the company. I didn't gain enemies. Thank God! When the new management entered, another person was appointed. I made the initiative to turnover everything. I bid farewell to the people I've worked with, albeit through email and text messages. One thing I realized, farewells bring those unexpected words of appreciation. For someone who rarely feels appreciated, my heart easily melts for moments like this. Thanks everyone! The experience, though short lived, was great. I just have one more responsibility to unload. This one is tougher and I'm still trying to figure out how to do it the smartest and the most respectful way. :) #GrownUpProblems 

Sigh... meanwhile, here are the other less serious and beautiful things that made my week

Snacks from 7 - 11 - The store is revamping for good. I love their own product labels, especially the bread selections. I used to be addicted with the Peanut Butter x Strawberry sandwich. When their version of Three Cheese was released, I'm a full convert. :) This was way better for my taste buds. Their collaboration with Anchor butter was also the best. My favorite has to be this raisin bread baked in Anchor butter.

Back to the same old task - If the company is under new management, expect changes and another round of planning. And like the good old days, I'm back doing the same task. Collating materials and analyzing proposals for their corporate planning. 

Shopaholic attack - I have a little story behind this purchase. :) When things in your life don't do well, retail therapy can probably provide a little comfort and happiness. I discovered this online shop that curates products of independent and distinguished Filipino artists. I signed up and window shopped. But because of their excellent customer service, I gave in. I purchased a tote I can use for my teaching stuff. While I love their customer service, I felt disappointed with the bag. It looked way better in the photos. I thought of just keeping the bag but I noticed the customer feedback form attached. I decided to relay my sentiments. I explained that while they have great customer service, I was disappointed with the quality of my purchase. I never received any response at all. Hahahaha It was way different than those times when they were sending me invites to pursue the purchase. 

The best part of my week started when my mail box was filled with these

Hi Jeannie! You surprised me with these nature themed cards. The hologram card brought out the kid at heart in me. 

Whenever I receive a envelope with a wreath stamp, I'm sure that it would be from Terra! :) Thanks Terra, will send you an email in a while.

Love all the way from The Netherlands! - Thank you to my loyal, supportive and very creative blog friend, Marieken! My favorite has to be the vintage playing card that also served as a postcard. I love it!! I want to collect more. 

I'm beginning to feel better. I hope this will finally progress over the next weeks. Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Book I love : The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

I used to have this target of finishing one book every month. This habit only lasted until the first few months of 2014. I became obsessed with other things. Korean drama series, online shopping and zzzzzzzzzz :) Despite the laziness, I continued purchasing books. I was even fortunate to receive books as presents. So the ending, I have a pile of unread books at home.  There were books that were never touched at all. I started reading a few, only to set them aside and forget about the entire story. Heck, I have to start again. Why does reading sounds as a chore now? :) Worst of all, I discovered books that are starting to dilapidate. The pages are becoming stained and turning yellowish.

After months of depriving myself of reading, I was able to finally finish one book. Big thanks to all the hype from social media. Seeing celebrities, reliable bloggers and seasoned film directors rendering praises in their Instagram accounts, I was forced to finish the book. I started reading The Girl on the Train, guess till when? During my flight to Macau last April 29. Two months for one book? Hands down to the sluggish reader of the year. Hahaha A friend finished the book in two nights. Shame on me.  (Hiyang hiya naman and reading comprehension ko. Grade one lang 'teh? hahaha) Too much introduction, I might drift away and forget the real intention of this post. :)

I discovered The Girl on the Train from Goodreads and from the few book bloggers I follow. Everyone left mostly praises and positive reviews. The story telling approach and its similarity to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn were repeatedly mentioned in reviews. I haven't read Gone Girl (it's on my next list) but I have to agree with the different narration. The approach gave the book a unique advantage among other popular thriller books. 

Rachel. Anna. Megan. The story was told in the perspective of each woman but most of the time, it was all about Rachel. What happens to women with shattered marriages and relationships? What happens to women betrayed by their husbands or partners? How do women deal with infidelity? What are the sentiments of the woman who fell in the trap of becoming the other partner? It took me some time to realise that the entire story was merely a consequence of Rachel's failed marriage. Rachel was the pathetic wife whose coping mechanism was dependent on alcohol. My sentiments for Rachel went like a roller coaster ride. I initially sympathized with her misery. Along the way, Rachel's hard headed character became annoying. At some point, I even felt that the story become too dragging because it was all about Rachel and her quest to find out what happened in the night when Megan disappeared. Megan's mysterious disappearance and Anna's selfish dream of getting rid of her husband's previous wife, Rachel. The lives of the three women were intertwined to each other by some person and circumstance. It took an entire book to finally establish how the three women became victims, antagonists and survivors of their respective struggles.

What I love best about the book is the unpredictability. I never felt hints and teasers of the ending. The narration approach diverted my attention to the perspectives of each character. I became more concerned with how each story came out in three different perspectives. Hawkins was successful in shaping three unique persons which weaved the most unpredictable ending.

I also appreciate the presence of character development. I initially sympathized with Rachel. I became agitated with her immature and lousy decisions. In the end, Rachel was able to win her battle, albeit in the most painful and traumatizing way. Anna was first presented as the official antagonist. The last parts of the novel turned Anna to another betrayed but self-redeeming character. Megan was portrayed as self-centered and inconsiderate. Unfortunately for Megan, life became unfair. I also felt that Megan was deprived of that chance to redeem herself.

I'm not really sure but I believe this was my first time to engage in a psycho-thriller read. Honestly, I'm not even familiar with the definition of psycho-thriller? Haha I learned that with this type of genre, I will be forced to understand the unusual and abnormal emotional conditions of the characters. Frightening? It wasn't. It was rather annoying but sympathizing in the end. It felt like understanding a friend who keeps on ruining herself. You will feel exhausted but at the end of the day, you will never had that courage to leave. The same sentiments I had for Rachel and the entire story. :) Annoyed but still attached. Hahaha

I have to give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. Almost perfect. I attributed the 0.5 discrepancy on those instances when the book became too boring and dragging. But overall, I highly recommend this book to everyone. Moreso, if you need a break from your usual dose of hopeless romantic reads. :)