Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Beautiful Sunday # 359 - After the holiday break and Easter Giveaway Winner

Despite what happened yesterday, today was a quiet and restful day at home. I took advantage of the time to complete a freelance work. I worked the entire Monday night, because I can't sleep anyway after the earthquake. I accomplished everything before sunrise and spent the entire day catching on sleep and treating my family for food delivery. We had a great Chinese takeaway to end the day. Sometimes, I wish life works this way. I can work from home during night time, when the entire surrounding is at peace. I don't have to worry for traffic and all hassles of commuting. I don't have to deal with unreasonable colleagues. I don't gain enemies. My performance is determined on the output I delivered. Everything is pure bliss of professionalism. I can even squeeze in some exercise or quick morning jog every day. My introvert hormones are overpowering me again. :p This has always been my long term goal. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a company in the Philippines that works on this system. Unless otherwise, I'll pioneer a company that supports this working arrangement. 

Sunday, April 21, 2019

An Easter Giveaway

Because I want to spread good vibes on Easter Sunday, I'm hosting a simple book giveaway. Kindly enter your responses on this linked form

PS This is exclusive for Philippine based readers only. Thank you. 

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Korean Drama Review : Sky Castle


When this year started, I was looking for a Korean drama to binge watch.  I checked what most other people watched, What's Wrong with Secretary Kim, Something in the Rain and A Korean Odyssey. I only stayed for a few episodes. Either I got bored or was annoyed by one of the lead characters. The nearest I finished was A Korean Odyssey because of Sung Hyuk. :p  I was expecting to finish What's Wrong with Secretary Kim because I always liked the genre of romantic comedies. But for some reason, I started to dislike both the acting and character of Park Min Young.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Beautiful Sunday # 358 - Season Ending

A few more days and I'm off from work. I've been looking forward for this week since April started. In the past years, I usually use my leave credits to extend my Holy Week break. But bigger responsibilities came, I have to give way. I have to step in for colleagues, who needed more time for their family. Nevertheless, my excitement for the succeeding days cannot be diminished. It's time to take a breather and continue some Holy Week traditions with the family.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Beautiful Sunday # 357 - Mid April

March was chaotic. I thought April will be the opposite. I was expecting a relatively relaxing month. But surprises came along the way. These days, it felt like the month of March was extended. I checked my posts from last year on the months of April. How I wish everything remained the same. My classes should have been over. I'm having laid back lunch breaks with my friends. I can catch sunsets after an entire day of work. I have more time in my hands. But these days, I'm still beating deadlines. Worst comes to worst, the charger of my workplace's laptop gave up after 6 years. :(

Friday, April 5, 2019

Burrow Café at Antipolo Beehouse

I was expecting the last week of March to be the most exhausting for this year. As mentioned in my previous post, it was my first attempt to co-organize a summit for students and colleagues. After months of preparation and cramming to the last minute, everything turned out well. Thanks be to God!!! But more importantly, my colleagues who served as my support system.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Beautiful Sunday # 356 - Two Sundays

And just like that, March is over. The first quarter of the year is gone. A few weeks ago, I was savoring the rare cold weather in Manila. The past few days, summer is starting to be felt. Not really my favorite season, especially with the water shortage in Manila. The interruption in water supply is causing everyone to make adjustments. If essential needs such as constant water supply cannot be provided, I guess I should lower my expectations on other critical social issues?