Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beautiful Sunday # 23 - Beautiful Life

Two more weeks, whew! My 12 hours of working schedule would be over. Time really flies so fast. September is over and two more months, it will already be my favorite time of the year.

As I'm overwhelmed with too much work, something happened last Thursday. The incident changed my outlook over the next days.

I woke up feeling every inch of tiredness last Thursday. I begged for another 15 minutes and as expected, I overslept. Tired while having the need to hasten things, I planted my own disappointment and unnecessary stress.

My irritation subsided because I was ahead of my expected travel time. I almost thought that the heavens are conniving with me. Two to three blocks away from the train station, the jeepney which I thought as my tardiness saver encountered an unfortunate accident. Another jeepney went carefree and took advantage of the clear and wide lanes. The reckless jeepney driver ended up bumping the rear side of the jeepney, where I was complacently seated.

I was able to reach work safe. Except for some minor bruises on my arms and thighs, I never suffered from any serious injury. I was able to have my 7 am class, my students waited for me despite being late for 30 minutes.I was assigned to a fully airconditioned hall for that class, yet I started to feel that unusual cold sweat. It was only during that time when the realization that I almost lost my life occurred to me. The accident happened in front of the cemetery where my friend Anna was laid to rest. At some point, I felt that Anna protected me. But above anyone else, I believe it's Him who saved me.

I know this is quite an unusual post for my Beautiful Sunday. To be honest, I can't think of anything to post except for this awakening experience. Before and above anything else, I should be grateful of the beautiful life that has been given to me.

I would love to read your beautiful posts too.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Of Work and Comfort Food


I have been ranting about my additional teaching assignments over the past posts. I'm making a promise. This is the last time I will complain about my 12 hours of working schedule every Mondays and Wednesdays. Your eyes read it right, 12 hours of work ;-) Why? It's because the final examinations are scheduled over the next weeks, hooray! But of course, before I can finally free myself from all the responsibilities, the next days would mean checking tons of paper, verifying deficiencies and praying that all the restless college kids would make it. *Hopefully!*

While I can't do something with the worries of the bulk of workload, I can however divert my attention to some things that kept me and bulging belly happy :-)
If you have been reading my previous posts, you have heard of the many times I mentioned Sophie's Mom Red Velvet cookies. This is my kind of cookie. Flavorful with just enough sweetness.

On the healthier side, my fascination to the Korean Drama series now extends to their food. I've been addicted to this over the past months

Legume Ravioli is one of Korea's vegetable dumpling. My Auntie introduced me this 50 pcs. pack from SM. Since it is vegetable, I assumed that I will never like it. But when I bite a piece, my taste buds fell in love with the rich flavor of its stuffed filling. There was no trace of a bitter and bland veggie.

The cover label suggests that it should be steamed and served with your preferred sauce. It could also serve as an ingredient for your vegetable soup. In my case however, I prefer it deep fried.

Unfortunately, this is the unhealthy way of cooking the dumpling. Fried, oily and bad for the heart. But hey, I love it that way!

I admit that the dumplings were overcooked in this picture. To my defense, I fried these pieces at 1am in the morning as I was fighting the need to finally sleep. So what do I expect? Haha

On a different note, Jessie J's Domino has been energizing me in those wee hours, when I have to force myself to work.

The lyrics does not fit me. I know! Haha But just the same, it works to keep me alive and awake. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beautiful Sunday # 22 - Thankfully

The past week has been different. My usual work schedule changed because I attended a three-day course with my boss. The venue was way far from my everyday travel routine. As a result, I was late for three straight days. I never discovered the most time efficient way to reach Ortigas. Despite my lousy tardiness, I was able to complete the three sessions and I'm proud to say that I'm more equipped with my job at the Strategic Planning Office. Three days of information overload, whew! I wasn't able to have a full grasp of everything but I'm more challenged of the new and additional work I have to face. Hopefully, me and my boss would make it happen.

After the three-day draining course, my boss treated us to a Jang Ga Nae, a famous Korean restaurant along Escriva Drive in Ortigas. It was my first time to try Korean cuisine! As much as I want to take pictures, I felt a bit shy and my lousy E63 will not cooperate. I want to dine in at Jang Ga Nae again but I guess it would take a lifetime to convince my not-so-adventure friends to try it. If only Anna is still alive today, I could easily tag her along. I miss her so much.

As I remember Anna, I realized that it's her birthday month. Hopefully, I'll be able to visit her memorial site tomorrow. I remember last year when I blogged about our Binondo experience. No one ever thought that it would be her last birthday with us.

On the happier side, I received my salary for the additional teaching load given to me. The meager pay from teaching could give me the chance to fatten my savings account, pay my bills, treat my parents and make a little shopping. ;) However, a sudden expenditure has to be made at home. In my younger years, I would get frustrated when things like these come up. I would like to believe I've matured a little because I rather felt thankful. The additional income meant that I have something to cover up.

For the little money left after savings and expenditures, here are my treats-to-myself

I'm so glad that I was able to stick with my budget :) Blue top from Apple and Eve, faux leather bracelet and a cheap perfume from Kamiseta.

And how could I forget my ever favorite red velvet cookie from Sophie's Mom.

Last week, one of the students I inherited from my colleague left stark words against me on her twitter account. It affected me but God knows how to compensate because another student made me happy. My previous post detailed everything.

This is it for my Beautiful Sunday. I got 3 more weeks to finish my tiring 12-hour work schedule. Hopefully, I'll be blessed with more patience and strength to handle my restless college kids.

I want to read your beautiful posts too :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Fulfillment

My additional teaching assignment has been occupying much of my time for almost a month. My outputs in the office has becoming a casualty as I have been causing delay and begging for deadline extensions. My previous boss often describe me as someone who can accomplish tasks ahead of time. But with the way things are going now, I have turned as the completely opposite person. I feel that I'm becoming a liability than an asset to my current boss.

Another casualty of my inefficiency is this blog. September is about to end and I have only written four posts. When my schedule gets better over the next months, I promise to compensate and flood my page with posts ;-)  Hopefully!

I admit that I don't have plans of blogging today. However, someone really made me happy and I felt the need to share and blog about it. Everything started when I checked my email this morning. I was surprised with an unlikely email from one of my students

Click to enlarge
Translation for my non-Filipino blog readers
Hi Ma'am! Will you still discuss more topics about the stock market? The topic is interesting to me. I wanted to learn more on how people make money from the stock market. I wasn't contented with the coverage our previous discussion. Thank you Ma'am. 

I often email my college kids with reminders and supplementary references. Of the almost 100 students in my contact list, it's very rare for me to receive any response from them. I can count the number of times I received even an acknowledgement receipt from any of my students.

The email was not a praise or appreciation to be proud of. It was a little request made by a hungry college kid. However, a drop of fulfillment melted my heart because of  that tiny seed of interest. The email made me realize that I'm not after all a total robotic teacher. The email also came so timely, especially after what happened over the past days. I don't intend to detail it here but two of my friends know the story of a college kid who gave me harsh words through her Twitter account. The stark words affected me to a certain extent. However, Jen and this email were more than enough to convince me that I should remain in this noble profession. Thank you student R, T and Jen.

Not everyone can be given the opportunity to teach. However, each one of us had a chance to become students of our respective teachers.More than studying lectures and excelling in class, one of the simplest yet greatest fulfillment that a teacher could ever receive is whenever students express their gratitude and appreciation. A tweet, email or a personal handwritten letter of a sincere student to his teacher overpowers the happiness caused by all the money in the world. The feeling of being able to mentor students is indeed priceless.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Beautiful Sunday # 21 - Happily Ever After

When I was still pursuing my MBA, it has become a routine for me and my girlfriends to hear masses at the elegant and historic San Agustin Church. Before hearing the mass, we would often catch the recessional of an earlier wedding. We would hide in one corner and admire every beautiful and happy bride, as she walks out of the church with her equally fulfilled groom. Every Saturday, we would always render that huge sigh and laugh about our own frustrations. On those days, one of my fervent wishes was for that someone-that-i-used-to-know to love me back. My two girlfriends have their own wishes. However, I'm pretty sure that their prayers are way different and mature than my selfish intentions.

Five years after, God has granted some prayers. However, I have this feeling that God misheard our prayers. My wish for that one great love ended up in the hands of my two girlfriends. Haha As it turns out, my girlfriends and constant Saturday companions found their own destinies. 

My friend Lani is engaged and will tie the knot next year. Joy, the elder sister that I should have, officially left singlehood today. Ate Joy found her lifelong happiness with Vel. The 15th day of September will forever be significant to Ate Joy and Vel because they chose to profess their love and commitment to each other. 

Who would ever thought that the historic San Agustin Church would soon belong to Ate Joy's wedding.

Ate Joy and her parents.

At this point, I'm the only one left rendering that huge sigh. LOL 

Best wishes to our Ate Joy!

I would love to read your beautiful posts too. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beautiful Sunday # 20 - Pain for being vain?

 I'm scheduled to attend a rare event that requires me to dress up. Ironically, despite being a proud member of the female populace, I don't enjoy those stiff and formal events. I hate the unnecessary stress and worries arising from the preparations. Finding the perfect dress, formal shoes that doesn't come in heels and worst of all, paying for make up services that made me look like a kiddie party clown. Heck, I can make a separate post for all the gay-murdered-makeup I had in my life.

My frustration however doesn't totally mean that I hate formal events to death. Once in a while, I would love to see myself in skirts with just "enough make-up". In preparation for the rare formal event I will be attending, I made some unexpected expenditures.

It started with this

To my defense, some of these items form my everyday office makeup. Powder foundation, eye brow pencil and little blush are my overall concealers. LOL They hide all those traces of sleepless nights everyday. haha

Hopefully, I'll be able to score the perfect blend on Saturday.

Don't anymore ask me what I submitted for waxing. ;-) 

I used to ignore hair waxing salons.Why spend if you can do these things on your own? Apparently, the only time I understood everything was when I finally tried their services.

My verdict, there are some people who are best in doing some of our needs. Instead of bothering and stressing ourselves, it's best if we entrust everything to those who know best. After undergoing their services, this is what I have to say, (trust me)  it's not as painful as you expect.

From left to right, introducing the few more things that pains my wallet

Perfume from Body Shop - I'm allergic to perfume. The scent and the intense heat of our tropical climate make me gain those headaches. Though I hate to use perfume, I have to make some sacrifices in those rare occasions. Any tips on how to this problem?

Vaseline or any Milk Lotion - The lesser the scent, the better for me. To avoid those white lines is the main reason why I use lotion. Unfortunately, even this basic routine is something I often fail to do. 

Hair Serum - A day in my life will never be possible without this. Otherwise, hello Afro inspired hair. LOL

Celeteque Moisturizer - As much as I want to try brands such as La Mer, budget considerations come first. My face is super oily so all those sticky and creamy moisturizers don't help. The water based moisturizer is the only thing that can complement my greasiness.   

Nivea Aloe deodorant - Again, the lesser the scent and chemicals, the better. I'm the queen of sensitivity so all those self-proclaimed beneficial effects do not appeal to me.

How about you? What beauty products do you usually purchase?

I would love to hear the things that make you beautiful.

Have a great week ahead!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Beautiful Sunday # 19 - Survival and Inspiration

Tiredness... This was the theme of my past week. I started with my new work schedule that requires me to wake up at 5 am to catch my 7 am classes. Aside from the additional teaching assignments, my research paper advisees contributed to my less than 4 hours of sleep. In my attempt to finish everything, I ended up sacrificing my other responsibilities as well. I felt disappointed. Hopefully, the succeeding week's theme will shift to recovery and adjustment.

Before the most awaited weekend started, I meet up my regular Fridate girlfriend, Anne. I attended a half-day affair within Makati so we ended up meeting at Greenbelt 5, a mall whose shops never fail to intimidate me. LOL

Hours before my fridate, one of my recent freelance clients gave his downpayment for my professional fee and you know what happens next. Payday and mall day, boom! I would like to believe that I became a more mature shopaholic now. I limited myself to a nice blouse from Zara (a brand where I shop once in a blue moon) and I decided to make long term investments
Hopefully, they will become long term and productive investments I'll never regret.

My usual routine with Anne

We decided to give ourselves a break from our Bon Chon addiction. We decided to have Chinese dinner at Mann Hann.

Weekend came and I indulged myself with my favorite hobby... zzzzz

After depriving myself of sleep over the past week, I overindulged myself with those sleep hours. To my defense, I badly needed it and I believe that sleeping is way better than stress eating. Either way, anything excessive becomes unhealthy and a proof to that is the minor headaches I gain, as soon as I woke up from my long afternoon naps. But seriously, I hope everything is fine with me.

One thing I'm really grateful whenever I'm typing my Beautiful Sunday post is the fact that I'm at home with my family. I usually prepare my regular Sunday post in our living room while my parents are watching their favorite weekend shows. When budget permits, we spend our weekends with a box of pizza or a KFC takeout. Simple things like these make me feel blessed and forget all those troubles and worries I have in life. Never mind the bills to pay and issues at work if I have weekends spent with the people who love me the most.

A great proof to this is the plate of Pansit Bihon and Spanish bread prepared by my Nanay (mother) that awaits me

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead!