Monday, July 29, 2013

Another slice of cheese

The hopeless romantic in me is dying in my own heaven of cheesiness

 Because if I were to write my own story, it has to have this

Cherry Blossoms +  (not so right) Mr. Right  = Bliss!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 66 - A little of food and fashion favorites

Lasagna and Oreo Cake! Perfect meal for a 12-hour working day

Another forever favorite, Chef Tony's Country Cheddar :)

Super supreme pizza for Dad's birthday!

One of the few non-blue shirts I love and my custom made Meteor Garden necklace 

 For those who are not familiar, Meteor Garden is the first Asian drama series aired in the Philippines. Long before the Koreans invaded the Philippine TV, it was this Taiwanese drama series that started everything. The necklace was the gift of Jerry Yan to Barbie Xhiu

All the while, I thought that I lost this necklace. When I was cleaning my things, I learned that Nanay kept it . Happiness for the hopeless romantic in me! It came so timely because my new office uniform shifted to the wing styled collar. Everything is perfect for necklaces that can break that monotonous look.

I'm finally using my favorite metallic Longchamp and my addiction to Peter pan collared blouses is becoming unstoppable. :)

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Thank you Sweet Treats by Mommy Sha!

In a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon, I went home with these

two boxes of happiness!

 I claimed my last prize from TSN's giveaway!

 Thank you Mommy Sha!

Everyone at home loved the cupcakes! We loved the bite size servings, the flavorful but not too sweet frosting (perfect for my health conscious parents) and the chewy and moist chocolate bread. 

To know more about Sweet Treats by Mommy Sha
visit her Facebook page here

Monday, July 22, 2013

Rustic Mornings at Isabelo

I'm excited to write this post! It's been a while since I last visited and reviewed a restaurant that offers great food and service and provides the much needed relaxing environment. If I have the time and means, I would regularly spend my weekend mornings here.

Officially declared as one of my favorite places in the world, I'll let the pictures relate everything

I first encountered Isabelo Garden Restaurant from a former schoolmate who blogged everything in this post. It was several years ago and as much as I wanted to try the place, I learned that they strictly operate by reservation. I was disappointed but I understood the owner's sentiments. She wanted to preserve the place. I also read somewhere that the food was exclusively prepared by the owner. Years after, I started to encounter a number of blog posts that related the new face of Isabelo. From a garden restaurant, it renamed itself as Rustic Mornings by Isabelo. I can finally experience the place without the hassles of reservation. The only problem left is whom should I bring to this foodie adventure. Good thing, my dear friend M agreed to join me. Thanks M!

The restaurant is quite hidden but is situated near famous landmarks in Marikina. It's right across the Our Lady of the Abandoned Church and the Shoe Museum. You have to pass this narrow and hidden street to reach the place.

A surprisingly spacious parking space and a house covered with trees welcomed us

 Consistent in the entire area is the uneven and artistically combined floor tiles

Diners can choose to stay inside the airconditioned house or anywhere in the garden
 This was our spot. 

We opted to stay in the garden since it was well ventilated with all the electric fans.

While waiting for our orders, I opted to explore the entire place
There were plants everywhere but I never encountered mosquitoes or even the tiniest insect. I guess the owner did her share of ensuring the comfort and safety of the diners.

I love the hanging wooden windows and the shabby tables and chairs. The chapped white paint and the different chairs provided a quaint and elegant effect. I'm not in to interior design but I was reminded that sometimes, mismatches create the best matches.

A little reminder for everyone

I love this metal bench with the floral foam. Those who know me well have figured out that it's because of color blue :)

The hanging bottles, bird cage, kitchen tools do not relate but they work together here :)

Enchanting view from our seat

I wanted to believe that this place was made for me. I like everything that I see here.
 The shabby chic porch inspired by blue and white made me envision my dream home.

Different lamps making another decorative piece
There are actual fluorescent bulbs inside. I believe they would look better during night time.  

Shades of blue and white again
This will be my inspiration for my dream home.  

Inside the small house is the air conditioned dining area that feasts with my dream color scheme
The chapped white paint in every furniture, different chairs, and the uneven floor tiles again made me fall in love with the entire place. 

Even the wash area mesmerized me.

Outside the house is another dining area that brought me nothing but amazement
I always believe that I'm for minimalism. But at this point, I admit that I appreciate all the little things I see. My eternal appreciation for blue chairs, the locally produced wooden handicrafts, and surprisingly, the rusty metal pails

Another showcase of the best uneven floor tiles

A contrast of the shabby white bench and the classic dark brown wooden  bench  

Another area to love is a room that houses the owner's paintings

I almost forgot to write the main reason why we went here
I had a tall glass of Mango shake paired with this heavy meal

French Toast, crunchy bacon slices and herbed hash brown all for Php 220

The french toast and the herbed hash brown were for the win! The toast was tasty, chewy and comes with a real buttermilk spread. The herbed hash brown was something new for me. I would like to believe that this is all natural potatoes because of the strips of fiber

It was a happy greasy meal!

My friend M opted for a healthier meal

Like any other budget consumer, I know that you are interested with the prices. Here's a preview of their best selling Rustic Mornings menu

Great food, great place and great service, what more can I ask for? I will definitely come back!

To know more about Rustic Mornings at Isabelo, visit their website here.


Instead of preparing and studying my lectures for the week, I spent my Sunday afternoon watching this

I remember badly wanting to watch this film. But for some reason I can't even remember, I failed to catch it on the big screen. I bought a DVD copy which I just allowed to sleep in one of my storage boxes. I was tidying up my things the past few weeks and intentionally took out the DVD. My laziness overpowered me and in effect, it took me weeks to finally watch it.

It wasn't the best film. It didn't receive the best reviews but I actually liked it. The movie featured a lot of substories from family, career, and relationships. The ending highlighted Sarah Jessica Parker and Josh Duhamel's rekindled affair. This should have awakened my romantic hormones but it didn't. It appeared to me as a fairy tale meant to happen only in books. Hillary Swank's portrayal of fulfilling the demands of her career and an ailing father also didn't appeal to me. I found myself appreciating the story of Michelle Pfeiffer, minus the budding May-December affair with Zac Efron.

I hate to admit it but I see much of myself in the shoes of Michelle Pfeiffer. Ingrid (Michelle Pfeiffer) was portrayed as the typical pathetic and lifeless office employee. Give me more years of laziness and hopelessness, I will end up exactly like Ingrid. When Ingrid finally quitted her job, she gave herself a chance.  She wrote her New Year's resolution list hoping to fulfill everything by midnight. To make this possible,  Ingrid entered a deal with Paul (Zac Efron). Paul will get the tickets for the Masquerade Ball if he will help Ingrid complete her list.

Not that I wanted Zac Efron :) but the fulfillment of Ingrid's wish list affected me. I ended up asking myself when will I have the courage to pursue my own list? In the first place, when will I finally write down the things I wanted to achieve?

I always say that I'm too occupied with work related concerns. Count more years and I will soon realize that I'm occupying myself with nothing. Work will forever remain as work. But my life? It's not meant to stay with me. I recognize and value my responsibilities but I know, time will come when I will ask myself... Did I really live my life?

Perhaps this is just part of my occasional quarter life crisis attacks. I will be occupied and soon enough, I will forget this. I just have to prepare myself  on the next time I will encounter this. The cycle will recur and I can't avoid it. Part of me is wishing that I should just go on because in the end, everything will be fine.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 65 - Choices

Happy Sunday!

As always, sharing here the few beautiful things that made my week
First assignment of the year is finally done!

I rarely get invited to events spearheaded by students. This activity was organized by the last batch of Economics majors of our school. Yes, last batch :(  Management decided to discontinue offering the program. It's sad but I'm proud and contented because I was entrusted with the responsibility of handling the last batch of graduates. Nevertheless, great job kids! Everyone has proven that the our tribe of Economistas are indeed scarce and valuable. 

My current favorites! I'm loving my first MAC Studio Fix paired with my Myra Vitawhite Face lotion. They make the best primer.

My recent discovery is iWhite's Moisturizing Facial Wash. Celeteque still works for me except for the instances when my skin feels terribly dry. I've been searching for an alternative brand that doesn't cause minor breakouts and flaking. So far, iWhite has been working for me. Hopefully, I can write a review for iWhite. 

My Sunday post would never be complete without my favorite foodie posts
Guilty! How can I resist my favorite treats from Taco Bell?

 Good vs. Evil!
freshest and crispiest French Fries vs. healthier Mocca Mamon from Monde
I alternate them in a week and this is how I define balanced diet haha

Siomai with the fiercest bits of chili and peeled lychees on a Friday night
Perfect way to end the long workweek

Finally ,a healthier choice here

My struggle to find healthier meals is somehow answered by the nearby 7-11 store. In addition to this, 7-11 finally did some marketing move. They extended their value meals to their line of healthy snacks.

 I've been obsessed with Peter Pan collar these days. I have a couple of these in my closet ;) 

Ending my Sunday posts with this
Berocca's tablet diluted to a glass of water to ease out the week long colds
I would to believe that this formula has been working for me. Whenever I have colds, I would usually end up stricken by fever. This time however, my colds are gradually healing. 

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead!