Sunday, May 31, 2015

Beautiful Sunday # 162 - Troughs and Peaks

Troughs and Peaks. This is how I can summarize the past week. I started fine. There were days when all I wanted was to do is cry. Then there were days when I was blessed with surprises. The storm that devastated me is not yet over. But I'm not giving up. I'm still alive and surviving. Along the way however, there were friends and unexpected friends. Thank you! You made everything easier for me. Apart from my unexpected angels, here are the few beautiful things that made my week. 

Fun Fab Fam - A member of the family celebrated her birthday in the middle of the week. Moments like this with the family is always priceless. My only regret, I should have filed a half-day leave so that I arrived earlier for the little party. 

Someone is feeling jealous - Grey is feeling bad because of the newest addition to the family Hahaha 

Huge Paws! - My cousin brought a new Labrador to the family. Welcome home Bailey! I hope you and Grey will become friends soon. Haha

This gallery at Greenhills Promenade - I rarely see Greenhills Shopping Center. I can't even remember the last time I visited the place. I was amazed with this vintage film projectors and paraphernalia. It's just a bit unfortunate that I only had my mobile phone. I could have captured more photos. 

Nasi Goreng - I used to ignore My Singapore Food Street in SM Megamall. After meeting a freelance client, it took me some time to look for a place for dinner. My favorite restaurants are jampacked and the few that are not populated are obviously, not within my budget reach. :) I decided to give My Singapore a try because I have been reading a lot of great reviews. True enough, no regrets at all. I found a new favorite. Nasi Goreng is love!

Happy Weekend - A sign of aging, you tend to appreciate even the littlest things in life. Weekends with the family and a bowl of french fries, thank you Dear God!

Someone advised me not to do some stress eating. The photos above are shouting evidences that I listen and obey. Hahahaha

Quarter Pounder - Not my fault because my cousin was looking for a partner to buy McDonald's BFF bundle. I just helped my cousin. Hahaha

My favorite snack at the workplace - There were days when I skipped lunch breaks only to accommodate sleep and (can you keep a secret?) cry... Life and work have been so different last year. I admit that part of me is wishing to return the good old days. I had a lot of learning and realization this May 2015. Mark this month! I will work hard to make things better. A year from now or before the year ends, I have to fulfill my promise to myself. I have to be better and happier. (So much sentiments for a bottle of iced tea and burger?)

Kyochon - Because I rarely visit Greenhills, I took advantage of the opportunity to try Kyochon. This was another gamble I will never regret. A bit pricey for a solo meal, but the soy garlic chicken win it.

Thank you Coleen! - I meet a lot of people online through my blog. As much as I wanted to meet everyone, I'm afraid that not everyone would love to meet me. Hahaha The few people I met through my blog are Jannelle, Kelley, Zigrid, Leah and Mother E. In the middle of the week, I had the chance to add another person in my very limited list. Big shout out to Coleen! I keep on calling her Daryl but I think she prefers Coleen. Hahaha Sorry naman. Thank you for the dinner treat and this gift!!!! I learned a lot from you. Thank you for all the travel tips, stories and entrusting a part of your life. There will definitely be more meet ups for us.

Thank you Marieken! - One thing I learned, real friends can also be found online. I love the postcard and that rare chance when our time differences suddenly meet. I appreciate our email exchange. Thank you for lending your ears Marieken

The magic wooden comb - It was my friends A and T who introduced me to this brand of wooden combs. I used to pass by the kiosk of Hua Mulan in SM Megamall. I never bothered to check because I was sure, it is expensive. When I dropped by Megamall recently, I took advantage of the mall wide sale. I inquired and discovered that their wooden combs are not excessively expensive. They have versions for as low as Php 80. I have yet to determine whether I made the right splurge. :) I'll probably write a review over the next weeks.

Cath Kidston again! - It was Leah who started this. Hahaha Leah was the first to purchase this rain coat (Cag in a Bag) from Cath Kidston. She left a positive review so I decided to include this on my next CK purchase. I can't wait for the CK sale so I headed to ASOS. I was lucky because the item was included in their markdowns. My only mistake, I overestimated my size. Haha Medium is fine, although I feel that I could still fit to a small size. (walang kokontra hahaha)

This is probably one of the longest Beautiful Sunday posts I made. As much as I wanted to end on a positive note, life is really testing me these days. My selfish wish is for this weekend not to end. Can I just stay home with my family? Sigh.. And suddenly, I remember something important for work tomorrow. There's a huge task waiting to be accomplished. Please pray for me. Send me all the positive vibes. Messing up is not an option. I need some good news. I need something to uplift me.

Better days, better week, better life, I can't wait! 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Mad for Pizza

The opportunity to leave the workplace earlier rarely happens. Given that I finished two projects before the week ended, I thought I deserve a little reward. A pat on the back? It would be really nice to receive one. Since it rarely or never happens, I might as well implement my own reward system. :) In the middle of the week, I was successful in tagging my dearest friend A to try a new place. I have been hearing nice reviews among friends and colleagues about Mad for Pizza. Everyone was attracted to their DIY pizza. I haven't tried Project Pie and any of those similar restaurants. So I guess Mad for Pizza is a good start for me.

I'm not familiar with prices of similar DIY pizzas available in the market. But for Php 288, I guess the price is just fine. 

We were given this slip of paper for our much awaited DIY pizza. :) #Excited! The best thing about Mad for Pizza, you pay the same amount of Php 288, regardless of the number of toppings chosen. 

The standard pizza size is good for 2 to 3 persons. 

We also ordered nachos. I love that the nacho chips are crisp and thin. The sauce also had the rare sweet chili taste. 

Drinks are placed in a mason jar. Although I was looking for Coke or any soda product, which I believe pairs well with pizza and nachos. They only offer iced tea, lemonade and other juice products. Tip : If you are unsure about your drinks, you can ask for free samples. :)

The entire restaurant has the vibe of the 80s.

We spent less than Php 500 for everything. We were initially worried about the outcome of our pizza. Our choices didn't fail us. Our first DIY pizza turned out great. We love the crust, abundant toppings and the fresh ingredients used. We were also surprised with how fast our orders were served. I also love the industrial and 80s atmosphere of the restaurant. Cleanliness wise, the restaurant is very well maintained. More importantly, customer service was great. The service crew are very knowledgeable and patient in answering queries. 

Given my first experience, I will definitely come back at Mad for Pizza. I'm willing to give it 5 out of 5 stars. Great food, customer service and value for money! Mad for Pizza is now included in my list of favorites.

Mad for Pizza
4th Floor SM City Manila 
Know more about Made for Pizza through their 
Facebook page here &
Instagram account here

Random Things in Hong Kong

I started writing this post during my flight back to Manila. The trip to Hong Kong and Macau somehow ruined my sleeping hours. Our return flight was around 11 pm and most of the passengers were already asleep. While me, I'm wide awake. My body is still conditioned to sleep around 1 am. 

Going back to the real intention of this post, I have written some random observations during my short stay.

1. In Manila, flip flops or those plastic shoes serve as the official footwear of most female commuters. I often see females in full make up, iron straightened or curled hair, tailor fitted uniform wearing flip flops and plastic shoes in different modes of public transport. In Hong Kong, the official footwear of most female commuters are Vans or any of those classic slip on sneakers. I find it cool that Vans are paired with skirts and office uniforms.

2. Aside from Vans, Toms are very popular in Hong Kong. Although I haven't seen any store selling the line of ballet flats. All I can see are the classic slip ons.

3. In the Philippines, Skechers and Paez released their versions of slip ons similar to that of Toms. In Hong Kong, J&M seems to be the expensive counterpart or copycat? :)

4. It's all about cotton shirts, denim shorts and see through skirts for the female populace. I will never fit in. My button down blouses, floral tops, and Peter Pan collared tops are nowhere to be found.  

5. Aside from housing different nationalities, Hong Kong appeared to me as a melting pot of both the upper and lower class members of the economy. It entertains me whenever I cross the street and I'm surrounded by a female sporting a signature bag, while another female is carrying a canvas tote and a market basket trolley. :)

6. In Manila, it's easy to spot a tourist. The locals always dominate the majority. In Hong Kong, the situation is quite different. The flock of tourists seem to outnumber the locals.

7. In Manila, the immigration line for the locals are always the longest, may it be arrival or departure. The complete opposite happens in Hong Kong. The immigration lanes for the tourists always outnumber the spaces for the residents. 

8. The iPhone 6 plus is the national mobile phone. A few own Samsung units, but iPhone still forms the majority. 

9. There are toys for sale in 7-11 stores. It's not only in Mc Donald's you can buy those collectible action figures. 

10. You have to pay the standard rate of HKD 0.50 for one  plastic or paper bag.  The rate applies regardless of the bag's size. Unless you instructed the cashier personnel that you will pay for the bag, no one will pack your purchases. Hence, an eco-bag is another must have when in Hong Kong. 

11. It's not hard to find trash or garbage bins in Hong Kong. I guess this can explain why Hong Kong remains clean, more than the discipline of the citizens. In Canton Road, garbage bins have lavender plants above the lid. Whoever generated this idea is so brilliant! Aesthetics, odour control and cleanliness solved in one solution. 

12. Octopus cards are not universally accepted. Small scale establishments don't have the facility. Although I've noticed that octopus cards are usually accepted in food related establishments and convenience stores. 

13. I maybe wrong but Hong Kong is a territory dominated by the older populace.I rarely see kids around. In a train ride, I'm quite lucky to see a school boy or a toddler traveling with their parents.

14. Malls don't have security guards. :) No bag inspections even when entering a Louis Vuitton or Hermes store.

15. There are times when you have to line up to enter a Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Hermes shop. I believe they are controlling the volume of people inside their premises.

16. Taxi cabs are using the same unit of the old Toyota Crown.

17. The Issey Miyake Bao Bao bags seem to  be another popular luxury brand among females in Hong Kong. I like the unique structure of the bag. I initially thought it might be another branded bag. Much to my surprise, a piece costs around Php 25,000.

18. Yosi Samra is not available and nowhere to be found in HK. Quite a surprise because I always believe that HK always gets the first dibs of every foreign brand.

19. It was only in Hong Kong and Singapore when I see a Lamborghini parked along the sidewalks or drove even on the narrowest streets.

20. I believe that there are only a few private cars in Hong Kong. If you own one, you are considered extremely rich. Case in point, HK's bus and train system are very effective and efficient.

21. If you want to own a Herschel backpack, HK is your place..... relative to Manila's prices. The underground sports and apparel store in Tsim Sha Tsui is the best place to purchase.

22. They always say the City Gate Outlets is a shopping haven. You might not believe me but I ended not buying anything. Hahaha I checked the Kate Spade's outlet shop. Choices are great but prices? I still find their merchandise expensive. The diaper bag I've been wanting was priced at Php 13,000. When Kate Spade last had their online sale, same bag was sold for less than Php 10,000. I still believe that it's best to buy Kate Spade through their online sale. More so, if you have relatives from US who are willing to receive your purchases.

23. The 10th floor of City Gate Outlet is a haven for shoe lovers. Lacoste footwear, Crocs, Dr. Kong, Vans, Converse, Fred Perry, Adidas, Nike, Camper,  Aerosoles and other brands are contained in one huge floor.

24. If you are planning to buy a Nike Airmax, HK is the best place. I found a pair that retails for an equivalent of only Php 2,000?!? Deal!

25. HK is not the best place to buy another dream brand, Onitsuka Tiger. Mahalia pa din! Hahaha If the local Onitsuka store in Megamall or MOA allows terms in zero interest on selected credit cards, go buy it! A pair in HK retails around Php 4,000 too.

24. If you want to buy a discounted Coach bag, the best place to purchase is at The Peak Galleria. The outlet store in City Gate is a bit intimidating and has lesser selections. The cheapest Coach bags, both for men and women can be purchased at The Peak Galleria. It also helps that the staff are more accommodating and friendly.

25. Another great brand to purchase in Hong Kong is Esprit. I cannot remember how many Esprit outlet stores I've encountered. You can buy an Esprit jeans for as low as Php 600. Not extremely cheap but Esprit offers volume discount. The usual practice is 50% off when you purchase three pieces for blouses, bags, pants and accessories. Buy three bottoms of different styles, you will eventually receive a 50% discount. After the experience, I found Esprit sold in Manila too overrated and expensive. You have to spare around Php 2,000 for a pair of Esprit jeans. Bring your Php 2,000 in Hong Kong, you already have a complete set of outfit.

26. I have been wondering where do the upperclass citizens of Hong Kong reside? One of my travel companions said it's in Admiralty. I'm not convinced. Hahahaha

27. Cath Kidston is not popular in Hong Kong. I haven't seem females sporting a piece from Cath Kidston. In addition, prices of CK merchandise are still expensive in HK and even Macau. The best way to purchase is to catch the online sale and pool orders with friends. (I love you Leah and Mother E.!)

28. The streets surrounding Prat Avenue and Tsim Sha Tsui serve as another shopping haven. There is a huge Cotton On Store, shops offering discounted sports apparel, Korean beauty products, branded shoes, bags and more items you always find expensive to purchase in Manila. There were even hidden apartments that offer signature brands. And nope, they aren't contrabands. They have business permits and issue official receipts.

29. I used to be frightened with the practice of Land Reclamation. This is one reason why I'm sometimes frightened to visit SM MOA and other similar areas. Turns out, HK and Macau are territories who took advantage of the opportunities promised by Land Reclamation.

30. Will I ever go back to Hong Kong? Yes but _________________ (Complete the sentence and if you get it right, I might give a prize hahahahaha) 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Beautiful Sunday # 161 - Last for May

And the bad news are starting to pour more. It even extended in the family. Looks like the early quarters of the year are not doing anything good for us. Hopefully our fate will reverse at the end of the year. No more disappointments, only stronger and better persons, ready to face better lives ahead.

I'm holding on to my belief that I'm a work in progress. Along the way, I will not deny the fact that there are still a few good things enough to make me smile. One is the unexpected freelance work I wrote in my previous post. Writing opportunities that I hope will push through. Projects that were accomplished. The rare chance to leave the workplace early. Vacation leaves that gave me more time to sleep and eat better food. Little by little, life will get better. Meanwhile, here are more that made my week.

Becky's Kitchen -  My favorite cake! I was successful in forcing my dear friend A to visit Becky's before my extended leave. How ironic because I'm not a big fan of chocolate cakes. Me and my weird tasted buds. :D Yes, I have always preferred the non-chocolate cake variants. But Becky's made it as a rare exception. In fact, I prefer this than the Estrel's. Customer service, availability and sweetness are 5 out of 5 stars.

Manang's Potato Chips - I checked out the newly opened SM San Mateo with my mother. We had dinner at Manang's Chicken and sorry to say, I was disappointed. The chicken was way different than the first Manang's Chicken I tasted. The place also lacked some cleanliness. They however compensated through customer service. The service crews are polite and accommodating despite the bulk of customers. 

Choco Candy Sprinkle  from Dunkin Donuts - Just because the food selections at the canteen are very limited, I gained an excuse to grab some weight contributing guilty pleasure.

Bagnet 8065 - This was what happened before I dragged my friend A to Becky's Kitchen :) Bagnet, bagoong rice and manggang hilaw, ftw!

Current Read - Thank you Book Depository. This book was quite difficult to purchase among local bookstores. I wanted the paper back edition but surprise or surprises, the hardback was cheaper. Only to later realize, the real reason why the paper back was more expensive. Hardbacks are not convenient especially for commuters. Haha

Watson's Foot Feeling Mask -  Pamper day :) Watson's version was way cheaper the original Foot Appeal Peeling Solution. This only costs Php 87, compared to the Php 270+ of Foot Appeal. I never learned my lesson about cheaper goods. And you can guess it right, I'm a dissatisfied customer now. Take my words, Watson's versions is only good on packaging and design :)

Mad for Pizza - Another reason to love SM Manila :) I haven't tried Project Pie's DIY Pizza. This is the first restaurant that made me experience the concept of make your own pizza. I will write about this on a separate post. But overall, I love my experience at Mad for Pizza. Great food, unique interiors and excellent customer service, Mad for Pizza is one of my favorites. 

One of the advantages of having a blog is the ease of remembering my life over the past years. I checked my posts last year and as much as I don't want to admit it, life was better. I was happier. Exactly a year ago, me and my Boss are rushing the requirements for that great documentation project. It was my first time to stay at the workplace until 10 pm. I felt more accomplished and fulfilled. As of date, the outcome of my documentation project is still pending. I'm not sure if I can wait more. I'm losing my hopes too. There are far more concerns to attend now. I guess it's time to move on and seek better and greater things ahead. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Underrated Macau

My dearest Macau! I already had the opportunity to see and appreciate your magnificence twice. On those two instances, I was unfortunately hit by some bad luck. Three years ago, the real intention was to see Hong Kong and make a side trip to Macau. Given the limited time, I was able to see the more popular sights, The Venetian Hotel, St. Paul Ruins and the Senado Square. On my last trip, the original plan was to stay in Macau and make a side trip to Hong Kong. Because of some problems with late booking of accommodation, plans changed. Macau was again considered as another side trip. I was fine with it. I knew that we will be able to achieve everything with a good itinerary. I did my share. I planned our trip to Venetian Hotel, Coloane Island, Old Taipa Village and Fisherman's Wharf. My idea was to have a balanced trip, where history meets modernity. Sadly, everything remained as plans. What I failed to realize, I was in a group. I wasn't traveling with people who share my objectives. Like Singapore, I still have "closure" issues with Macau. I'm not yet done with you Macau! :) Give me more time, money and opportunities, I will see you again.

Despite the little frustration, here are the few captures I made.

We went to The Venetian to leave our luggage. I read from a few bloggers that Venetian Hotel offers free Baggage Services. Turns out, we need to pay HKD 10 for every piece of bag / luggage to avail the concierge services. I'm not sure for hotel guests. It's most likely free already.

We had lunch at The Venetian and explored the shops. A few tips for those who have plans of exploring The Venetian. Avoid weekends and long weekends. Everyone seem to be there. It may be quite a hassle to explore the place with children or companions below 21 years old. They have strict age limit requirement to gain access to the Casino. The Casino could have been helpful in providing shortcuts and easier access points to the different parts of the Grand Canal Shoppes.

I was able to convince everyone to cross the street and check out Galaxy Hotel. I'm not sure, but I believe Macau doesn't have their own train system yet. Regardless, they compensate with an effective bus transport system and better traffic condition.

We just sat for a while and left. They were tired. I was constrained by everyone's aching feet.

We crossed the street again to explore the Old Taipa Village. Thanks to one blogger who wrote about the overpass and walkalator from The Galaxy and Venetian to the Old Taipa Village.

I knew that the roads lead to more beautiful pieces of history waiting to be seen. Unfortunately, no good chance for me. We only landed to the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church.

So much places I missed. It was just a few more walks away. Even the ecological garden was scrapped out of the plans. One of our travel companions wanted to arrive early in the airport. 

This has to be my last. Last time to say that I missed everything. Last time to splurge for some disappointments. Macau, please allow me to see you again.

Moving from Hong Kong to Macau and vice versa is easy.  The ferries serve as the main public transport. You can check out this post from Hotels Combined for more details. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going

This... is not my best time. If there's one thing I'd wish to happen, it's for this remaining summer month to end. I guess, I already had my quota of bad experiences for the past summer months. The week long leave gave me rest and isolation. I'm not sure if it really helped me. My first concern was how will I survive the entire week at home? One week seemed to be too long, especially for someone who have been working for 10 years. More so, for someone who has not yet consumed a week long break. It made me later realise, have I been depriving myself? I have more than 30 days of accumulated vacation leaves. While other colleagues could only wish for more leave credits, my problem is the opportunity they would want to have.

Before I reported back for work, I was wishing for answers to the many questions and concerns I have. Peace of mind, happiness and the chance to bounce back.... I never got any of what I prayed for. Instead, I was given something that would allow me to forget and divert. I was able to close a deal for a short-term freelance work.

More than the freelance work, it was how I acquired this work that made me the happiest. Saying that I'm happy is even an understatement.

I'm humbled, honoured and fulfilled. This was more than enough!  

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Beautiful Sunday # 160 - Struggling but Surviving

This week and the past week. I thought I wouldn't be able to survive. For the first time, I had a week long leave in the middle of the year. While others would be more than thankful for the opportunity, I have a different story to tell. I admit, this is not my best time. The past days and the coming days will mean one thing: struggle. I cannot wait for the day when I can finally say, 'twas over. I can only wish for better days. 

Life may be sad and gloomy but somewhere along the way, there are some beautiful things that made my week. The dinner treat and conversation with a great colleague turned friend. The chance to sleep and wake up on my desired time. Staying home gave me the chance to eat healthier meals. Time was slow. It was supposedly a vacation, but yes I took home some work. Only to realize, I was more productive at home. I'm more than halfway with my current project. An irony I wasn't expecting, I was able to generate more ideas while working at home. Makes me think, I maybe suited for this career. It's fun to have colleagues but the unnecessary stress and pressure from them, no thanks. Hahaha 

Beautiful Mess - I always find a beautiful mess on excessively stamped passports. My first passport (right) already expired and had four countries and stories to keep. On my last trip, I was quite surprised with the new practice in Hong Kong and Macau. No more stamps! I was instead issued pieces of papers that contained all the immigration details. No more beautifully messy passports :( All I have are those pieces of vulnerable thermal papers, whose printed information will surely be erased in a few weeks.

All natural pepper from Father - The idle parcel of land owned by my Auntie has become the venue of my Father's favorite past time. He has been engaged to some planting activities. I believe a significant part of what we have at home came from my Father's green thumb. :) Yes to organic and healthy living. 

Stuffed Grilled Squid - Thank you to my Mother for giving in to my request. The lonesome daughter is more than happy to be spoiled. 

Handmade! - Thank you Marieken for this card.

Beatles Inspired Card by Hallmark - Thank you Leah! And yes, I'm always happy receiving something from you and Mother E!

Addiction - Why does Cath Kidston rhymes with addiction? ;) This was such a great deal. Thank you Leah for conniving. #NgitingTagumpay #PasswordProtected  Hahahaha I want to see your loot too. 

Ferrero Collection - Perks of being a good neighbor! Hahahaha Not me, but my parents. I love it that we live in a community where my parents are still familiar with families in the neighborhood. But I believe, there is something wrong with me when I don't feel "tempted" with this "temptation." Life... and all the grown up issues!

And because I was home the entire week, I was able to catch up with Asia's Got Talent. 

Sporty Spice!!! - I was more than happy when I discovered that Mel.C was one of judges at Asia's Got Talent. My only regret, I missed several episodes of the first season. My wish is that there will be Season 2 soon and please, retain the same set of judges. David Foster, Vanness Wu, Anggun and Mel C. (yes I still prefer calling her Mel C. than Melanie) were the best for me. And another request, please don't remove Rovilson Fernandez and my crush, Marc Nelson!!!!

Pinoy Pride!!! -El Gamma Penumbra for the win!

Gerphil Flores, David Foster's Golden Buzzer Baby, also did great and so as runner up, Mongolia's Khusugtun. Setting aside the grand finalists, here's another another one I'll never get tired of watching

I BEG YOU! Please watch this. You will never regret it, more so if you are having a bad day. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hong Kong Island and The Peak

I was able to finally see Hong Kong's famous harbor. This never happened to me during my first trip to Hong Kong. Back then, I was limited from the night time view in the Avenue of Stars. This time however, I was able to ride Hong Kong's old school ferry. It's that ferry sailing from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island. 

One thing I learned from this trip, Hong Kong's weather is likewise crazy. :) It was scorching hot when we left Urban Pack Hostel. When we reached the ferry station, it was starting to drizzle. Even though my photos were filtered, the clouds really manifested gloominess. It was relaying an upcoming rain. 

I love the old school ferry! I was amazed with the preserved wooden structures inside. 

We took another bus that will take us to The Peak. Another first for me, I finally had the chance to try the double decker bus. I love the travel time to The Peak. The road gave me the perfect view of  Hong Kong Island and all those high rise buildings. Along the way, I noticed the beautiful structures situated on the mountains. I assume that these residential sites belong the upper class citizens of Hong Kong. The entire trip felt like seeing Baguio and Tagaytay in Hong Kong. 

Arrival at The Peak

This was the best capture I made. The clouds and the threat of an upcoming rain somehow ruined the view. 

This shot reminded me of another source of unfulfilled traveler's dream. :( I also don't have that obligatory photo of myself here. 

This is something I wanted to try! But as you can sense it, it never happened. One travel companion discouraged us to try the Tram and the long lines gave them enough reason to skip this. 

I wanted to purchase all the "sh*t" statements here. :)

And this is where the real frustration came in...

I knew beforehand that we will not be visiting Madame Tussauds. It was scrapped out of our itinerary, as suggested by one our travel companions. I agree that the entrance fee is quite steep. But for the purpose of fulfilling the need of the traveler in me, I'm willing to splurge. (Tip: It's cheaper to buy tickets online using your credit card.)  I was outnumbered by everyone's choice. The trip was not just all about me so I decided to give in. But then again, part of me feels incomplete. Whether Madame Tussauds is overpriced or not, I wanted to see it for myself.

All the more I felt sad when I saw the postcards at the exit point of Madamme Tussauds. You can send postcards to yourself and friends for a minimal fee.

There was a little incident that somehow ruined my mood during our trip to The Peak. I went to the toilet area with TC. We parted ways and given that half of the toilet area for the females are not westernized, it took me some time before I had my turn. When I went out, TC was no longer around. I texted and never received any reply at all. Much of my time was spent looking for TC and my other travel companions. Turns out, TC went shopping because there was a Coach outlet in the area. I wasn't able to maximize my stay at The Peak. Should I know that my other travel companions made their own way, I should have made my own exploration as well. I felt stupid and had that, ang bobo ko lang moment

The itinerary I made included a half day trip to Ocean Park. In the middle of our trip, it was scrapped away. I was outnumbered. 'Wag na daw. I gained another source of frustration but then again, I reminded myself that the trip was not for myself. In the end, I consoled myself by giving in to that Coach outlet at The Peak Galleria. I don't want to go home as a total loser. To compensate for that unfulfilled dream, I decided to entertain myself with my first Coach bag. Truth to be told, I wasn't totally consoled. I'm a self confessed shopaholic but give me the chance to choose from traveling vs. shopping, I will still choose travel and EXPERIENCE. A Louis Vuitton or a trip to Cambodia, I will still choose the travel opportunity. Travel does not happen everyday, especially for the struggling working professionals like me. Hence, when I have the opportunity to travel, I want to ensure that I will be able to see everything. Shopping can happen anytime. But the chance to travel and collect new experiences, it will take a lot of effort for everything to connive and happen again. Oh well, just my two cents.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Beautiful Sunday # 159 - Snapshots

Truth to be told, I'm not motivated to blog anything today. All I wanted to do is curl up on my bed, sleep forever, and be in the company of my best friends. How I miss T and my Ninang I. They are the two persons who can bring out the best in me especially when everything else is becoming unfair. One thing sure, this test will never take away the best of me. I can't wait for the day when I will look back and say, I survived. I have redeemed myself. A year or months from now, I shall look back on this post with a better outlook in life. I have become a better and stronger person then. 

While everything is still a work in progress, let me share some random photos from my past trip.

On the way to Ngong Ping Village -  The steep roads,bougainvilleas and trees felt like I'm going to Baguio or Tagaytay :)

Day 2 in Hong Kong - I finally got to see Harbour City and Canton Road

Movie and Pizza - I found this Pizza Stand near the Star Ferry Terminal from Hong Kong Island. The pizza doesn't look appetizing (sorry) but design wise, I love it. :)

The face of contrast - On the right is the strip of different 5-star hotels and casino. Just across the street is a university and the traditional side of Macau.

Avoiding the tourist trap 

Sometimes I find happiness landing on places not often visited or chosen by tourists. 

The past week and the upcoming week has been and will surely be tough for me. Whatever it takes, I will surely make a way to escape.