Sunday, September 24, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 284 - Too Tired

Too tired. A week ago, I had a bad case of cough and colds. I tried my best to sleep early but traffic, long hours of commute and a set of unexpected work didn't change my routine. Added to this, it's been two weeks since I stopped exercising. I feel sluggish and bloated again. Last Friday was another classic case of unhealthy lifestyle. A full meal from Taco Bell and a slice of sans rival cake to cap off another week or truth is, my loser Friday schedule. Four months of seeing my colleagues rushing to leave work for the weekend, while I'm left preparing for my evening classes. Walking around dark corridors, returning to the office to rest for a few minutes and rushing home to catch the last trip of the train. On worst days, heavy rains cause more traffic and difficulty of getting the last ride to reach home. Can I count all these as an accomplishment?  ;)

I'm trying to recall anything significant this week. The most I can remember is this Korean drama I accidentally discovered. I can't find a decent copy of Reply 1994 so I ended randomly browsing other K dramas. I discovered My Golden Life, which still airs in South Korea. And just like that, I regained my addiction. I already finished all 6 episodes, which caused me sleepless nights and swollen eyes. Yes, I had crying moments while watching, especially episode 3. For the longest time, I thought I prefer the genre of romantic comedies. But my taste is confusing me. I guess everything boils down to the relatable characters and story line. The lead female character shares our dream of having a great career, financial stability and a comfortable life for our parents. K dramas, with characters that share problems and dreams with most people, can easily earn sympathy of vulnerable viewers like me. ;) On a lighter note, the wardrobe team is doing a great job dressing up the lead actress, Shin Hye Sun. I want to write a separate post about it. 

Aside from the exhaustion and my regained K drama addiction, here are other beautiful things that happened last week.

Weekend afternoons right before dusk with my currently, favorite book - I don't ever regret buying Kate Spade's 20th anniversary coffee table book. It's quite expensive, but the discount from the last MIBF gave me a great deal. This also convinced me that I will no longer hoard books every MIBF. Getting a discounted coffee table book will be my next MIBF goal.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 283 - During those days

I was looking forward for this week because of the Manila International Book Fair. In the middle of the week, I felt reluctant. I was feeling weak and sluggish. The rainy weather also discouraged me to go out. My body is calling me to rest and stay home. But come Wednesday, the weather was better. I decided to go and took advantage of the day to accomplish some errands. It was a productive day, except that I went home with a case of bad colds. Good thing, work was light over the next days. I survived another week, coupled with some unexpected thoughts.

My decision to distance myself against someone made me realize that I made the right choice. Another incident convinced me that I'm keeping an excess baggage of another ungrateful person. There are friends for keeps, then there are those for painful learning experiences. On the positive side, a friend helped me salvage a disappointing day. I spent the last few hours of that day with a friend over cheap food court treats, long walk to the train station and some meaningful exchange of thoughts. 

Becoming a victim of someone's inefficiency is annoying and stressing. However, an early apology changes the tone of the story. Unfortunately, I rarely hear words of apologies these days. Not that I demand for it, I'm completely aware that some people will never admit mistakes. Uttering words of apologies will taint their immaculately protected asset called pride. 

There were days when I feel demoralized on the state of my career life. I have been a staff / follower / corporate slave for more than a decade. My career path maybe stagnant but modesty aside, I paved the way to create great managers. I have executed ideas born by managers and senior leaders. While they have creativity and command, I have all the hardwork and perseverance to turn their vision to reality. 

I wanted to write more, but some of my thoughts are better off to stay in my mind. Here are the beautiful things that happened last week.

Weekend scene of red and green - Time to use these red Cath Kidston mugs for the merriest season

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Manila International Book Fair 2017

As of typing this post, the main website of the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) remains inaccessible. It has exceeded it's bandwith limit, probably because of the continuous outpour of hits. With this post, I hope I can provide useful information to readers trying to get information about the event.

I started attending the MIBF last year. Although I have heard of the event in the past few years, I never attempted to join. I thought everything was devoted for academic related books and publications. I learned that almost all bookstores and publishing companies in the country are participating from fellow Filipino bloggers. Last year, I attended an errand to a nearby government agency. I finished early so I took advantage of the time to see the event. I had an unexpected book shopping spree that caused damage to my credit card. :D This year, I was having second thoughts. I don't want to splurge again. On the last minute, I gave in. But this time, my will power was stronger. I took home one book. I'll share it on my next Sunday post. (Edit: I showed it on the end of this post. #LowEQ Hahaha)

Here are some photos from the event. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 282 - Tiring week

I didn't realize how exhausted I was when Saturday came. I slept the entire day. I felt weak and sluggish. My back and shoulders were sore and heavy. I must have slept on the wrong position again. In the evening, I had dinner with my family, watched our favorite weekend shows and wasted the entire time with my social media accounts. I was trying to recall what happened last week that consumed all my energy. I always went home late. I attended to some challenging freelance clients. The work required is manageable, but attitude is another story. :p Added to this, I can't figure out my way to a "special assignment." I swear, I will treat myself big time once this task is done. Even though I don't earn or gain anything from it. This has been the story of my life. More so, my journey to weight expansion. :D

Speaking of contributing factors to weight expansion, I need to pay for a lot this week. I'm so guilty of overeating. It started with shawarma rice in Escolta with my friend A. The next day, I had an unexpected dinner with my friends T and M. New York's finest, spicy chicken wings and Charlie Chan from Yellow Cab define heaven!!! Setting aside all the fats and cholesterol, I'm beyond grateful for the company of great friends. How many friends will conquer time, distance and the demands of their everyday lives to comfort you, even in the middle of the week? 

Aside from great friends, here are other beautiful things that happened last week.

Backyard scene at dusk - Thankful to my Dad who cleared the backyard and ensures a supply of organic produce for the family

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 281 - The past years

Saying hello to September! Nearing the last quarter of the year and for us Filipinos, it signals the arrival of the merriest season. In my case, the month marks a significant milestone. I started working exactly 13 years ago. It took me 5 months of job search and 13 companies to finally land on the job I wanted. I stayed with the same company (Beat that fellow millenials! Hahaha), transferred to another position, went to different job assignments and worked my way for the opportunity to teach. Along this journey, I met people who became mentors, friends, inspirations and learning opportunities, a better way to address my enemies. ;) A few became close to my heart, they rejoiced, laughed and cried with me. Some captured my heart and broke it later, without them knowing. Hahahaha While it always feels great to rekindle the past years, time demands that I wear the shoes of maturity. There's no more turning back. All efforts must be directed to move forward.

In other news, the two national holidays last week was the best. Maybe years ago, times like these would mean a trip to the mall or a brief getaway with friends. These days, I'm all excited for rest, sleep, soft and white bed sheets, food delivery, coffee table books and emails about freelance works. Yes, I'm becoming a hermit. :p Though I love the quiet life at home, going out once in a while still excites me. Meeting good old friends, discovering new restaurants, going back to hometown favorites, finding treasure from Booksale and those random and unplanned trips with my cousins. An additional treat these days include the colder temperature, fast internet connection and a great playlist. I've been listening to Boyz II Men since Friday and discovered nice renditions of other groups. 

Meanwhile, here are other beautiful things that happened last week

Backyard scene - I haven't seen my Father's backyard for months already. Blame it on the rain and my laziness. The bed has always been my constant companion since the rainy season started. So much has changed, especially the variety of crops planted.