Wednesday, September 26, 2018

All About Yves by Catherine Ormen : The Life Story of Yves Saint Laurent

Admittedly, I have limited knowledge about Yves Saint Laurent (YSL). I'm more familiar with the brand and the popular product lines such as Tribute Sandals, Cabas Bag and one of my dream bags, the Sac de Jour. But YSL or Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent as a haute couture is a stranger to me. The most I can remember about him was being bold enough to create designs that allowed women to wear comfortable tuxedos. 

Monday, September 24, 2018

Beautiful Sunday # 334 - Messing up

Another week, another set of accomplishments. I hope so. Details of last week went like a blur. All I can recall was the need to rush my students' grades and having a rather quiet week for writing reports. There's this critical report I've been doing for months. It has always been set aside whenever a new assignment arises. I gave myself every end of the month to complete everything. Unfortunately, I messed up. My deadline extended to several months already. This is my worst record, the longest time I spent to complete this report. :( Other things where I messed up, exercise. I blame the take home work from teaching and freelance. My system can't anymore accommodate exercise for sleep. Although to my defense, I read a number of articles emphasizing choosing sleep than exercise. I found an excuse ;) but still, I'm not giving up exercise. It was the only solution I found for my aching soles.  

Setting aside my uninteresting work life, here are some photos from last week

Weekend Snacking - My all time favorite find lately is Nestle's Nestea Milk Tea. This is not the first time I shared this here. But Nestea's version is the closest substitute for those expensive milk teas on shopping malls. I just need to find out where I can find a cheap source for tapioca pearls.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Beautiful Sunday # 333 - The storm has passed

The storm has passed ... literally and in a way, figuratively? I hope I have same answers to both questions. Let's leave the latter question in another post. ;) Last week, my social media newsfeed was flooded by warnings of an upcoming typhoon. On Thursday night, there was the unusual yet expected crowd in supermarkets and groceries. A lot took the weather advisory seriously, except in our own home. We discovered an almost empty fridge on Saturday morning. We were able to survive until lunch. We opted for unhealthy fast food for dinner. By Sunday morning, the weather was better. There was a sight of sunshine, prayers were answered.

Other than the threatening typhoon, the past week gave me some feeling of accomplishment. I was able to join the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF), attended an errand to a government agency, mailed some postcards and almost finished another set of paperworks. Almost .....  because I gained another set of work upon checking my email. (insert face palm) While typing this post, my mind feels so lost with all the upcoming work. And sure enough, a malfunctioning laptop is not helpful these days. Before everything gets messed up again, here are some photos to remind me of last week. 

What I took home from the MIBF - It's a coffee table book showcasing the life of Yves Saint Laurent. Another addition to my addiction. :p If I can't own any of those coveted signature bags from the likes of Herm├ęs, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, I'm fine collecting any of their official coffee table books. As far as I know, Louis Vuitton has the most number of releases. They have editions for bags, wardrobe, travel to the architectural styles of their stores. As mentioned in my previous post, I saw a copy of Louis Vuitton Catwalk during the MIBF. Unfortunately, budget constraints. I ended buying All About Yves. It looks too formal from the outside. To my surprise, the pages are colourful and in a way, interactive. :) It's like having a pop-up book for grown ups. I'll try to take photos of the book on my next post. 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Manila International Book Fair 2018

I started attending the Manila International Book Fair three years ago. Back then, I remember not expecting anything much from the event. To my surprise, I took home two bags of books. On the succeeding years, I conditioned myself to limit my purchase. I avoided buying anything fiction. I focused on finding rare books in my wish list. Last year, I only took home one book. I bought my first hardbound coffee table book from Kate Spade. This year, I intend to do the same. I went to the hardbound section of Fully Booked and checked out the coffee table and collectors' series. This section usually contains the relatively expensive books. I'll reveal in my next post what I took home. ;) Meanwhile, I'm sharing here photos from the 39th Book Fair. I hope this will become helpful to those who are planning to join the fair until Sunday. 

There are tickets to the event. To save on costs, you can print the free passes provided by exhibitors. I used National Bookstore's passes, which you can download and print through their Instagram page.  The pdf file of the ticket can be found through this link. You can also print and present this photo from National Bookstore.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Beautiful Sunday # 332 - Trying to be positive

It was another tiring week. There was a major event at work in the middle of the week. As always, a lot of admin work needs to be accomplished. I still handle clerical jobs like sorting documents and getting paper cuts in between. Once in a while, I drop by the bank to withdraw funds for the office. I request food delivery. I keep receipts and prepare liquidation reports. Not that I'm complaining, it's more of having a love-hate relationship. I appreciate admin work because it uses less brain and analyses. I hate it because it leaves me dead tired, after all the physical efforts it demanded. A day filled with walking and coordinating means dozing off during my train ride. On worst days, I will miss my train stop and end up alighting on the last station. 

Friday, as expected, felt like my most awaited day of freedom. Everything was wrapped up with a little surprise. I had an unexpected fridate with my girlfriends. It was the perfect way to end a loaded work week. Over the weekend, all plans were set aside to give way to .... sleep. :p These days, weekends are always devoted for rest and some photos. :)

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Beautiful Sunday # 331 - Hello September

For Filipinos, September signifies one thing. It marks the beginning of the BER months, Christmas is fast approaching. Even if there are three more months before December and there are other equally significant events in between. In my case, September reminds me of my first month of working many years ago. It's been more than a decade since I entered the workforce. Maybe years ago, I still consider this as an accomplishment. These days, it has become a constant reminder of my age. It emphasizes how I turned to become one of the oldest members in our organization. :p 

Last week was filled with accomplishments. Saying this feels so fulfilling and liberating. I finished a number of reports. I did some admin work for the office. More importantly, the lengthy freelance work I've been doing for weeks was finally, accomplished. The last freelance work was one for the books. A few hours before my promised deadline, the supply of electricity was cut off. I was forced to work fast, because my laptop's battery was less than 50%. All the rush and panic were worth it because my client paid me on the next day. ;) Best feeling ever. Hahahaha Meanwhile, this reminds me of another client, who has yet to settle. I just need one more client to replace my dilapidating laptop. 

Other than work, here are photos from last week

Attempted to bake? Unfortunately, I just helped someone and took photos. Hahaha