Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Laugh it out

In the middle of a typical work day, I found this picture in my Facebook wall.
Yes, hands up! I admit to steal some working hours to check my Facebook account.
The first three words I found
1. Funny
2. Broke
3. Fat

LOL! I know this was just a fake and silly game. But all the words I have captured describe me.

The past days have not been good for me. Minor problems, worries and issues about myself are just starting to pile and distract me. God perhaps wanted to cheer me up so aside from this useless funny thing, I also had a good laugh, with my bestfriend in the workplace, during our afternoon break.

Thank you Lord for making me happy, despite of everything.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Savor and Enjoy Life

Our school failed to make it to the basketball finals of the Philippines' National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). :-( If you have read my previous post, you know how much I was a big basketball fan in my younger years. Though I failed to watch our basketball games over the past years, my interest and support to our team never ceased. Next year, our school will be the host of the league's 88th season. And though I don't have any Chinese blood, I believe in the luck that number 8 brings. For the Chinese, the number 8 symbolizes a never ending loop of luck. I hope that luck will be with us next school year.

After the heart breaking loss, Tara and Tinee invited me for dinner at Greenhills. As always, food never fails to make me happy. So I shouldn't be wondering why I am gaining lbs all this time. It was my first time to try Army Navy. These made my dinner

The burger is good but I appreciated more their unique spicy french fries and special iced tea.
Another shot for the lethal weight gain combo!

After our heavy dinner, we had milk tea at Happy Lemon
Wink! I love the cute packaging.

Thank you Tinee and Tara for giving me two in a row first time experiences. And starting this day, I would live on that words of wisdom you both gave me. We only live once so I might as well savor and enjoy all the delicious things that this world can offer...literally and figuratively (ending this post with a naughty smile!)

Have a great week to everyone!

Friday, October 21, 2011

What I am reading

For my fellow Filipino book lovers, this is surely a late post. There have been a lot of reviews written for Samantha Sotto's Before Ever After.

I bought the book last August, but at that time, I was still engrossed with Stieg Larrson's sequel of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I started reading this book last week and I am so far enjoying my slow and quiet time with it.

To give you a preview of Before Ever After, spare a few minutes to watch the official book trailer

Here's another virtual tour of the book

I will not write anything that will spoil you of the novel's plot. I would instead introduce my blog friends and readers abroad to the Filipino author.

Like most of my blog friends, Samantha is a mom. She would drive one of her kids to school everyday. In order to save gas, e-pass and kill time, she stays in the same spot at Starbucks Katipunan. She would read books and later conceptualized the story of Before Ever After. I also learned that she was not contented with the ending of The Time Traveler's Wife and this influenced her to write her first novel. She worked her way. She submitted her own novel to literary agents abroad and the rest was a sweet and inspiring story of success.

I'm making this post for Bonnie and Ricki Jill's What We're Reading #9.

What We're Reading

Wishing everyone a great weekend.
Some information about Samatha Sotto was lifted from Christine Dychiao's interview with Samantha Sotto for the Philippine Star's On the Radar.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Welcome to the Shoe Fête!

I think they hate shoes? ;-)
Paula Abdul

Jessica Alba

Christina Aguilera

Mariah Carey

Miley Cyrus
Paris Hilton

Khloe Kardashian
Rachel  Zoe's Studio
And recently, I found this in my friend's blog
You rock Janeca!

and I just realized that I am starting to hate shoes too ;-)

Happy Sunday and wishing everyone a great week ahead. :-)

The first 10 photos in this post are not owned by the author. Photo sources are linked in the captions.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Warning: nasty picture and story ahead

A mall wide sale that lasts until 12 midnight on a payday Friday, what more can shopaholics ask for? After work, I rushed to the mall and searched for a nice discounted top. I went to one of my favorite shops and tried a blouse. Size medium didn't fit. As I take off the blouse, I was surprised with a depressing reality. My back is beginning to develop nasty flabs.

I walked out of the shop sad and regretful. Why did I allow this to happen? I weighed 120 lbs two years ago. Now, I am screaming 140 lbs at 5'4." I felt ashamed of myself.

The solutions are obviously diet, exercise and commanding DISCIPLINE! How I wish these three magic words are easy to execute, in the same way as I type them. I've been jogging every weekend morning for almost a month and trying to avoid Coke and cakes. What I benefited so far are aching legs and thighs. So far, no inch of weight loss observed and felt.

Just to prove how much I abused my body in two years, take a look at this piece of history 

Look at my picture in the middle, cringe!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Faith, Prayers and Food!

Ever since I became employed with a Catholic education institution, attending the Our Lady of La Naval procession was an annual activity we have to attend. Further details about the history of the Our Lady of Naval can be found in this site.

The La Naval procession is held during the second Sunday of October. Along with June to September, October forms the notorious typhoon months in the Philippines. My past La Naval processions are miraculously blessed with a good weather. However last Sunday's procession was different. We were tested with this
It was raining profusely before the procession started. All of us were wondering whether the procession will continue. But when the image of the Our Lady of La Naval was moved out of the St. Domingo Church, the rainy suddenly subsided. I believe the power of the devotees' prayers and faith worked.

I joined the procession, with Tinee and Tara, and before we parted ways we had dinner to a restaurant I haven't tried.
Welcome to Chicken Charlie!

and look what we had for dinner

Chicken Charlie is one of the best restaurants in the heart of Banawe, Quezon City. Not all Filipinos may realize that Banawe is known for two reasons. It serves as a central market for cheap car accessories and spare parts and a haven for the best foods in town. Car accessories and food? Not really a perfect match but Banawe have proven that it is possible.

One of the best chickens I have tasted in my entire life would be from Chicken Charlie. The restaurant claims that they have a unique approach in frying their chickens. This approach and secret spices make their chicken crispy, but not greasy, and flavors are bursting as you savor each piece.

Taste is exceptional for Charlie's Chicken. But in terms of price, I could say that Charlie's Chicken will not cause a big damage to your pockets. Prices are affordable.

Great food at great prices, what more can you ask for!
For the benefit of my international readers, a US dollar equates to around Php 45. A budget of Php 500 or $11 will already go a long way for four people.

Wishing everyone a great week!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

10 more things about me

Got no topic to write so I resort to my last option, blog about myself. Although I have devoted an entire page that relates things about myself, such is not complete. As I turn older younger, I know there will be changes, hopefully more improvements about myself.

Allow me to share 10 weird things about myself that I bet most of you are not aware of

1. I don't drink coffee - But I drink a lot of Coke so my body is not free from caffeine ;-) I believe I have more. Everyone in the house, workplace and my group of friends drink coffee. I never learned to love coffee and all those "awakening" hot drinks. While most of my colleagues would purchase a cup of coffee to keep them awake, I'd rather go to 7-11 and have my can of Coke.

2. Jet Li is my greatest crush - Yeah, he isn't handsome. He is short and his rough face isn't worthy of a facial wash endorsement. He got all those craters of pimple marks but I still loooove him. I always watch his movies (though I admit some of them are just so crappy) and collect both VCDs and DVDs of them. (So to my close friends, you know what to give me this Christmas ;-)

3. I am very kid at heart - I love stuff for kids.

4. I hoard collect cute and elegant  notebooks -  My trip to every mall would always make me purchase a nice notebook.

5. I can't play any musical instrument -and this is one of my greatest frustrations. I had no extra curricular activities during my schooling years. My life was all about studying, home and rare malling with my friends. If given the chance now, I would love to learn to play a violin.

6. I never learned to bike - I never owned a bike in the first place. I was contented in borrowing the kiddie bikes (those with training wheels) of my cousins.

7. When I was a kid, I never liked chocolates - For reasons I don't know until today.

8.  I cursed my Accountancy and Law subjects  - I struggled in Algebra and Geometry back in High School but I learned to handle them with the help of my greatest Math tutor, Teacher Elvie. I owe a lot to her because she removed my fear in Math subjects. She was also the first person to tell me that she enjoyed teaching me. According to her, I learn fast. When I had Accountancy and Law subjects, I swear that was the darkest moments of my college life. I also cursed my Statistics subjects but I have learned to love it when I started working. I needed it in my researches and gave me a lot of freelance works.

9. I am obsessed with color blue - Before I started working, I was blue. All of my things are in color blue. Blue bag, blue shoes and blue clothes!

10. I love potatoes - I can last a week with potato dishes. (I think this is a good diet idea.) From greasy french fries, hash brown to baked potatoes, I love them. Potatoes are like my chocolates.

It's a Saturday weekend and I originally planned to jog in the morning. But the weather is not just cooperating with my weight reduction attempts. I watched TV the entire day, slept and sure I am 2 lbs heavier and unhealthier again by the end of the month. Unhealthier? Did I just say that my lower right abdomen is hurting. I hope this is not something serious. Hope this was just caused by lying in bed the entire day. LOL but deep inside worried.

Have a great and healthy weekend to everyone. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

A priceless word of grattitude is enough

After almost a week, your negligent blogger is back! Sorry for not updating, the week has just been so busy with these at work

that extends at home

I love teaching, but.. fine, hands up! I admit  to have a love hate relationship with this job. As much as I love the prestige and honor of the job, I hate the accompanying tasks it bring. I don't really enjoy checking papers, encoding scores, submitting grades and all those tedious paper works.

My students are done with my examinations and I am in the process of reviewing and encoding their grades. In the middle of the busy work week, I learned from Twitter that last Wednesday was World's Teachers Day.  If such was the case then we should have been treated for a break from work ;-) But we got a deadline to beat, we need to complete the grades and post them online. Definitely no time to relax and pamper ourselves.

It has been my practice to post in my other blog the examination scores of my students. Together with their student numbers, I post their final examination scores so that they gauge their class standing. I am also an avid supporter of effort recognition so that blog serves as a means to acknowledge my hardworking students.

Before I left for work last Wednesday I received this email

I would have been the happiest if the "haha" did not become a part of the email ;-)
Whether that words of gratitude were meant or meant as a joke, it made me happy. And my reply to her email, "Thank God this semester was over. hahahaha" Just kidding ;-)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Before death, I have a LIFE

I've been suffering from colds for almost a week. This weekend I woke up with a slight fever again. The rain and infectious colds have prevented me to accomplish a lot of things. I can't meet Anna and Anne, can't attend to my errands and more importantly, I can't fulfill my regular weekend jogging. I stayed home the entire day and lounged in bed for a movie marathon. One of the movies I've watched was the movie adaptation of Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper.

It was a sad movie that dealt with a family’s journey about cancer and death. I won’t relate much of the film but the entire story circulated on the pain and agony of having a family member stricken with cancer. The film was able to give life to the novel. But as always, there were inconsistencies with some of the details in the novel. In particular, the movie diverted much from the story's original ending .

Death is a topic I am not comfortable to discuss. As much as possible, I avoid engaging in conversations about this harsh and sad reality of life.  I know we will all end there. It’s just the matter of time that becomes the issue.

Later that evening, I found a video that gave me a better view of death

Before and more than death, I should remember that I have a LIFE...