Sunday, October 29, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 289 - The longest week

The past week has to be one of the longest. It felt like I had too much on my plate in a span of seven days. It started when I attended a conference away from the workplace.The venue, the magnificent Okada Hotel Manila. I heard so much about this premiere hotel since last year. True enough, I was overwhelmed by its luxuriousness. For a while, it felt like I’m in Macau again. If resources can accommodate, I wish to have an overnight staycation. Otherwise, I’m fine with a late afternoon stroll, dinner in Cafe Mary Grace or a frappe from Starbucks while waiting for the most awaited fountain show. Yes, the Okada has shops and affordable restaurants inside. Those who have plans of visiting, I highly recommend waiting for the fountain show that starts at 6 pm. You will be mesmerized with the humongous water park that can fit around two Olympic sized swimming pools.

After the short stint in Okada, I was back to my regular work life. A few meetings, unexpected tasks, annual trick of treat for kids and the most pressing task, the conclusion of my first semester classes. My Friday night classes are over. It was the last Friday I’m leaving work at 9 pm. I celebrated with myself :p by having dinner at Taco Bell and a slice of my favorite sansrival cake from Cafe Adriatico. I just need a few more tasks to finish (aka compute and encode grades), then I’m all done. I can finally savor the rare week long break. 

Having a full week break enabled me to attend on other personal concerns. Starting with my plan of having my facial warts removed. I got a great deal and treatment from Dermcare. The treatment was fast and painless. The wounds also got healed in a span of less than one week. My only mistake, I should have waited until the first day of vacay to have the treatment. I went to work with fresh wounds. So imagine all the second glances I gained. :p

After having a full week, waking up late this weekend was one of the best. Once I’m done with my students’ grades, I have all the time to watch K drama, movies, books and meet some good old friends. I hope everything will turn out great with this week long break.

Meanwhile, here are other beautiful things that made the past week

Lazy afternoon scene - A new coffee table book, ice cold lemon and huge cut potatoes

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 288 - Your worth

The past week started out good because work was suspended for two days. I have predicted the suspension of work on Monday, but not on Tuesday. Having an extended weekend could have been spent for an out of town getaway. But when your resources are depleted, the least you can do is stay home, order some good and cheap food delivery and watch a lot of movies or series. In my case, I did some decluttering activities. I sorted my books and took out useless items from my room. I feel a sense of accomplishment after seeing emptied spaces and bags of different items ready to be thrown away.

I’m always reminded of Marie Kondo’s principles whenever I declutter at home. An item that remains unused for a year might be useless at all. If it does not bring you happiness, you might need to throw it away. Avoid hoarding, especially during a mall wide sale. Refrain from purchasing storage boxes (I’m guilty of this), it gives you an opportunity to hoard. A lot of items at home can be repurposed and used as storage bins. While typing this, I miss my copy of that book. Someone borrowed and never bothered to return. Sigh. I might feel a little consolation if the borrower bothered to read it. The book is quite expensive and I’ve been wanting to reread it. This brings me, another copy of Marie Kondo’s book would make it as a great Christmas gift. ;)

Other than Marie Kondo’s book, which I’m pretty sure I will be repurchasing for myself, I’m starting to come up with my Christmas list / targets. Starting of with my longest plan of opening a Pag-ibig MP2 account / investment. Added to this, revisiting and updating my savings account from the local cooperative. Keeping money in savings account from local banks is no longer an investment decision. The disheartening interest rates cannot even cope with inflation rates. These days, money placed in savings account are just emergency funds or documentary requirements for travel visa application. 

On the shallow material stuff, I’ve been wanting to own a Moleskine weekly planner journal for 2018, two items from Kate Spade: classic card case and the newly released book entitled She by Kate Spade, Nick Bantock’s Alexandria and Morning Star (even second hand copies), another ghost chair and this white TV rack. I almost forgot, the mirrorless camera!!! Those who have seen my Instagram and Facebook stories are aware of the unfortunate fate of my Sony point and shoot camera. :( The cheapest mirrorless I found was around Php 20,000. Where and how to get the funds? :( 

I think I blabbed so much. Here are some photos from the past week.

Coffee table books and my Anello bag - Thanks Anne for conniving with me ;) !!! It feels great to see a good old friend after so many months.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 287 - Confused no more

Confused was the past week's theme. Everything started when an unexpected opportunity came. Cliche as it goes, it knocks only once. I used to adhere to this principle, not until years of experiences changed me. I learned that not everything is worth the risk. Reading my words, one can easily deduce my decision. I'm not taking any chance. I sound frustrating and disappointing. If there's anything good that transpired, it's realizing (again) what I really want. I was on the same state almost a decade ago. Back then, I remained firm with my decision. My parents considered me hard headed. Looking back, I never felt any regret at all. This time, I intend to carry the same level of hard hardheadedness. I knew what I want and will never make any compromise. Typing this, I let out a long sigh. I hope everything will be worth it. 

So much of the serious side, the past week has it's own share of great experiences. One of which is the 100% defense passing rate of my thesis advisees. One of my best moments as an educator is when students personally see me to deliver, both good or bad news. They inform me way before posting the news in their Facebook accounts. ;) Rare times like these made me realize, a messed up person like me is still capable of getting the job done.

Friday ended so exhausting. In effect, I treated myself to another unhealthy breakfast on Saturday. ;)

Monday, October 9, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 286 - Memories

I just got home after a long and tiring day. As much as I'd like to call it a day, some freelance works are waiting to be accomplished. Added to this, my mind is trying its best to recall anything significant last week. There were actually a lot. Too much that my planner cannot contain everything. Unfortunately, some details are not meant for sharing. ;) Otherwise, I might lose both my friends and day job responsible for my survival. :)

Some months ago, I remember sharing my thoughts about violating rules vs. breaking rules. In my own school of thought, there's a thin line of difference involved. Breaking rules is not tantamount to violation. In the course of time, some rules become obsolete and inapplicable. Some regulations tend to prevent the free flow of information and creativity. If someone did not take courage to break or challenge rules, more than half of the improvements or innovation we enjoy today would not have existed. Consider one of my favorite women, Beatrix Potter. She followed her heart and passion, even if it meant contradicting her family. It was a risk, but the outcome was all worth it. Her work became the timeless classic, Tale of Peter Rabbit. 

From my end, I had my share of challenging rules. Some ended as great decisions. It paved the way for some rare and significant accomplishments. In like manner, I had incidents of breaking rules. It's not something I wish to brag. But over time, I realized that both occasions made the best years of my life. :p  (I wish my students will not be able to read this.) In my lifetime, I learned that being highly compliant is too boring. Sometimes, being perfectly obedient does not lead you anywhere. In some days, life felt great when I was brave enough to take on the challenge. 

I'm not sure about everyone but in my case, breaking or challenging rules with the most trusted friends make the best stories. :p So here's a huge shout out to friends who came along. :D 

Enough of my outpour of thoughts, here are beautiful things that happened last week

Christmas is in the air - And just like that, stalls selling puto bumbong and bibingka are sprouting again.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

New K-Drama Favorite : My Golden Life

Years ago, weekends meant catching up with a Korean drama that captured my interest. When I learned about Descendants of the Sun (DOTS), the entire week meant chasing its episodes. On weekdays, I rush home to catch the livestream from South Korea. On weekends, I can't wait until the English subtitled episodes were uploaded. Yes, my addiction with DOTS went that extreme.

Needless to say, DOTS determined my standards for a great K drama. In effect, I find it hard to appreciate and finish other K dramas. I started watching Goblin, Legend of the Blue Sea and Weight Lifting Fairy. While Goblin is great, my mind is still attached with DOTS. A blogger friend (Hi Rose!) introduced me to Reply 1994. The first few episodes entertained me, not until I lost the reliable links to online streams. 

Two weeks ago, I downloaded VIU to find other episodes of Reply 1994. Unfortunately, the app does not have a copy. I ended randomly browsing other K drama. My Golden Life appeared in the suggestions list because it still airs in South Korea. I decided to try it, for the shallow reason that only 6 episodes were uploaded. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 285 - First for October

I'm typing this post on a Saturday night, rushing for a rare work on Sunday. I have a long day tomorrow and still have documents to review. Some things I wish to happen tomorrow, for the work to finish early, contribute something significant or at the very least, not to mess up, and to look half decent. My tired eyes haven't returned from its original state. My face feels so bloated. Blame the unexpected food trip last Friday. :D I planned to exercise today, but my body is calling me to sleep. So much excuses :p but just for tomorrow, I hope to look half decent. I can pay for everything on the succeeding work days. 

On the positive end, this weekend started out great. I had more then enough sleep, woke up to home cooked meals, favorite weekend TV shows with my family and another episode of my current favorite Korean drama. Shallow, but I never felt this excitement for a K drama since Descendants of the Sun. My Golden Life gave me another reason to look forward for weekends. This K drama also broke my belief that my preferences are limited to the genre of romantic comedies. 

Other than food, accomplished work and K drama, my social media accounts never fail to occupy me. Starting with my love-hate relationship with Facebook. There are inspiring and humorous posts. Then there are irritating, thought provoking and insensitive posts. My greatest pet peeve includes offending comments, on top of all the misleading fake news. For the past weeks, news about the freshman student who died from fraternity hazing has been in my newsfeed. I feel irritated when Facebook users pass all the blame to the victim. Same goes with the case of a lady who committed suicide before the week ended. The victim's extent of suffering and the pain of the family left behind are too much to begin with. Leaving harsh and rude comments is too disrespectful, inhumane and (apologies for my adjective) uneducated.

So much about these "heavy" issues,  here are the beautiful things that happened this week.