Sunday, January 30, 2011

I love Papemelroti

It was payday last Friday and to relieve myself from all those stress, I treated myself to this

Choose to Love Frame from Papemelroti
This decorative wall piece costs Php 350 and I am planning to purchase the two other designs for my room. Aside from purchasing this colorful and relaxing home piece, my happiness overflowed because I was able to receive this...

Papemelroti Loyalty Card
Papemelroti Loyalty Card
I am now a loyalty card holder of Papemelroti! Yehey! I have gained one reason to complete my Papemelroti wall pieces.

Customers who want to have this card should have accumulated receipts worth Php 5,000 from any Papemelroti stores.

I am a loyal patron of Papemelroti ever since High School. I love their notebooks, notepads, decorative boxes and wall decors. I love all their products and even the arrangement of their shops. In fact, I could stay and even work for their shop in a day, if given really the chance.

Sorry, I just can't resist shopping and posting my purchases from Papemelroti

Tic Tac Toe from Papemelroti
Thanks Papemelroti!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I blogged about my cough days ago. My coughing almost diminished two to three days during the medication. After taking those meds, I thought I will be well. Unfortunately, things turned out worst. Aside from cough, I am now suffering from colds and fever. How about that? I am sick at the beginning of the year. Could it be because of the crazy weather? Or just because I have abused my body for the past nights. I slept at around 1 am for four consecutive days. By the way I'm a also a bit paranoid of monitoring my health condition right now. My friends know why.
I am forced to sleep late because I need to review and revise the papers of my students. If they have a deadline to beat, I also share that pressure. I have to review and return their papers to keep things going. Sleeping at 1 am and waking up at 4:30 am for my 7:00 am classes was silent torture to the highest level. My Nanay and I have been actually quarreling about this. She told me that what I earn as a part time educator is not sufficient to send me to a hospital. Hence, there's no reason for me to abuse my body.

I wanted to report to work tomorrow because it's a Friday. I love Fridays!!!! It signals the end of a tiring work week. It's also only the day of the week when I am not in uniform. I can wear my style (as if I have) or should I say my own clothes.

Dear God,

Please don't turn this into flu or something else worst. I don't want to consume my sick leave credits because it will become money soon (I hope so). Please also don't make my other members of the family infected too.

UPDATE: January 21, 2011

I consulted another doctor today. As usual, money down! This is the time when I realized that I should have gotten myself my own health card. The doctor said that phlegm is sticking badly in my body. I was given a new set of meds. If I would not be well after the medication period, I need to be confined already. NOOOOOO please!  Dear God, please make me well. :'-(

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hard Worked Notes

Having neat and organized notes is one of the counted things that I could be proud of myself during my college days.

My wish is that I could be able to regain the skill and patience in producing this piece of organized work. I still take notes and maintain a notebook today. I, by the way, also have this unusual hobby of collecting nice notebooks.

I try my best to write thoughts in my planner everyday. I take down notes because of my work, but my handwriting now is so atrocious. I don’t know why I ended up losing such talent (I’m really calling it a talent because not everyone can possess it). Lesser handwriting activities brought about my dependence over computers could perhaps explain.

Why all of a sudden I am blogging about my notes and handwriting?

Six years after acquiring my college degree, I am teaching Microeconomics for the first time. I am a major in Economics but I never had the opportunity to teach my course. In the past three years, I am limited on handling Thesis, Feasibility Study and Business Plan Writing subjects.

This also makes me remember an older schoolmate, who finished as the batch valedictorian. She shared in an interview for the school paper that she managed to keep her notebooks in all of her major subjects. Her first job was a college instructor and she proudly admitted that her notes were very helpful in her job.

She is no doubt a role model to follow. But believe it or not, I am not a ”gaya gaya” or a copycat. She wasn’t my insipiration for keeping my notebooks. I decided to keep my notebooks even before I knew her. It was clear to me that time that I wanted to pursue a career in teaching. I kept my notes and my notebooks because I know that they would be of big help someday.

I applied for a teaching job in the university where I graduated and experienced my first ever job rejection. I was advised to pursue my graduate studies. Though I really have plans of earning my masters, I shifted the gears of my career. I decided to look for another job that is near to my course. Taking a job related to research was my second dream and everything went as history.

I got employed as a researcher in an educational institution. I did not become an educator, but I was given the privelege of working to an institution of educators. Although the teaching opportunity is almost near to my reach, it took me three years before the management gave me the chance to teach. I had to earn my graduate degree before I was finally given a teaching stint. Though I could already teach while I was acquiring my degree, I decided to wait. I want to take things one at a time. During this time, I also felt a degree of contentment in my full time research job. The dream of teaching was not anymore with me. However in June 2008, barely a month after passing my thesis defense, my dream of becoming an educator was unexpectedly fulfilled.

Aside from my simple teaching dream, another reason why I was compelled to keep an organized notes is because I don’t have enough books in college. Most of the textbooks prescribed by our professors were authored and published from international sources. As you know, these books are really pricey. I managed to bought some foreign authored books in some of my major subjects. However, financial constraints still delimited me from purchasing books. If the book, has no low priced or paperback edition, I will definitely not acquire it. Those books whose leaves are like those of a glossy magazine never became a part of my possessions. I always landed on those dark, thin and brittle paperbacks.

The absence of reference books obliged me to maintain an organized and systematic notes. If you have a professor who is like dependent to a single book, you will definitely have a hard time reviewing if you don’t have sufficient notes. I have my own share of experiences from such kind of professors too. My book dependent professors obliged me to almost take down every word he utters and explains. The worst thing about this practice is that in some instances, I feel that I am just listening and writing. I don’t anymore understand and comprehend the lecture.

Now that I am an educator, I don’t depend to a single book in my lectures. My discussions are chopsuey of online sources, foreign authored books and of course, my own notes and notebooks.  I don’t know if my students could ever track the sources and patterns of my lectures. But I guess, at the end of the day, what is perhaps most important is that my students also learn from my own hard worked notes..... Hopefully :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

COUGH has gained my respect

I have been suffering from cough since last year, December 26, 2010 to be exact. I am not prone to cough, I am rather susceptible to colds. In effect, I didn't take immediate action. I waited for days to take my meds. I initially tried Ascof Lagundi.
Ascof Lagundi
The first bottle lessened the frequency of my coughing. However, the syrup didn't totally kill my cough. I finished the second bottle and I am still coughing. I then decided to stick to my reliable Robitussin Guaifenesin. After finishing one bottle again, my cough is still there. The only thing that was healed by all those cough syrups are my sticky phlegm.

My Daddy already told me to consult a doctor before the new year, but the hard headed me prevailed. Last Friday, I started to feel a  pain in my lower right chest, especially when coughing. I thought the pain was  caused by numbness or fatigue, as a result of improper sitting positions. I was wrong. I misdiagnosed myself.

I finally decided to visit the doctor last Saturday. Apparently, I am already suffering from Costochronditis. Costochronditis is pain observed in the chest wall in particular, around the breast bone. My prolonged and excessive coughing has caused me to develop pain in my lower chest.

The doctor gave me meds.. a lot of meds!!!!

Goodbye Php 600! True enough I have my own share of "mahal magkasakit" and "bawal magkasakit"  experience.

Double ouch for me!

Dear Cough,

You now gained my respect! You scared me and took away my money.

Photo Credits Ascof Lagundi

Pet Stories: My Intelligent Dad

I was having breakfast when I saw a not-so-ordinary bird landing in Douglas' water bowl. The bird has a white throat and belly and long tail that beautifully fans out.

My mother said that it's not the ordinary "maya" or the Philippine Oriole (Oriolus steerii) we normally see around.

The unknown bird looks like these

The mysterious bird escaped fast. Though my mother was hoping it would come back. She even opened part of our love birds' cage and devised a food trap.

When my father arrived, my mother related our encounter. My father said that what we saw was a "Maria Kapra." It is a wild bird that chases even dogs? I didn't believe my father. How can a wild bird roam around the city? He might have associated our description to another breed.

I googled what my father said and guess who was wrong? Me! True enough, there is a bird named "Maria Kapra" in the Philippines. Maria Kapra is the Filipino term for Pied Fantail whose scientific name is Rhipidura Javanica.

According to Manila Old Timer, the bird is very common in Philippines in plantations, parks and gardens. It is often found hopping from branch to branch fanning its tail. The bird is almost perfectly beautiful except for its behavior of attacking other birds and even dogs when nesting. Good thing we were not able to catch it.

Sorry Dad. Thanks for that intelligent information. Heehee

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mission: Hide Bulgy Belly

Hiding your bulgy belly? Sharing the same problem with me? If your answer is a big NO, then lucky you! You don't have to read this article. 

My belly has been my growing problem over time. And yes it’s a growing problem because it keeps on getting bigger every year. I’m also beginning to believe that the amount of stress I receive is positively related to the size of my belly. More stress meant bigger belly. I have a little confession to make though. Food has been my constant stress buster so that explains the evil relationship between my weight and stress struggle.

The good news for women is that there are ways to at least hide the bulgy one. Thanks to the wardrobe academy.

I was not a fan of oversized clothes before. I used to think that they are only meant for pregnant women. Wearing them would make me look heavy and lousy. But my current bad shape taught me to appreciate them. What I failed to appreciate is the fact that its big space could make a room to hide my biggie.

Oversized Blouse from Celine

This is my first oversized blouse. I bought this from Celine with the help of my Belle de Jour (BDJ) planner discount coupons. I bought this because I was looking for a nice long top for my black leggings. When I first wore this, my belly heavy friends also wanted it. The dark shade and diagonal folds of the blouse adds more length than width to any body.

Oversized Blouse from Bench
This is my most favorite oversized blouse. I love it because it's comes in my favorite color and it's in Chinese collared style. This is the best oversized blouse that fits me because it has wide space to accommodate bulgy belly and its armholes are small enough not to make me look lousy. This is my problem in finding the perfect top. My arms are not just proportionate to my tummy. I am often troubled with blouses that fits my big tummy, but looks lousy in my arms and chest.

Oversized blouse from Regatta
This is a latest addition to my oversized collection. It's a black, Chinese collared, military inspired top from Regatta. See the orange tag?  Yes, tt's discounted. It was originally priced at Php 1,195 ($ 29) and now it's reduced to Php 400 ($ 10).Regatta is a sister company of local brands which include Penshoppe, Oxygen, Memo and Red Logo.

I have seen a similar type of this blouse from Kamiseta and Jag. But I just can't find the perfect fit in these two brands. On one stressful after workday, I found myself at Gateway Mall and was led to the doors of Regatta. Shopaholic hormes attacked so I ended up with a paper bag on the way home.

It's just the first month of the year. I'm sure that there will be more oversized blouses to come. The shopaholic me just can't stop. But for now, I have to thank the creators of oversized blouses. They made my Mission: Hide Bulgy Belly accomplished!

Friday, January 14, 2011

You are indeed at home my friend

I do not have that plenty of friends. My quiet personality has something to do with it. I don't easily reach out and befriend everyone. I believe that being naturally friendly is God's gift to a few people. Not everyone is capable of projecting a real friendly personality. My officemate and friend, Andrea, is one of those few and blessed to possess the genuine sociable traits.

Andrea and I were never introduced to each other. Her cheerful and accommodating personality were more than enough for me to know her.  Andrea used to be connected with another department. But her work required her to regularly report to the Public Affairs Office. The former department where I was reporting was sharing the same room with the Public Affairs team. That's when I started to know the most cheerful person in the workplace. We had lunch breaks together, tsismisan moments during coffee breaks and the one thing I will never forget; she was always our roommate during summer outings.

If there is one person in the workplace, who loves everyone and is being loved by everyone, that would be Andrea. She was a popular personality at the workplace. Partly because of her cameo appearances in local movies and her stint at GMA's dating game show, Take Me Out.

She is Andrea Gregorio, tagged as the "dibdibang kaibigan" and she really was.... a cheerful but a real and serious friend...

Photo from Take Me Out Philippines' Fan Page

At a young age of 24, Andrea peacefully laid to rest. She was suffering from severe fever for days and the diagnosis came too late. It was dengue that took her life.

The last time I was with Andrea was last Friday. We had a Post-Christmas party in a KTV bar with some officemates. We were very happy and she sang as if  there was no tomorrow. She never manifested any form of farewell. What I saw that night was the typical her. 

We went home together. I accompanied her to the bus station and before I slept, I even texted her to check if she was able to reach home safe. Her response was, she was already home, and that was it. You are indeed at home right now Andrea. 
Rest in peace my friend.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Kid at Heart Read

Muralla is one of the literary folios produced by Letran Manila. Among the volumes of Muralla, this is the issue that I loved the most.

The literary folio compiles works of selected students of Letran Manila,  from poems, essays, to short stories. What I appreciate on this folio is its theme about being a kid, living and feeling like a kid.

Muralla - inside pages
Happy, frustrating thoughts to silly things we used to do as a kid are showcased in the different forms of literary pieces.

I don't know or I may just be overreacting but the Editor's foreword almost made me cry. I was touched by the last three paragraphs..

"This is for all of us who played with the shadows, never worried about sizes of bank accounts and number of cars, enjoyed the "little" things in life, chased after the rainbow and the butterflies and cried over cartoons unwatched and ice creams not bought."

"This is a toast, an offering and a tribute to all the magic, joy, wonder and beauty that is in childhood and a fervent hope that life never totally robs us the child in all of us." 

This folio by the way won the Best Literary Folio in the 2003 Student Catholic Mass Media Awards. For 2011, I hope to read more books that touches the kid at heart of every grown up.

The year that was

Photo Source here

In a few hours, we will all bid our farewell to 2010. But before welcoming 2011, I'd like to recall some events that made my 2010.

1. Death of my last grandmother - My 2010 started with a loss. My Lola Florentina peacefully joined our creator last January 9, 2010.

2. Paper Accepted to an International Presentation - I was not happy with my career. God perhaps wanted to awaken me. In the middle of the year, my paper was accepted for presentation to an international research conference. I suddenly went back in pace. I was happy and enthusiastic about my career and my entire life.

3. New job! - I did not leave my workplace but I was given a new job assignment. I was transferred to another office with a new work and job title. This is perhaps God's way of breaking my monotonous life and career. He placed me to a new venture to divert my attention to something else. The research presentation and the new job gave me like a renewed life. I was really back in track.

3. International Conference did not push through - This is something I resented. Tears made my week when I learned that my research presentation will not push through. Unfortunately, the hostage taking incident in the Philippines discouraged the Taiwanese organizers to pursue the conference.

4. Threat of job loss? - I can feel this now but I prefer not to discuss its specific details. Just when you thought that life would be almost perfect, some s@#$! and a@#$%^&** are definitely there to ruin everything. If God could hear me, you know my sentiments... Please don't place me in the end of the cliff again.

5. Money lost - I lost a significant amount of my hard earned 13th month pay from a ruthless criminal. I don't want to further relate the details. But if I have one thing to thank for, my family remained unharmed.

6. Shopaholic attack! - I made excessive shopping and spending this year. I, for some reason, find shopping as my frustration outlet. With those frustrations I had in the past months, shopping has been my constant companion. 

My 2010 was a year full of trials. I know there will be a lot more in 2011. My only wish is that I will have enough strength and courage to face them.

For 2011, these are my prayers and wishes

1. Good Health for me and my family
2. Job Security - Please God! 
3. More freelance and consultancy works
4. More friends
5. Happiness!!!!!

Goodbye 2010..... Helloooo 2011!