Sunday, September 29, 2013

This rare weekend

This has been the most relaxed weekend I had over the past months. For the first time, I wasn't rushing my lectures for my classes. Everything was already prepared last weekend and soon enough, it will already be examinations week. Classes are finally over!

Another thing that has been plaguing me over the past months is the challenging client who has been testing me to the fullest. She gave me until Friday to finish everything. Even though it was impossible, the stupid person in me said yes. It was impossible but I made things happen! After hours of experimenting, I found a way to finish her 1,000 plus tables in one hour. Whew! A few clicks and editing, that huge thorn inside my throat was finally taken away.

After feeling overworked, I treated myself to a little break. Come Saturday, I was able to watch our school's basketball game. My former student and now colleague LT agreed to join me. Thanks LT! (And yes, thank you for supporting my bear's dream heehee. Sorry for the little private story ;)

Instead of heading home after the game, I managed to squeezed in a little shopping. :) My best stress busting activity! I scored two blouses and bought a gift for my BFF who will celebrate her birthday.

I don't have plans for Sundays but another dear friend invited me for breakfast at Rustic Mornings by Isabelo. How could I refuse? It's one of my favorite places now.

After a full meal, we headed home and I spent the entire afternoon zzzzzz Priceless! Hahaha

It's 10:44 pm as I'm typing this post. I feel so blessed and happy for this rare relaxing weekend. I'm really enjoying what I'm having now. I still have some grown up concerns but this weekend is so far the best!

Beautiful Sunday # 75 - The teacher receives her own medal

This entry is a bit different from my usual Sunday posts. There will be no foodie or shopaholic finds this week. I felt inspired to write a recent heartwarming experience from my teaching career. Priceless moments like this does not happen everyday so I might as well document and cherish this rare story. 

During the middle of the week, some of my colleagues in teaching informed me of my students' failure to report to their respective research adviser and defense panelists. It appeared to me that my dear college kids are stricken by their hardest habit to break, laziness. I felt disappointed, annoyed and partly liable.  

When the class started, I called them individually to verify the progress of their paper. While each kid has his own reason for non-compliance, one student stood out and captured my attention.

Student A told me how proud she is of her paper.  The exact words Student A rendered was, nagagandahan kaya ako sa gawa ko. Nakakaproud kaya. (I felt more than contented with my work. I feel proud of my paper.)  She may sound boastful and conceited, but the teacher in me saw a different picture. She gave me that rare happiness and fulfillment.

Whenever I teach Business Plan Writing, I hear all the complaints and grievances from my students. The subject's bulk of workload made them hate the subject and their teacher. Little do they know, I feel equally tired and frustrated whenever they cannot deliver the required outputs.

Of the few years I taught the subject, most of my students already feel contented beating the deadline and receiving a passing mark. I seldom encounter students who feel seriously proud of their work. When my student expressed appreciation over her own work, it felt as if I was the one appreciated. If only I can claim all her appreciation, I will wholeheartedly embrace everything.  I never imagined how those simple words can alleviate all the exhaustion I endured from painstakingly editing their papers. Twenty-nine papers to edit every week?!? I survived with a silent and hidden medal in my heart.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Washi Tape Projects

I would like to believe that I'm lucky with blog giveaways this year. As of date, I've won prizes from two separate giveaways. Yay! The recent prize I'm about to receive is a set of crafty items from Leah of The Bright Spot. Thanks Lea!

I particularly won sets of washi tapes in different designs.
I've been so interested with washi tapes for the longest time. I first encountered washi tapes from another blog friend, Janelle. I haven't seen one among the local bookstores and craft shops within my reach. Hence, my interest over washi tapes remained as it is. Now that I have the opportunity to finally use washi tapes, I felt so excited. :) I ended up searching for unique crafty ideas in Pinterest.

Here are some of my favorite washi tape crafts. 

Very common is the colorful shades of washi tapes paired with the plain craft paper 

The paper doily combined with washi tapes and paper twine is another great idea.


 My only problem now is where to purchase cheap craft papers. Any idea among my Filipino blog friends?

Instead of the traditional red Chinese envelopes,  I might opt for this.
How unique is this! Pages from an old notebook or logbook used as a gift wrapping material.

There are more crafty ideas from washi tapes. In fact I found a blog dedicated to washi tape projects here.  But so far, these are the works that impressed me and can be accomplished by my limited artsy skills :)

PS All photos used in this post are not owned by the author. Sources are linked accordingly.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


This is something money can never buy.

Dear College Kiddies,

Thank you for making me feel that I have done something good in my life :) 

Good vibes! Hoping for a great week ahead.

From print to screen - I can't wait!

Whenever a favorite book is translated to a movie, count me as one of the excited spectators. 

I recently discovered that two great literary pieces are making it to the big screen. Yay!

Bookaholics, can you guess which book? 

John Green's The Fault in our Stars is going to be a movie!!! 

 John Green with Hazel and Augustus!

Fans of John Green, how can you get more excited than this?!

Setting aside my excitement, part of me is wishing that John Green and the producers will donate part of the movie's proceeds to institutions that support cancer patients around the world.

Even though The Book Thief didn't impress me well, I will not disregard the fact that it was well written and deserves all the acclamations.

Words will inspire her...
Courage will guide her...
Hope will define her...

I wouldn't mind waiting. But dear producers, please don't make the wait too long. :)

Bounty Fresh's Top Torikatsu : The new-generation quick gourmet ulam

My blog is a shouting evidence of how much I love food. Unfortunately, my love for food is limited to eating. :) I appreciate food but I was never blessed with the patience and talent for cooking. My cooking skills is limited to sauteing and following the easy instructions provided by ready-to-cook grocery meals. While these meals provide the immediate convenience, most of these goods are unhealthy and almost tasteless.

Bounty Fresh is one of the few companies that aim to address this unanswered need. Bounty Fresh recognizes that people don't just need to eat. The active and busy lifestyle of the populace demands both healthy and delicious meals. 

Having been recognized as the first Philippine company to win the 2009 Best Poultry and Livestock Company of the Asian Livestock Industry, the company lives to its claim of providing delicious and top quality chicken products. 

Bounty Fresh's recent offering is the Top Torikatsu. 

Top Torikatsu is intended for everyone who appreciate great-tasting chicken dishes, but lack the time and know how to prepare meals. Based on the ever-popular Japanese breaded chicken cutlet dish, Top Torikatsu is made from the choicest, 100% chicken breasts and is coated with crispy breadcrumbs for that extra crunch and texture. But what makes Top Torikatsu distinct is that it comes in two flavors – Classic and Cheese & Chives. The Classic variant is filled with delectable mayonnaise, while the Cheese & Chives variant oozes with savory cream cheese and chives bits. And most important of all, it’s easy to cook; just fry it for three minutes.   

Easy to cook and delicious meals, both are addressed by Bounty Fresh's Top Torikatsu. Even the least talented cook can impress anyone with the Top Torikatsu. Proof to this? Watch this :)

For more information about Bounty Fresh's Top Torikatsu visit their
Facebook Page

This is a sponsored post.

Beautiful Sunday # 74 - Bittersweet

Happy Sunday!

The past week was not good. I had my own share of disappointments from everywhere. I have a lot of unaccomplished tasks. My files are all cluttered. I began to experience the unusual headaches. I didn't report for work last Monday. I skipped classes. Someone deserves an award for agitating me the entire week. The limits of my patience is tested to the fullest. Sigh... I'm really hoping that things will get better next week.

Setting aside the negative things, here are the few good and beautiful things that made my week.

Cheaper, healthier and better! Fruits Snacks by Del Monte which costs around Php 20. This is perfect for frequent my hunger attacks at the workplace.

Pepero, which I think is better than Pocky. I'm loving the flavorful strips of biscuits coated with choco peanuts. Almost good except that I find it a bit expensive for Php 44 in most 7-11 stores. Hopefully, I can find stores that offer this at a cheaper price.

In the middle of the week, I dropped by The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (TCBL)  for this

My list of sweet favorites is expanding! TCBL's Toblerone Cheesecake was divine. This came in so perfect after a long and bad day. 

The hype of hybrid food! I finally had my own taste of the much talked about cronuts.

Dunkin Donuts released their version of Donuts in Croissants. As much as I want to try Wildflour and Krispy Kreme's version, their shops are way out of my everyday route. I settled with what the nearest Dunkin Donut store can offer. For a little hefty price of Php 75, I can finally say that I joined the bandwagon of hybrids :)

Another grocery find is this ready made cheese sauce from Magnolia. My family loves nachos but we don't know how to make the creamy cheese sauce. Although there's always the ready made sauce from Frito Lay, I find it too expensive for hundreds of pesos. I discovered a local brand that offers the ultimate cheese sauce less than Php 50. Yay!

Probably the best thing that made my week

A huge box of Sans Rival and my first jar of Speculoos Cookie Butter are happiness!!!  More than the sweet treats, they were actually gifts from my students. Thanks D, J and J! Good luck on your next research paper endeavors!

I would like to believe that I'm off for a good start this week. The mom of my dearest friend Anna, invited me for lunch. We are fulfilling Anna's dream on her 30th birthday.

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead.

Friday, September 20, 2013

This made my Friday morning :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Exactly my sentiments?

I was too tired last Sunday after reporting for an unlikely weekend job. The weather also didn't cooperate with my exhausted system. In the end, I brought home a slight fever accompanied by some muscle pains. I decided not to report for work today. I rested the entire day and took advantage of the opportunity to recover some sleeping hours.

It has been my habit to turn on the radio whenever I wake up on lazy weekends and leave days. If I can still survive the morning's hunger attack, I stay in bed and listen to my own dose of relaxing music. The rainy and chilly morning woke me up with this

LSS that is but this has been thriving in my head for the longest time.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 73 - Happy September Treats

Happy Sunday! As always, this is dedicated to all the beautiful things that made my week.

One of the best flats ever! Yosi Samra, I'm saving up to acquire another pair.

Tweed jacket and a crisp white button blouse, this remain as my ideal work outfitey! Unfortunately, they only look good in pictures for me. Tweed jacket is never ideal for commuting because it would cause me to squeeze out all those nasty sweat. While a white top looks so refreshing, the careless person in me will surely magnet all those dirt and stains. Hence, pardon my occasional outfit posts. Heehee

Shopaholic Treats
I already acquired an e-book version of Alice Kuiper's first book. While it's cheaper and more convenient to acquire e-books, nothing still beats the smell of a brand new book. The harbound cover and the crisp pages never fail to intoxicate the bookaholic in me.

Allow me to overuse the words, finally and firsts. Would you believe that I finally acquired my first authentic leather belt? I scored this half of its original price from a mall wide sale. I later realized that some locally produced leather belts costs cheaper than the synthetic versions sold by my favorite international brands.

Weekly Dose of  Stomach Treats
I'm glad to know that Dunkin Donuts is engaging in some product development efforts lately. I was actually more interested in purchasing their own version of Cronuts. Unfortunately, my wallet does not provide the means that time. :)  I ended with a cheaper but still expensive red velvet donut. My verdict? Let's reserve that in another post together with the cronuts.

I never liked those instant cup noodles that are conveniently available everywhere. The first time I tasted a local brand, I felt like I was eating a box of artificial preservatives. My attempt to try another cup of noodles happened when I felt saturated with my usual afternoon snacks. I invaded the rack of oriental goodies and landed with this Korean noodles. There were no English words, only an indication that this is flaming hot. True enough, my bravery was tested to the fullest. :)  It wasn't as flavorful the way I expected it, but a bit better than those locally produced variants.

Lanzones, one of my favorite fruits is in season
For the benefit of my foreign blog friends, Lanzones is a fruit that thrives among Southeast Asian countries such as Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand. You can learn more about Lanzones here.

Frostea, another foodie discovery!
I accompanied my friend T for a work related task. Before parting ways, we decided to have dinner in this unique Milk Tea Shop. Why unique? They offer snacks and full meals apart from the usual flavored milk tea.

I opted for Cookies and Cream smoothie and a carbo loaded chicken tenders.

Before Friday ended, my Father arrived home with this

Puto Bumbong!! I'm feeling my favorite time of the year. Yay!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Outfit Crush!

Michelle Dockery's outfit is my ultimate peg!

Classic and elegant blue floral dress + nude heels (though I don't wear one) = For the win!

But then again, before I can achieve this look ... I need to lose lbs heehee 

By the way, this Carolina Herrera Radish print dress costs

£ 876.64 !!!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 72 - Overflowing treats

A bulk of my teaching workload is finally over. Classes are still ongoing but the technical editing of the college kids' papers is already mission accomplished. One task down! Though I'm still far from getting that 8 hours of sleep because I was blessed with a hardheaded challenging freelance client. If given the choice, I wanted this project to be over soon. To make this happen, I'm submitting to client's unreasonable demands ASAP. Unfortunately, what I thought as a great solution has been converted to another problem. Client tends to become more demanding since I submit outputs before deadlines. Sigh... My other client, whom I expected to be more challenging, ended up as the more cooperative. Another lesson learned indeed...  

Setting aside work, here are the few beautiful things that made my week

As always, there's FOOD!!! At some point, I'm thinking of renaming my Beautiful Sunday series because of the foodie photos. :)

Chewy Junior! It's like a huge cream puff to end my most awaited Friday night. Thanks to my college friend M for introducing this to me.

Goodies from Tous Le Jours and cake slices from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

My forever favorite French Macaroons and one of the best coffee muffins I've ever tasted is from Tous Le Jours.

I arrived home with two slices of cakes from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leafn(TCBL) during the start of the week. They were actually gifts for my Dad. But since Dad is not a big fan of cakes, I ended up as the happiest beneficiary. Hihihi

I tried TCBL a few times but I never tasted their line of cakes. This time however, I enjoyed their slices of tiramisu and cheesecake. I guess I have a better place than Starbucks. :) 

Trying to be healthy at the workplace

Puto Calasiao and Smart C's lemon squeeze, perfect for the long and sleepy afternoons at the workplace

Treated myself with these in the middle of the week

Beauty and (foodie) Madness 

Belly Heavy meal from Taco Bell and a new set of beauty products from The Face Shop

While most girls would consider chocolates as their comfort food, my preference is an extreme diversion. I go for carbo loading in Taco Bell. Rice bowl meal, potatoes in cheese sauce paired with a tall glass of coke equate to my heaven of happiness and unhealthy oiliness. :)

I also purchased a few goodies from The Face Shop. I'm trying their version of everyday face powder and water proof eye liner. Confession to make, they are a bit expensive for my usual budget. Hopefully, these products will work on me. They are expensive but way cheaper than the MAC Studio Fix.   

The shoes in my shopaholic list is now mine. Yay!
My first pair of Yosi Samra in camel!
I've been wanting to acquire a pair of Yosi Samra. I'm however constrained with the little hefty price that comes with it. In the end, I opted to buy another pair of Anthology shoes last month. Anthology shoes are relatively cheaper and I can attest for its durability. I convinced myself that my new Anthos will make me forget my desire for Yosi Samra. Unfortunately, I ended up spending more. I wrecked my wallet for this Yosi Samra. Lesson learned: Buy what you want to acquire that much needed peace of mind :)

As expected the shopaholic me is dying to have another pair.  I wanted something in silver next time.

This one will not be about food.

Say hello to the newest member of our fun fab fam, Patch!! Actually his real name is Grey... yes, as in the boring color or the famous Christian Grey. In my mind however, I will forever call him as Patch.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 71 - Hello September!

I'm typing this in between the last day of August and the first day of September. :) While I'm very excited to welcome the BER months, part of me is frustrated with my blogging performance. I made less than 10 posts in August. I've been so occupied with teaching and freelance works. Although I can always accommodate a post every weekend, I can't find an interesting topic to blog.  Who would ever get interested with number crunching and Statistics?

Something like this?!?

My job is to weave true stories from these numbers. I have to find patterns, relationships and unnoticed behavior behind these numbers with the help of different statistical tools. So this has been my life over the past weeks. I breath and eat numbers.

I've been juggling two clients. I'm assisting Client # 1 for her feasibility study. Client intends to offer this unique beauty product in individually packed sachets. Wish I could tell it here, but I have to save everything for my client. A few things I learned from this project emerged from our exploration of the Philippines' skin care industry. The sad reality we discovered is the lack of successful homegrown skin care products. Most products in the local market were conceived and developed by the multinational retail giants.

Client # 2 is way different because we are analyzing the buying behavior of the Filipino market for cars. I was quite surprised to see myself in this project because I don't know anything about cars?!? All I know is that I love Fast and Furious and my troop of girlfriends never fail to admire smart and handsome men in wheels. Heehee Client # 2's paper made me discover that Fuel Efficiency is the name of  the competition in car sales these days.

So much about my work, here are the few beautiful things that made my week

When Friday came, I thought that I will be writing a boring and lousy Sunday post. But my friend G surprised me with her out-of-no-where desire to play bowling. As always, I messed up the scoring boards. LOL I was so good in making gutter shots. While I've been blessed with the patience to deal with the unruly college kids, my body never owned even an inch of athleticism.

After our play pretend competitive game (haha), we ended up at Recipe's. We savored the great food and the juiciest stories from the workplace.

Like my other Sunday series, this post will never be complete without my foodie adventures

Over the weekend, I was blessed with these

Cake from Max's Bakery

Two boxes of happiness from Pizza Hut, Chef Tony's popcorn and french macaroons from French Baker

All the more to love and support Chef Tony's popcorn

Lesson for some companies: Sometimes, the best promotional strategy does not come from the million pesos celebrity endorsement. Why not try advertising and promoting from the heart? :)

PS I had the most number of participants from my last Beautiful Sunday post. Give me until this week to visit Jeanne, Rajesh and Mrs. Bush.