Sunday, September 25, 2016

Beautiful Sunday # 232 - The way I see it

I love the rainy Saturday afternoon. Everything was so conducive for rest. Those cold afternoon naps are priceless, especially when suffering from menstrual cramps. :p I took home some work that involves heavy use of Excel equations. My limited skills in spreadsheet management were suddenly tested. The software has a lot of useful tools I have yet to discover. It amazes me whenever I'm able to uncover a new function. And these days, it is quite easier to unearth the hidden tools because of Google. :p

Back in High School, learning and using Excel is a challenge. You have to memorize all the syntax. The only reference I had then was the book. While there is already the Internet, information is not that extensive yet. Best of all, I remember using a dial up connection in my cousin's house. It was only in college when I had my first taste of a decent DSL connection. I thought DSL was already the best not until wifi came. As much as I'd like to say that wifi is the best, it doesn't work out for me every time. I suddenly remember my postpaid pocket wifi that has not been working for weeks. I'm on the losing end, I'm paying for something I'm not using. 

So much about the technology stuff, I have to deal with something more real? When someone says, "with all due respect," was the respect really meant? For me, the phrase signals that someone is about to be insulted or disrespected. :p In like manner, the person who said, "with all due respect," wants  to have clean hands against the person to be disrespected. Whoever invented such expression is so great, the irony is for the win. 

This week, I was the fortunate recipient of such disrespect. It surely does not feel good to be insulted. However, I'm completely aware that I have no control over the opinions of other people. One thing I appreciate, I learned other people's sentiments on me. In as much as I'm too honest, I appreciate people admitting how they feel about me. We do know how one backstabbing incident can ruin even the most nurtured professional relationships to real life friendships. So yes, I appreciate honesty to the highest degree. What I just didn't like about this entire grown up incident, some people tend to avoid the consequences of expressing their sentiments. They take refuge over the words, "with all due respect." When in fact, respect was not meant to be given at all. 

Okay, I'm done with my rant. :) It feels good to let it all out. Well, only partially. ;) It would have been more liberating if I was able to relate the entire incident. This smells like a plot for a Korean drama Hahaha I will play the role of a stupid female character. I will represent someone who never fails to mess up and on the way to self-destruction. I wouldn't mind to be the stupid girl, PROVIDED there is a prince charming waiting to save the day. hahahahaahahahaha

Enough of all the fantasy and ambition here :D,  let me relate some beautiful things that happened last week. This should have been the real intention of this post. But hell, look at my introduction hahahaha

Happy Mail - Thank you for the postcards Terra! And yes to Peter Rabbit!!!!

Cath Kidston is love - Thank you Leah for sharing your blessings. (Private Joke and Story behind hahahaha) Been wanting to own this tablet case.

Scored these roll of Xmas wrappers from a surplus shop in Cubao. Thanks to my cousin A for the treat. :) Truth is, I don't think I can consume the entire rolls of gift wrappers because I don't have a lot of friends. Some of them have been eliminated in my Facebook account to my real life . Hahahaha This is another uninteresting story I wanted to begin writing. Hahahaha 

Lay's Wavy Potato Chips is love - I remember it was two years ago when I discovered this variant of Lays. It's like Ruffles in a Lay's bag. Better yet, it tastes like the potato chips used in Royce's Chocolates. For the first time, I saw it in the racks of Rustan's Supermarket in Gateway Mall. It's a little expensive than the other variants though. But never mind, even Dad loves it. 

View from my window - It has all been gloomy, literally and figuratively. A lot of questions has been running to my head over the past weeks. While I am all grown up, the way I see things doesn't necessarily follow. I have been struggling on reading and understanding everyone's behavior. A former colleague once told me that I remain as a kid in this aspect. I always believe that people will do good. I refuse to accept the reality that most people will only do what is good for them. Unfortunately, it takes another painful experience to realize this reality. Story of my life. Haha

Life has been challenging last week. Recurring issues and some new came along. It feels exhausting. I wanted to figure out what went wrong. But then again, I'm reminded that such effort will be useless. It would have been better if I divert the frustration to something else. Creating something great and chasing those elusive dreams instead. 

Another week ahead. Another week to fight and survive. :) Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

How I resolved my mutilated / damaged Philippine passport

And until this date, I still can't figure out how my passport got damaged. 

I was sorting my personal documents at home when I thought of checking my passport. I have this weird habit of checking important documents every now and then. Even when I don't need them, even when I don't have travel plans. I started to browse the pages of my current passport to remind me how I hated my photo. :p When I reached the critical information page, I noticed a small area has been smudged. I later discovered that the smudges were actually water stains. I examined the extent of the stains and saw other forms of damages. The information page of my passport also has traces of creases.

At that time, I thought the damages meant nothing. My first concern was to determine how my passport acquired it. I have properly stored my documents in protective cases. Where did the water stains come from? My initial suspect was my frustration over the last trip. I went home unhappy so I was not mindful of my travel documents. I probably inserted my passport to a pouch that contains wet tissues or a hand sanitiser. Another possibility was when I used my passport to capture an Instagram photo. I remember taking a photo of my passport beside a jar of juice. 

I felt bothered so as always, I opted to consult .... with Google. ;) I found an archived interview with an officer from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). Unfortunately, the damages discussed only dealt with torn or disintegrated passports. It took me some time to find reliable articles. Turns out, the legal term for damaged is mutilated. This was the main reason why it was hard for me to arrive at comprehensive leads. I eventually learned from another blogger (which I forgot, sorry) that having a damaged passport meant serious business.

My initial response was to book for a passport renewal appointment, which by the way, took me more than 4 hours to acquire a decent schedule. When I started to book an appointment last August, the nearest dates available were November to December. I patiently repeated the process until I landed on September 16. It entailed waiting for more than a month, but never mind. It was way better than having a schedule on November. 

I felt complacent when I finally had a successful schedule. Days before my appointment, I started to google again leads for mutilated passports. Much to my surprise, there were additional requirements and steps for mutilated passports.

For renewal of passports*, the requirements are limited to

1. Confirmed Appointment
2. Expiring Passport
3. Photocopy of expiring passport
4. Valid IDs (not really needed, but better safe to have it)

*assuming you already have an e-passport. the requirement maybe different for holders of the green or machine readable passport

In cases of mutilated passports, the following are needed apart from what was previously identified 

1. Notarised Affidavit of Destruction / Mutilation - I got a copy from this site. 

If you are reading this hours / less than a day before your passport appointment, don't worry especially if your appointment is within DFA Aseana branch. They have an in-house notary office. :)

2. Approval / Endorsement from DFA's Passport Division - this will be given during the visit and interview with the officer from the Passport Division

The process of dealing with mutilated passport works the same with renewal. You need to line up for your appointment. In my case, the additional step happened when I submitted my passport to the assessing officer. The officer noticed that my passport was too early for renewal. At that stage, I pointed the damages in my passport. I was given a yellow note and requested to proceed to the Passport Division for interview.

Referral Slip from the Assessment Officer 

At the Passport Division, a courteous female officer asked me what happened to my passport. She  can't figure out the damages not until I pointed the water stains and creases. She later confirmed that my passport was mutilated. I was initially endorsed to the notary office. But since I already have a prepared affidavit, the process was cut short. I was asked to wait for the approval and endorsement of their director. In less than a minute, I received the approval for early passport renewal because of mutilation. I was also reminded that renewal arising from mutilation is only allowed once. I cannot anymore have a passport replacement not until it expires in 2021.

Officer's Approval  from the Passport Division 

I submitted my damaged passport for cancellation and went to the succeeding steps for passport renewal.

And those who might be asking if there are additional fees, NONE. Yes, I simply paid for the cost of a newly issued passport. 

Honestly, I felt restless and uneasy during the entire process. I didn't commit something unlawful but my paranoid hormones were actively working. Hahaha It helped that the employees of the DFA's Aseana branch were very accommodating. I also have to commend the very efficient system of handling applicants.

Prior to my appointment in DFA Aseana, I also encountered other key information from other bloggers

1. I'm not sure, but a number of articles mentioned that mutilated passports are only processed in the main office or the DFA Aseana branch. 

I was not aware of this condition. I initially wanted to book an appointment from a nearby satellite office. Unfortunately or fortunately, satellite offices were fully booked until November. I was left with DFA Aseana branch. I believe this saved me from more worries.

Other articles I encountered also mentioned that walk-in applicants for mutilated passports are accepted in DFA Aseana branch. You just need to tell the guard / information officer that your intention is to consult with the Officer from the Passport Division. Some bloggers mentioned that after their consultation with the Passport Division, they were allowed to immediately renew their passports. It appears to me that a benefit of having a mutilated passport is the opportunity to by-pass the difficult online appointment. Either way, I don't recommend risking this opportunity. Based from my experience, the safest and surest path is to secure an online appointment.  

2. I encountered bloggers who were able to travel with mutilated passports. Also, the conditions for a passport to be considered as mutilated remain unclear... especially for cases like mine. Minor stains. Minor folds or creases. There's no clear cut policy that enlists all forms and extent of damages for a passport to be considered as mutilated. Everything boils down to the actual assessment of the officer.  The one thing I personally adhere to, damages in the information page are sure indicators or mutilated passports.

If you are bound to apply for a tourist visa, I don't suggest risking the mutilated passport. It will surely be more inconvenient to secure a visa and later discover that your passport is declared as mutilated. 

3. The gray line is always on the question of.... maliit lang naman ang damage sa passport ko. (My passport only have minor and almost negligible forms of damages) Here's what I learned from another blogger. Try having your passport checked by an immigration officer. You can visit the immigration office in NAIA or their main office in Intramuros. You can have your passport checked if despite the damage, it can still be read by the passport scanning machine. 

I didn't anymore try this strategy. I discovered this way too late, after successfully booking an appointment from DFA. If you live / work near NAIA or the main office of the Bureau of Immigration, it might be convenient. But for people who can't easily file a leave for work, I don't anymore recommend this step. 

At this stage, I'm just waiting for the delivery of my passport. Despite the absence of travel plans, I felt compelled to resolve my damaged passport. Other than travel, I actually use my passport as valid proof of identification.

I have to commend the efficient system and the customer oriented employees of the DFA Aseana branch. Thank you for treating me well. :) 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Beautiful Sunday # 231 - Book Fair and some random thoughts

It was just one of those weeks that started bad, but ended great. Yeah right, as always. Hahaha Sounds like I'm on the way to rant again. I wanted to remain positive. I wanted to appear like someone always inspired, optimistic, attractive, contented, and best of all, the happiest. All those inspirational quotes, articles and video clips from social media never fail to inspire me. For a while, I feel great and empowered. But when reality starts to sink in, I'm back to my sad and frustrated self. I face the real me. As to how I survive this never ending cycle, I guess this is what defines my real image and existence. What other people see in me, is a summary of all those good and bad things that happened to me. 

I wanted to expound more. I wanted to write more. But with the way things are going, I think I will be repeating the same post I had over the past months. I will end writing the same sentiments. Apologies. I'm struggling. While there is always a way to overcome struggles, this situation is hard to figure out. Along the way, I try to distract myself by venturing to other endeavors. I attempted to do it last week. I'm aware that new ventures are not easy. But the motivation I have was more than enough to forget such expectation. I was inspired to start. When I was finally doing it, it felt like all the motivational anesthesia subsided. Hahaha It wasn't hard. It was harsh. Haha I'm not anymore sure if I will proceed. For a while, I realized that I have been over confident. I underestimated everything. But let's see. As much as I don't want to pressure myself, I think I have to. In reality, my greatest and guaranteed drivers to success are deadlines, fear and all kinds of pressure. Hahaha    

I have nothing much to post from the past week. The highlight of everything was the successful processing of some government related papers and my first attendance to the Manila International Book Fair.

I have to admit. I overspent .... a little. Hahaha I wasn't expecting to take home this much number of books. For the record, this was the first time when I bought the most number of books in one shopaholic day. Haha I was planning to get something from Cecelia Ahern. Problem is, her new titles were not available. This was something I have mentioned in the previous post. Newly releases titles are most likely not available in the Book Fair. But since I went on the third day, there's a possibility that stocks were already depleted. I'm not sure but as far as I know, Cecelia Ahern is not that popular and preferred, relative to the Harry Potter books. 

Being a Business major, I'm quite ashamed to admit that I haven't read The Art of War. It's always on my list but every time I visit the bookstore, there are other books that interest me. The ending, I always forgo the purchase. But since this was sold at 20% off, I had no excuses. Although deep inside, I'm dying to buy Ransom Rigg's Tales of the Peculiar. Hahaha I'm hoping to learn a lot from Sun Tzu. Inspiration is already out of the list because these days, it's easy to find inspiration in my Facebook newsfeed. Hahaha In a day, there's surely one article or photo upload that will leave a degree of motivation. But as mentioned, the effects of the happy and inspired anesthesia are only temporary. Learning, finding something useful and making some success from all those motivations serve as the real measure.... not just for the book to myself as well.

Friday, September 16, 2016

The 37th Manila International Book Fair : My First Time!

I don't have plans of going to this Book Fair. As much as I love books, I prefer my random trips to the bookstore. I'm also trying my best to avoid expenditures and all those shopaholic temptations. But unexpected circumstances like an errand to a nearby place changed everything. Me happy. Wallet not. Haha 

This Friday, I took a leave from work because I need to arrange some documents from a government agency. I had positive expectations about the efficiency of this government agency. I knew I would finish everything early. Hence, I considered the possibility of dropping by the 37th Manila International Book Fair at SMX Convention Center. True enough, I was able to finish my errands way before lunch time. I took the opportunity to proceed with my first ever attendance to the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF).

I did not become obedient with my plan of avoiding expenditures. But the book addict in me is the happiest! I was  able to acquire books with discounts. To compensate my shopaholic attack, I was able to save more than Php 500 for this shopping escapade. This was also the first time when I purchased the most number of books in one shopaholic day. Haha And given this shopaholic achievement hahaha, I need to do some serious abstinence. I should be banned from purchasing not until 2016 finishes. Let's see! Hahaha 

You can find the names and number of exhibitors here. But as expected, the two biggest exhibitors are the leading bookstores in the country. National Bookstore and Fully Booked occupied the most space in the area. 

National Bookstore also offered non-book items. 

I spent most of my time in Fully Booked. The collections from Fully Booked may not be as extensive as National Bookstore. But for some reason, I found more great titles and selections from Fully Booked. 

I guess everyone shared my sentiments. I noticed that Fully Booked's area was more populated. It felt like everyone was here.

Fully Booked has the most number of titles for The Little Prince. I wanted to take home the anniversary edition in the middle rack. I love that it comes in color blue and has other surprise items inside.

I have long wanted to purchase this book. Unfortunately, still expensive despite the 20% discount

I particularly wanted this!

Another nice book for the adults wishing to learn how to draw

This book was originally priced at Php 699. I wanted it! But it's way out of my budget. Initially, I decided to forgo. But after some contemplation over a great lunch, added the push factor of a friend... the ending can be easily predicted. I returned to the Convention Center and paid the entrance fee again just to get this beautiful cover. Hahahaha 

Don't you just wish that all classical books have creative and attractive covers?

I also checked out other exhibitors

Hands down to the most innovative exhibit. Great job for Rex's Bookstore!

I also checked out Summit Media's booth. I wanted to purchase this new released publication. But I felt reluctant because of pricing issues. Hahaha I wanted to initially browse the contents, but the company does not provide an open copy.  And before I forget, Summit does not offer discounts for their books. Discounted items are limited on back issues  of their magazines. Medyo madamot. (quite selfish) Hahaha 

And these are the products of my sinfulness :p

Other than what I mentioned, here are some things I learned and discovered from the Book Fair

1. Newly released titles of foreign books are not available both for National Bookstore and Fully Booked. Or was it because I was late? Maybe everything was already sold out on the first two days. In general, new released best selling titles are not available. 

2. Related to my first observation, selections of both bookstores usually contain old best selling titles and authors. This leads to another finding.

3. Don't expect rare and hard to find books in the Book Fair, especially if you target both National Bookstore and Fully Booked.

4. Some titles are expensive in National Bookstore than Fully Booked. :p This is not about the new Harry Potter book. Hahaha

5. There are a lot of non-book items in the Book Fair. There are toys, Christmas decors, stationery products, religious items sold at discounted prices.

6. Conversely, not all exhibitors offer discounted items. Something I don't like and agree with. The discount can give opportunity for both publishers and authors to be discovered by interested readers.

7. Credit card payments are accepted only on selected exhibitors such as National Bookstore and Fully Booked.

8. The selection of children's books are also extensive both for National Bookstore and Fully Booked. Added to this, even local publishers have their own offering as well. I just forgot the name of the exhibitor, but there's one area where children books are less than Php 50.

I feel so sleepy and tired while typing this post.The two bags were heavy and my arms are starting to ache. I might as well get to sleep, dress up in the comfiest pajamas, softest bed linens with the company of my new books :p

PS I'm not satisfied with the outcome of the photos taken. I solely used my mobile phone for the shots. :-(

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Beautiful Sunday # 230 - Discoveries

Another long weekend to love. I wish it was easy to love this weekend, given that my wallet is screaming empty. Hahahaha As much as look forward for holidays like this, the struggling wallet is always there to ruin everything. The timing could have been more conducive for a freelance work. I wish I have some in my plate. But all the work has been done. No pending tasks, only pending payments. Define harsh reality. Haha A few weeks ago, a client has given more than what I was expecting. But given all the bills to pay and my sadness / glutton attacks, you can easily sense what happened after. Ktnxbye hard-earned money.

Before the past work week ended, I had a great discussion with my friend MFA. We had it over a cheap dinner in a noisy food court. At this age and supposedly achieved financial independence, I still buy and eat meals from fastfood chains and food courts. Sometimes, I feel pathetic. Sometimes, I feel fine over the savings I can generate from cheap food. Nevertheless, I will not deny my love for the unhealthy meal choices. Shawarma rice, Kimchi rice and beef, deep fried dumplings, chicharong bulaklak and bituka with spicy vinegar ... these are reminders that life is good. :p This is a great way to torture myself at 1:15 am. Hahaha

In other news, my (and yours too, probably) Facebook newsfeed has been filled with articles and videos about the iPhone 7. I haven't owned an iPhone in my entire years of existence. Although I own a few Apple products, I haven't experience their mobile phone. With all the great reviews I've encountered, only one thing remains in my mind. How much it would cost? Sureness, mahalia fuentes. Hahaha 

Still about Facebook, the technology has been giving me surprises ever since I changed mobile phone this year. Every now and then, I get friend suggestions from people I don't expect. I don't have any mutual friends with them. I have only communicated with them once or twice via email, SMS or the surprise of surprises, through my eBay account. This bothered me for a while. Then just this week, I encountered an article verifying my concerns. (Unfortunately, I lost the link for the article.) What I remember, Facebook has this feature of crawling and linking information stored in our mobile phones. It can connect information contained from different applications. For instance, I got surprised when someone who emailed me a few weeks ago appeared in my Friends Suggestions. Same goes with an eBay buyer, new Instagram follower, Viber list and contacts from my phone book. The phone book gave me the biggest surprise. Turns out, Facebook also links people via mobile numbers. I suddenly remembered, I stored my mobile number in my account for recovery purposes. And I'm sure, I'm not the only user who made this safety measure. What I thought as a recovery facility will be used to connect users. I can't anymore imagine what other things can Mark Zuckerberg and his team do with the gazillion of information. 

So much of these seriousness, here are the beautiful things that made the past week

I miss reading Cecelia Ahern's books - This book review I wrote three years ago appeared in my Facebook  timeline. I remember the trademarked compelling words found in Cecelia Ahern's works. I want to read her new books. 

Chocolate Peanut Muffins and a bottle of red wine - So as not to feel sorry about the wrecked wallet  on a long weekend. Hahaha There's something about red wine .... at least for me. 

Some garden project - I wasn't contended with the photos I got last week. Unfortunately, I'm also not fully satisfied with this week's outcome. It's quite a challenge to get the best photo from this bed canopy.

Postcards and goodies - Thank you Marieken and Terra! Two of the greatest blogger friends / postcrossers and friends in real life! 

Hello from Gray! - This is me on long weekend. Hahaha 

A few other things I like

Happy Grandparents Day! - I love this commercial ad from Jollibee. 

Some inspiring video - A wake up call to pursue our dreams.  

While I'm not into Feng Shui, I enjoyed reading this article on how to properly arrange items on your work desk. 

I'm hoping to get off the house either this afternoon or tomorrow. With this plan, I hope my bank account will reveal some good news. But given the holiday, there's surely no opportunity for my clients to finally refill my bank account. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! 

My Experience with eRase Products

More than a year ago, I shared my good experience after using eRase solution. I discovered the small bottle of eRase from Watsons. The label reads, it can remove scars. It was more than enough to capture my attention because I'm addicted to scar removing creams and gels. The reason behind, I always get those nasty insect bites that turn to bloody wounds and later, the darkest scars. Given that the small bottle of eRase only costs Php 99, I decided to give it a try. At that time, I had a huge acne scar on my forehead. I didn't expect anything to happen not until weeks after, I felt skin peelings on my face. eRase works! I blogged the entire experience here. Months after, that post became my most read. This served as the bridge for the management of eRase to reach me. After the positive experience with eRase solution, I was offered to try their other products. I received the products for free and was asked to prepare an honest review. 

Glutathione Soap by eRase - I'm overwhelmed with the number of Gluta soaps available in the market. Looks like every brand has their own version. I never tried any of those soaps because I'm contented with Johnson & Johnson's baby soap and Neutrogena's Brightening Facial Wash. I also believed that getting whiter or lighter cannot be achieved by mere use of whitening soaps. I didn't expect anything from eRase soap. True enough, I didn't experience whitening effects after finishing the entire bar. Despite the absence of its claimed effects, I appreciate eRase's Gluta soap because it can perform the function of a typical bath soap. I love its clean scent. It felt like using a typical anti-germicidal soap. The soap does not in any way cause painful sensations arising from peeling or exfoliation. While it didn't lighten my skin, I can recommend it as an everyday bath soap. 

Gluta Whitening Deodorant - Similar with the soap, I didn't buy the idea that a deodorant can whiten my underarm. I'm more after its performance as an anti-antiperspirant. The deodorant didn't give me drastic whitening underarm effects. But I love that it can perform its function as a deodorant to last half a day. I also love the clean and odorless scent. It didn't leave those white marks on my shirt. It dries up easily and sticks with the underarm skin alone. 

Gluta Whitening Lotion - Similarly, no whitening experiences to note. The lotion however works well to keep my skin from being dry and sensitive. I can recommend it to become your staple daily lotion.

Plantcenta Sunblock Cream - I love the cream's formulation. Not too light or heavy for the skin. However, one should note that it's capacity is only SPF 15. It can be used on a daily basis, but definitely not for beach trips and activities that entails long exposure to sunlight. 

eRase Solution - This has to be winner! Consistent with my previous experience, the solution has been one of the best scar removing products for me. It worked on my face, legs and arms. However, it works faster on scars found on my face. As previously explained, facial skin is thinner and more sensitive. Hence, one should expect more skin peeling on the face. I used the product for the scars on my legs and arms. It worked, but not as fast as the reaction of my face. 

Just a little reminder on using eRase Solution. Don't overuse it. Don't use it unless the acne or wound is completely healed. Avoid contact on areas of the skin without the scars. From my experience, the solution is too strong and powerful. It can peel even the portion of the skin not affected by the scar. This can be quite painful and might cause some redness and irritation. Believe me, it happened to me! In my desire to eliminate the scars from insect bites, I generously applied eRase solution. This in effect made the unaffected area of my skin suffer. Lastly, when the skin starts to peel off, just allow the excess skin to become detached. Don't force the exfoliation. It may result to irritation and growth of another set of wounds. 

This is a sponsored post. But even though I received the items for free, all the opinions expressed are from my own. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Beautiful Sunday # 229 - First of September

I've been having bad dreams. It was my first time to dream about someone I don't know trying to take away my life. It felt surreal. But unlike other people who struggle, I was able to recover a good sleep. I didn't experience cold sweats or palpitations. Although I felt bothered because I feel that this means something. As always, I had consultations with Google. :p And like most people, I got exaggerated findings. Hahaha In most articles I read, I learned that bad dreams can signal health problems. Ouch, overweight problems. Most advises also mentioned that people who eat / overeat after dinner are prone to have bad dreams and develop other sleep related problems. Okay, I feel guilty. Regardless of the articles' credibility, my lifestyle is no doubt, a possible contributor. Sometimes I thought that excessive exposure to Korean dramas with revenge stories serves as the culprit. Haha Unfortunately, it looks like everything should be blamed for excessive eating, less sleep and all the unnecessary stress and worries.

Speaking of K dramas, I'm currently watching King of Ambition. It's another heavy drama filled with revenge stories. If I had a choice, I would go for the shallow romantic comedy flix. Real life is already too serious to begin with. Adding up another source of stress from all the evil villains is not a welcome addition. Haha But when the story becomes too addicting, I'll just bring a lot of food to keep me entertained. Hahaha Talk about overeating again.

In between watching Korean dramas, I can't help but compare similar situations in real life. Although of course, executions in Korean dramas are overdone. Take the case of office politics. In reality, confrontations and all those slapping incidents don't really happen. No one wants to get fired because of inflicting any physical harm to a colleague.  People at the workplace also hide their real emotions and more importantly, facial reactions. But sometimes, I wish that distinguishing the good and bad people at the workplace is as easy as the portrayal done in Korean dramas. Life will surely be easier. Hahaha The one who is well dressed is an upcoming villain. The one who smiles a lot is the best backstabber. The one who is too kind is disguised as the evilest person. But clues like these are not present in real life. It takes a great skill to know who can be trusted or not. And sometimes, the skill requires going through the most painful experiences of disappointment and betrayal. 

I think I'm getting too serious and emotional here. Hahaha Before I post a litany of frustrations, let me share the beautiful things that made the past week.

The "Valentine" signage was an unexpected gift from Mother E. I believe it was intended for my projects. But even though February is too over and the BER months have arrived, I'm posting it because I love it. Hahaha More than for photography purposes, this will be of good use one day. I wish. Hahahahaha

I scored a nice book about floral arrangement from my favorite, Book Sale. The price of the book, Php 35 for a hardbound material! Definitely a steal! Book Sale is one of my favorite places. I can stay at the place for hours even though everything gets too crowded and disorganized. It's one of the best places to score discounted, second hand and rare books.

The last photo is another showcase of my favorite gifts. One is the monogrammed tote from Ash and Muff and my most awaited bed canopy. Thanks again Mother E! 

Here are other interesting things that made the past week.

This educational video clip from TED-Ed discusses one of my favorite Economic theories. 

Seeing the video clip of one of my favorite Japanese cartoons 

One of my favorite Facebook pages lately, I love The Bright Side's insightful and witty posts. 

I'm beginning to love Funko Pop toys. This is a threatening addiction. I bought two figures from an eBay reseller who is unfortunately giving me some headaches. smile! haha

A few weeks ago, I watched a short news feature about in BBC. It featured the popular bespoke tailoring street in London called Savile Row. Although the place caters to the male populace, I love the stories behind it. In fact the place has become a training ground for popular designers.

I'm loving Tod's Wave Bag. This will remain to be in my dreams because the price is surely something my monthly salary cannot afford. If given the choice (hahaha) I would love to have either the Black Red White or the Green Violet Gray style. 

I'm typing this post at 3:36 am, in between watching a K. drama. I started last night only to realize that it's already the next day. I might as well end this post and get my much needed sleep. This time, I hope I will have good dreams. :)