Thursday, January 31, 2013

Farewell to January

The first month of 2013 is about to end as I'm writing this post. So much has happened in my first month and a blog post will never be enough for everything. Surprises, frustrations, happiness and discoveries are the many themes that can depict my January.

I'm typing this post feeling very tired. As soon as I got home, I told myself that I will immediately hit the bed. No TV, internet and books for now. My body that is getting heavier over the past days is demanding for rest and more sleeping hours. But look what I'm doing now.

Before I finally call it a day, I'm sharing this video I discovered from another blogger.

The short film reminded me why I always love trains and paper planes. ;)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 40 - Sweet and Messy

Where did time go? Tomorrow will be the last week of January. The first month of the year is over and soon it will be December again. (Now, that's an exaggeration haha) Nothing much happened this week except for, as always, the bulk of work from teaching. Reading papers and nagging reminding my dear college kids for not complying with deadlines. 

Despite the full schedule, here are the few beautiful things that made my week.


One of my greatest weaknesses is spending. The pile of bills to pay, grown up problems and the challenge to fatten my savings account comprise my never ending struggle. Some months ago, I decided to invest on mutual funds. I made this decision despite my dwindling savings account. Wrong move. I know. It was an impulsive decision as well. With my eyes closed, I took away some money from my savings account and placed it to this investment. After a few months, I realized that it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I received my notice of dividends and I was happy with how my hard earned money is working.


The best way to end a stressful day! Cupcakes with frosted icing are just my greatest weakness. Unfortunately, Sophie's Mom Red Velvet cupcakes is way far from my daily route. The nearest that I could get is Brownie's Unlimited. For Php 32, I have my own dose of heavenly sweetness.

Speaking of cupcakes, I passed by this cupcake store in Trinoma a few days ago. 

My local friends might have read of Vanilla Cupcakes from other local bloggers. Their bigger and main site is located in Glorietta. This branch only occupies a space from the huge Kamiseta boutique. I love everything in here. The cupcakes treats and the interiors make a perfect match. The only problem I see here, the cupcakes are a bit pricey. A cupcake costs an average of Php 70 and a dozen order would rip off Php 1,250 from your wallet.

The bread may not look pleasing and enticing for my other blog friends. It may not be picture perfect but I can assure you, this is one of the best. Bread Talk's Cheese floss made of soft bread oozing with cheese and pork floss is another sinful but heavenly way to end the day.


I arrived at work with this beautiful mess on my table. Seriously, I hope they considered that a working table is meant for working. :-) I wasn't pissed off though. I understood the fact that they took advantage of my clean and empty work space to get things going. Our little office space is finally getting its own makeover. Hence, the presence of the beautiful mess. Seeing my empty table which I make it a point to clean before the weekends, it became a major casualty for all the displaced materials in the office.

I hope everyone is having a Beautiful Sunday. I'm off for some freelance work again so pardon the lousy and boring post. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Timeless and Happiness

Most people would say that they formed the best years of their life during High School. This is the age when we establish our dreams, we build our own set of lifelong friends and more often than not, a lot of the "first" adventures were made in High School.

I have my own share of first hand and priceless experiences in High School. I was allowed to go out for a movie date with my friends. I was permitted to sleep in another friend's house. I was given a TV in my own room. Among all the experiences, what I cherished most in my High School days are the trust and freedom I earned from my parents.

I was convinced that my high school escapades are already the best. I was made to believe that college would be hell because it meant more responsibilities. Life would be harder. Studies were harder but life got better for me in college.

In High School, I had more than enough share of  barely breathing grades in my Math subjects, needs improvement marks in my writing compositions, report cards that gave my Nanay a regular source of headaches, self-esteem issues and in a few times, became the laughing object of some mean girls.

When I went to college, the pressure of the academic life was still there. What made everything different is the new life, friends and the opportunity to make things right. I gained more and better friends in college. I met friends who shared the same financial struggles. I was in the company of friends who were also constrained by meager allowances. I still battled my self-esteem issues but I learned to handle it over time. There were still mean girls, but our paths never crossed. (Or perhaps, I turned out as one of the mean girls. haha) In terms of academics,  it was only in college when I spared my Nanay from the worries of having failing grades. At some point, I also felt that much needed respect from my classmates. Gone are the days when some girls would give me those sharp glances and obvious giggles.

Fast forward now, it's been ages since I saw everyone from my college days. Most of them live away from Manila. Some already have their own families and as always, work never failed to keep us apart. I was supposed to meet some of them last December. However, I decided not to push through because everyone was too occupied with Christmas parties. We decided to meet early this year and I was so happy that it happened.

The last time I'm with them? I can't even remember. The only thing I'm sure, we were still in our early 20s during our last meet up.

Meet some of my greatest college friends

Yes, only some were present. But someone took a little effort to join us
Skyping all the way from UK!

And what's the best partner for great friends and a list of long overdue stories?
Sample Appetizer plate made of chicken strips, potato croquettes, french fries and crab sticks
Healthy Pesto with chicken

Two pizza flavors in one!

The best after a heavy meal
Cream puffs from Chewy Jr.!

More photo snippets of our meet up

How to distinguish Filipino friends in a crowd
Everyone is taking pictures and updating their Twitter and Facebook accounts LOL

I'm sure it will take us months to years to repeat this. I wouldn't mind waiting and wasting an entire day with them.

Till we meet again! :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 39 - Living and Learning

I have so many adjectives to describe the past week. Sad, happy, annoyed, frustrated and all of a sudden, excited? As much as I want to relate everything, a blog post may not be enough. If what happened over the past week is a sign of the months to come, I'm willing to embrace it. I don't mind experiencing a point of sadness, if it means gaining two points of happiness.

Here are the few good things that made my week

My current read

I'm still in the early chapters of the book. What I love about this book? The entire story is uniquely narrated by "Death." Morbid? Not really. The novel relates the life of Liesl Meminger, the kid who happens to be the The Book Thief. The story's setting was in 1939, which captures some points in the history of Nazi Germany. Liesl's story reminded me of The Diary of Anne Frank. Liesl however is a German whose entire life evolved on poverty. She was adopted by another poverty stricken German family that fueled the entire story.  

Aside from having a great read, here's another source of my happiness. 

I feel so blessed in the beginning of the year. More than the extra money in the bag, I'm thankful for the job that allows me to exercise my humble research skills.

Just when I said that "keeping life simple" was my objective this year. Look what happened...

My greatest excuse : I'll be using this for my WALKaton adventures in my upcoming trip. And this reminds me that I still need to raise shopping funds. 

Some realizations after something not-so-good happened in the middle of the week.


On the lighter side, I discovered a new antidote for sadness. 
These are definitely cheaper than food or a new pair of shoes.

Hope everyone is having a Beautiful Sunday! 

I'm having one because

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Filipino word for HELLO is

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The most difficult book review

Writing this is not easy. The difficulty of writing a review for this book is not the same as the grueling book reports for classic literary pieces such as the Iliad and Odyssey. The difficulty arises from a self-imposed fear of failing to provide the much deserved acclamation for a modern day literary masterpiece.  
The book I’m talking about is John Green’s The Fault in our Stars. I don’t exactly remember when and why I decided to acquire its e-book version. I guess I was enticed by the fact that it remained in the list of the most purchased in Amazon. After having the e-book, I kept it sleeping in my iBooks. I later discovered that this piece is one of John Green’s bestsellers in the three major bookstores in the Philippines.  I was intrigued so during the holiday break, I decided to purchase a real copy of the book. True enough, it was an expensive purchase I never regretted.  
The Fault in our Stars is the story of two teenage kids (you bet...) who found love in each other arms.  What was supposedly an ordinary love story was made special because Hazel and Augustus both have Cancer. Aside from sharing the same struggle, Hazel and Augustus became bounded by Hazel’s dream of meeting Peter Van Houten.  The entire story contained Hazel’s appreciation to An Imperial Affliction (AIA), a book that related the journey of another young cancer patient. Hazel desccribes Van Houten as a non-cancer patient, who perfectly captured the sentiments of a cancer patient. Unfortunately, Van Houten's book ended with unsettled issues. Hazel's dream of knowing the story's real ending made her want to personally meet Van Houten to Amsterdam. Traveling from US to Amsterdam is not easy in the case of Hazel and Augustus, who are restrained by their Cancer or what they call as the side effect of dying.
Though the entire story was surrounded by sadness, it was on the contrary overflowing with love. Some people would claim that love is the same at the end of the day. What makes it different is the way it was translated to different stories and situations. Augustus, Hazel and her family showed me another dimension of love. The rare picture of love that is weaved from pain and dying left that rare emotional pinches in my heart.
Augustus' love for Hazel could have been enough to make the story. John Green however created another angle that nearly broke my heart. The sentiments of Hazel's mother gave me more reasons to develop an emotional attachment to the story. Death is often equated to losing someone. Motherhood defines death in a different way. The absence of a child doesn't take away motherhood. It is a gift that can never be taken away even by our Creator. The pain of becoming the mother of a deceased child worsens when the society emphasizes that you have been a great mom. Truth is, motherhood doesn't actually end with death.

Aside from the great story, the entire book was enriched with words that relate the painful realities about love. That despite the pain, why do we chose to love in the first place? Here are some great words that John Green crafted to perfection

Overall, I'm giving the book 5 out 5 stars. Character development, unpredictable ending, and a perfect story line were all captured by John Green. For the first time, I found a book that made say, I could not ask for more.
Greatest Quote from The Fault in our Stars

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Burger craving fulfilled!

It was the first Friday of the work week for 2013. When the week started, I don't have plans of going out. I wanted to go home and spent the entire night reading The Fault in our Stars. Before the week started, I was already craving for burgers. Truth is, the craving started since New Year's eve. While there's always Mc Donald's in our place, I was dreaming of a real burger. Either Mama Chit's, Sango, or Brother's Burgers served with huge cut fries was my picture of a real burger.

When the week started, I told Tinee of my long unfulfilled craving. I remember her uploading a picture of a cheesy burger in her Facebook account. Being a burger addict, she knows that I would love her discovery. When I told her I wanted to experience the mysterious burger place, she accommodated my request. On a rainy Friday night, we headed to Vito Cruz in Manila to finally fulfill my burger craving. 

The place that serves that enticing burger is Zark's Burgers. It is situated in front of De La Salle University so the immediate clients would be students. When we arrived on their small space that can accommodate less than 50 persons, I was surprised by the diversity of student clients. There were students from UST, CEU and other universities away from the place. You see, Zark's is a clear proof that location is not really a major issue in creating a profitable business. If you really serve good food, people will took time and effort to come to your place.

The place was jampacked when we arrived and our photo can prove it. Despite the bulk of  burger enthusiasts, we were able to find a good seat immediately. If you come in a big group, it might take you some time to get a seat. Hence, additional patience is a requirement for the place. ;-) We were given the menu and if only my stomach can accommodate everything. I would like to have a taste of every item in the menu. I was brought to my own heaven of burger sinfulness.

Of the many choices presented to me, I ended up with the Three Pointer Burger.

Oh finally! The burger is served with three different cheese sauce, vegetables and huge cut fries.

All of their burgers are made of 1/4 pound beef patty so expect the unhealthy but flavorful blessing. It's heavenly evil!

Another friend ordered The Ultimate Burger.
If you want your burgers with bacon, the Ultimate Burger fits you. 

The experience was over but I'm still craving for another serving. Now I'm contemplating whether I'll visit the place on my own.

I can rate my burger experience 4 out of 5 stars. The burger was great but I have a few concerns about the place. As we were about to finish our burgers, we saw some insects on the floor. Is it because the place is situated inside an old building? Is it because of the floors that they fail to sweep, as a result of the continuous influx of customers? Another major concern, not all staff were accommodating and hygienic. In the middle of my meal, one of the servers took away the bottle of ketchup on our table. I would like to believe that he simply wants to refill the still "half-full" bottle. After a few minutes, I have to ask another waiter for the ketchup. To my surprise, the waiter handed me the ketchup bottle without the nozzle. Wow!  Is he trying to insult me? This might freak you out but the waiter who handed me the "nozzle less" ketchup bottle has an open wound near his thumb. I silently cringed and prayed that he wasn't the waiter who prepared our burgers. I hope the management addresses these problems soon.

Despite the sanitation issues, I'm willing to give Zark's another try. The burgers are worth it, minus the much needed service improvements.

For more information about Zark's Burger, visit their Facebook account here.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 38 - Sweetest

First weekend after the first work week for 2013!

My first week has been good. Everything was manageable except for some tardiness issues I have to settle. Blame everything on the weather that is finally cooling down. Finally, our country is getting its own share of the colder temperature. Minus the threats of having colds and cough, I'm loving summer's temporary absence.

Aside from the change in temperature, here are the few beautiful things that made my week.

I've been mentioning my freelance works in my previous posts. Sorry for being so redundant but the happiness is just overflowing. How could I not appreciate my cooperative clients! My work with them is done. We just meet once in a while for clarifications and some discussions. Last Wednesday, I met them and things are going smooth and steady. Though they have already paid for my professional fee, they took time and effort to send me these goodies.
Thank you J and C!

Cookies and chocolates from M&S! How could I not refuse these sweet treats? At least in my country, M&S goodies are not cheap. I can count the number of times I purchased something from their store. And those few times would mean an ongoing yearend sale.
Between the two goodies, I left the Operetta Chocolates for myself. Those who know me well may find this choice so unlikely. I'm not a huge fan of chocolates. However, I have to make an exception for the Operetta Chocolates. This is M&S's version of Ferrero Rocher.


The unusual chocolate addiction is not yet over. My boss and I are having this conversation about expensive chocolates. I told him that my favorite would be Japan's Royce chocolates. I was telling him how I craved for Royce's chocolate coated potato chips. The next day, he gave me a few sticks of Royce Nutty Chocolate. My Boss was like a genie! After giving me a blouse from Zara last Christmas, he granted even my shallowest wish.


I mentioned in my previous post that I'm gradually loosing my drive to work. The hunger and enthusiasm to wake up and report for work everyday is not the same during my first years of working. I'm looking for some spark or challenge that would awaken my sleeping motivation. God was listening because before the week ended, I have two upcoming presentations. I'm scared and nervous but this is what I've asked for. Who am I to complain for these blessings?

I finally found the perfect planner. I used to purchase the Belle de Jour planner every year. Unfortunately, I always end up wasting my money. I would only consume a few pages of the planner. This year, I decided to simplify. I purchased a little and cheaper planner. 

 The sweet addiction is not yet over.

Open the box of happiness

I found a new love! I heard of these doughnuts so many years ago. I heard great reviews and true enough, I was hooked! While everyone here is addicted to J. Co's doughnuts, I'm enjoying Cello's! It's like  Krispy Kreme, but the level of sweetness is a degree lower.   

My favorite
Oreo Doughnut

A doughnut covered with bits of Oreo is a heaven of sinful sweetness!

What's best about this box of 15  mini doughnuts is the price tag. You can enjoy everything for only Php 180.


The best way to end the work week is to have a great time with friends. On my next post, I will blog my first burger night for 2013.

How about you? I hope you had a great week too.   

Thursday, January 10, 2013


I don't have plans of blogging anytime this week. I'm saving everything for my Beautiful Sunday series. I'm occupied with some teaching paperworks that were left unaccomplished over the holidays. I was poor in time management and all my attention centered to my freelance works. As a result, I started the year cramming and depriving myself of sleep again.

Whenever I lack sleep, I usually end up feeling so dizzy and light headed. In worst cases, I suffer from low blood pressure that affects my heartbeat and breathing. I haven't checked my blood pressure, but I'm feeling better now especially after this package arrived.

What a way to break a sleepy and lazy afternoon at work!

What's inside the bag of happiness?

I won a floral dress which can also function as a top, black laced knitted skirt, cute socks, wallet, silver bangle, brown belt and my favorite, the UNDERARM PAD!!! I know the question marks on your faces. Haha

Here's a closer look of the underarm pad

Here's how it looks like

The product is designed to absorb those nasty sweat from our underarms. The pads can be attached to the straps of any bra and voila! It serves its purpose.

Females who have allergic reactions to even the most expensive brand of deodorants can benefit from this product. Since this great invention is made of absorbent cloth, it can hide any trace of the always "wet one." Haha Another thing I appreciate about the product, it is not disposable. It's like using cloth diapers instead of the expensive disposable pads. The cloth material can be washed a number of times.

I've been looking for this product in local Japanese stores such as Saizen, Japan Home and even Muji. Unfortunately, I just have to wait for this giveaway to own and try this simple yet great invention. 

Thank you Jonie Gen! May your generous heart be showered with more blessings this 2013.

To my dearest blog friends, I would like to share the happiness of knowing Jonie Gen. Please visit her blog that chronicles her beautiful life in the land of the rising sun.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 37 - Starting 2013

This is my first Beautiful Sunday post for 2013!

In a few more hours, I will be back to work. The two-week holiday break is REALLY over and I have to face my own reality. I'm happy to report that I spent most of my time at home. This saved me from spending and all those shopaholic attacks. However, even though I stayed home and ate less, I have a feeling that I gained lines in the weighing scale. My couch potato days at home is the culprit. As much as I wanted to return jogging, my lazy system can't get me going. I think I should add this task to my never-to-be- fulfilled new year resolutions. Haha

While I'm still savoring the last hours of my break, allow me to share the few good things that made the first week of my 2013.

Photo not owned by the author
Romantic flix to tickle the hopeless romantic in me :)


Something blue! 

I'm enjoying John Green's The Fault in our Stars. The title became the Book of the Year of Fully Booked. Just a piece of advice to my local blog friends who are planning to acquire a copy : please lengthen your patience. It's always out of stock in most bookstores.

Just when I said that I wanted to be more frugal this year, look at how I gave in to my weakness. I purchased another pair of blue flats again. The only antidote for my shopaholic attacks is to teach myself how to dislike all these beautiful things. Is there a bitter pill for this? Haha


A few days ago, my cousin's family invited me for a mall date. Before we headed to our happy place, they toured me to their newly constructed home. Left is yours truly (trying my best to hide my heavy belly) and the ever slim kid is my cousin's daughter. Hopefully, they will allow me to post pictures of their house warming.

We went to our favorite SM Marikina and had our favorite milk tea from Chatime. Bonding time with my female cousins is something I wish to do more for 2013.


I met my dear friend Anne for lunch. For those who have been reading my blog, you know much we love Chicken BonChon. In effect, meeting Anne would always mean eating BonChon! I failed to meet Anne before the holidays. So she compensated by showering me with gifts. She gave me another read from Jane Green and chocolates for my much needed endorphins. Thanks girlfriend!


Remember my freelance work? God must have heard my prayers. After being swindled and deprived of compensation, my new set of clients paid my humble work already. Hooray for professional and respectful clients! I'm really praying that God will grant me more clients clients to pay for my bills and prepare for my upcoming trip. If only I could win the local lottery... But between luck and hardwork, I would always prefer the latter. Nothing beats the sweetness of earning everything through honest hardwork.

I hope everyone is having a good start too. I would love to hear your beautiful stories. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Reviewed! The Perks of Being a Wallflower

When I mentioned this book in one of my Beautiful Sunday series, Ricki left a comment that heightened my interest. Ricki said that her daughter finds the book disturbing. A few days later, my cousin accidentally revealed to me the core of the story. Instead of becoming annoyed, we just laughed about it. I guess this could also explain why I felt so lazy finishing it. Anyway, here’s my own take of the book.

The book was way different from my expectation. I initially thought that it will relate the unsaid sentiments and the journey of a silent kid who discovers love. I thought it was a teenage beach read. But the entire story was way deeper than my shallow expectations.

The entire story was narrated by Charlie and it was presented in the form of a letter. Charlie was writing to an anonymous friend. The letters started as Charlie is about to begin his life as a High School freshman. Since the letter was prepared by an innocent teenage kid, the words and presentation appeared raw and shallow. Ironically, I love it that way. Every sentiment was perfectly described. It made me see the struggles of a kid who is about to cross his teenage years. How a teenage kid discovers sex, drugs and balances his way with studies, friends and family are detailed in the best and simplest way. I guess even the grown ups in us can relate to at least one of Charlie's experiences. Of all the events in Charlie's life, I particularly love this realization of Charlie to his family

I am very interested and fascinated by how everyone loves each other but no one really likes each other.

This really made me laugh for a while! It made me remember some of our relatives.

Charlie may appear as a typical kid through his letters. However, some signs on what makes Charlie’s life extraordinary will be related in the course of the story. Unfortunately, this was what my cousin unintentionally revealed to me. In the end though, I admire how the extraordinary kid in Charlie courageously decided to accept life as it is and face the future with optimism.

If I would rate the book, I’ll give it 4 out of 5 stars. I love the way it was presented and the supposedly unpredictable ending. I believe that if my cousin was more careful with her words, I would have given it the same excellent rating.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


After the long drama in my previous post, I would like to redeem myself by writing something that overflows with high hopes and positivity. I want to share my goals for 2013. Honestly, planning my life in a span of a year was never and will never be me. I live in the principle of living each day as each comes. Though I have my own set of dreams and ambitions, drawing an everyday path doesn't define me. So why bother to divert from my usual self? The answer lies in the great challenge that awaits me in the next three years.

It took me days to finish this post. I initially identified 18 goals to accomplish for 2013. As much as I want to share everything, I felt that it's best if I would trim down my goals and simplify them accordingly.

Living simple means diverting from all the material possessions and discovering other things that would make life more meaningful.

I need to do this starting today. I need to particularly simplify the aspect of my life that deals with the material needs and wants. Shopping should be reduced and trips to the mall should be avoided. To survive my next three years, I need to return to my life back when I was just beginning to work. Lesser expenditures to make room for all the bills to pay and the savings account that is dying to be fed.

In exchange for that much needed prudence, I wanted to discover more things that would make life more meaningful. Diverting to DIY projects, reviving my interests to arts and crafts, learning to cook and the nearest to my ability, reading more books and blogging more about them are some things I wanted to focus on for 2013.

I was expecting something to happen in my career after my research presentation in Taiwan. I was looking forward to that much needed spark and enthusiasm in working. To be honest, I felt a degree of exhaustion and saturation with my office work. I'm still battling this challenge at this point. However, when I think of all the bills to pay and the savings to generate, my drowning spirits are uplifted again.

In a way, the financial aspect of my life can provide that much needed drive to work. However, such is not the motivation I wanted. When I say I want to work harder, I meant some inner force and inspiration to keep me going and make me love the work that defines my everyday.

My spiritual life took a step back in this year. It's my fault. I allowed my own sadness and frustrations to overcome me. I'm ashamed to admit it, but this was my greatest weakness for this year. For this year, my simple wish and goal is to renew my faith and spiritual life. I wanted to be spiritually well too. My simple promise to myself is that I will pray more. I will return to that simple practice of starting my day with a prayer and ending it by thanking Him for all the blessings and challenges that came.

2013 is a critical year for me. This is the year that will define half of my life's direction. I'm almost near to living with the idea of it's either I make it or break it. Three hundred sixty-five days from now, I shall look back to this post and verify whether I have complied with my desired goals. Hopefully, in God's grace and my own perseverance, I can make things happen in 2013.  

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Something Cheesy

Hello everyone! Happy 2013!!!

New Year's Eve is over in my country and so as the first day of the year. The holidays are over and everyone is expected to report back for work tomorrow. In my case, I still have a week to savor. This is the rare benefit I receive because I work in a school. But then again, part of my vacay is doing work. I have mentioned in my previous posts that I'm up for some freelance works and I'm very thankful for it. Upon checking my bag, I also found some exams and quizzes for checking. Looks like I have forgotten my other life during the holiday break.

Before I finally return to reality, I started the day by having a great lunch with my paternal family. We used to have a mini-reunion when my Grandma was still alive. Years later, we had our own way of spending the first day of the year. But this morning, I was happy because my Auntie texted my Nanay. They want us to have lunch with them today. I was so happy to revive an old family tradition.

After our sumptuous lunch, we went home and everyone was asleep. As for myself, I had a movie marathon. One of the movies I enjoyed is the movie adaptation of Something Borrowed.

The movie didn't receive positive reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. However, my hopeless romantic hormones was tickled and as a result, I'm now typing this post haha

Here are some reasons why I love the movie

1. I can relate to Rachel
Rachel turned 30 (in a few more years, I'll reach that age too), loveless (I mean single haha), and sometimes oftentimes is abused by her bestfriend.

2. It featured my favorite places in Manhattan.... that remains to my list of dream places to see

Rachel's apartment in the elegant streets of Manhattan 
 Shake Shack!!!
I love hamburgers and french fries!! Aside from visiting the beautiful places in US, I have to taste Gray's Papaya and Shake Shack... someday. 

The Madison Square Park

I'm not sure if this is still in the same park, but I felt the need to post this picture.
To those who have read the book, you might be familiar with the lady on the right. She's no other than Emily Giffin. The author making a cameo appearance with a paperback copy of the book.

3. The story emphasized the priceless happiness of having friends
Though I hate Darcy's (Kate Hudson) character here.  I hated her for abusing Rachel and emphasizing that she's always better. I hated her the most when she told Rachel, "You're thirty and you cannot afford to be choosy."  I'm overreacting and I know it. Haha

The movie reminded me that we need to have a friend like Ethan. He is the friend who can slap us with the harshest words.

My favorite conversations of Rachel and Ethan

Rachel: You're an asshole
Ethan: I'm the only asshole who gives a shit about you.

Rachel: I mess up in my 20s
Ethan: No, you just grew up

4. It made me believe in finding that one true love
Cheesiness overload! haha

P.S. I haven't read the book. But I'm sure it is a lot better including its sequel, Something Blue.

Disclaimer: All photos used in this post are not owned by the author.