Friday, January 31, 2014

Red Lanterns and Money Tree

I have this annual Chinese New Year tradition with my few workplace friends. 

Days before the Chinese New Year, we braved the narrow and crowded streets of Binondo (Manila's China Town) for our most awaited dinner in Estero.

There are no parking spaces fronting our favorite cheap restaurant. Public transportation likewise doesn't pass in the area. Hence, we have to do a little exercise by walking a few blocks. Quite favorable because as soon as we reach Estero, we are the hungriest. Food therefore tastes way better with our tired legs and empty stomach ;)

Aside from gaining more appreciation for food, we love walking in Binondo because of the red lanterns and decors that never fail to amaze us.

Did I mention that Manila's Chinatown is the oldest the world? Long before the Spanish government colonized my country, we were already trading with Chinese businessmen since 1500s. 

I have to admit something. I thought one visit to Binondo will suffice. Turns out, I was able to visit Binondo twice this week. This happened despite the fact that I leave work late. Aside from our traditional dinner at Estero, my dearest friend CC treated us for dinner in another restaurant. Heehee

On the way home, we happened to drop by the nearby Lucky Chinatown Mall to check out the festivities. This is what we saw instead.

And you know what happens next,
 Me and CC, with our obligatory feeling-like-a- tourist photo 

Prior to visiting Lucky Chinatown Mall, the employees of Ramada Hotel in Binondo allowed us to take photos of their own version of the money tree

Cherry Blossoms and Money Tree!

  I went home with a few of these Chinese goodies.

Till our next Chinese New Year escapade :) 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

30 Things Life Taught Me # 11

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Birthday CC!

Because Facebook is becoming an unhealthy environment for us, I'd rather send my birthday wishes in my personal space.

 Happy Birthday Dearest Friend CC!

Wishing you good health, happiness and lots of LOVE LOVE LOVE ;)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Beautiful Sunday # 92 - Last of January

This the last weekend of January. The first month of 2014 is about to end. It's only now when I realized that I already made four Beautiful Sunday posts. Time flies so fast, little do I know it will be December again. No, I think I'm beginning to be too ambitious. Haha

Work is getting stable as compared to the previous weeks. However, I'm expecting a sudden downpour of work next week. Meanwhile, here are some of the beautiful things that made my week.

More than half of the paper works in teaching are done. Midterm grades are done and all the research papers were emailed to my dearest kiddies.

In the middle of the week, I was tagged by the Big Boss to attend a major meeting. It's only then when I realized that I'm beginning to appreciate the power of Mac. Maybe I can later blog about the advantages and disadvantages of a Windows user who shifted to Mac. 

Layered Clothes for the rare cold temperature in Manila - Manila recorded its lowest temperature at 16 degrees Celsius this week. This rarely happens so might as well take advantage of the cold weather to wear layered clothes.

Still the constant view from the office's window - The view of the refreshing trees is great.  But the trees badly need a trim. Otherwise, the entire window will be covered with leaves and branches

Potato Chips and V cut - These are two of the local products I grew up with. They never fail to save the day.

Veggie Cupcakes - Squash and chocolates merged in a cupcake from a group of students implementing their business.

Chicken Shawarma Rice - I'm currently addicted to this dish from the school canteen. I swear, I can eat this everyday.

Mogu Mogu - A new flavored drink I'm beginning to love!

Oreo Cheesecake - One of the few good things that happen at the workplace. This cake has appeared many times in this blog.

Nachos in Cheese Sauce - One of the many reasons why I love Taco Bell

Krispy Kreme's Original Glazed Doughnuts- This is another way to end a long and tiring day. :)

Siomai with Chili Sauce - I will never say no to siomai especially when served with the fiercest bits of chili.

I'm still up for some freelance works. My bed is tempting me to sleep. But no, I have to deliver what I promised to my client.

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Reviewed! Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple

This is my first book for 2014. I almost thought I wouldn’t be able to finish anything this month. One down now, 11 more to go :)

I first encountered Where’d you go, Bernadette from another blogger. Her one adjective for the book, hilarious! True enough, the first part of the book was overflowing with Bernadette's humor chronicles. 

Bernadette is a full time housewife to Elgin and a stay-at-home mom to Bee. Prior to embracing such roles, Bernadette owns a bright and promising career. Despite her overflowing talent and potential, Bernadette closed this chapter of her life. She chose Elgin and Bee. More than prioritizing family, Bernadette's decision was uprooted from a series of events that will gradually be unearthed by the other characters.

Somewhere along the way, Bernadette went missing. This left Bee and Elgin clueless and devastated. Bee insisted finding Bernadette which made Bee discover her mom's past. 

Truth to be told, I can't see anything spectacular or revealing from the book. My heart is however convincing me to like and appreciate Semple's work. Here are a few reasons why I love the book.

Format or Presentation – Most parts of the book were presented in letters. It added more uniqueness and twist to the story.

Unpredictable Ending – I always believe that authors who are able to contradict the reader’s expectations are the best. They are capable of generating something out of the box. 

Humor – At some point, I’d like to believe there are more jokes exclusive for American culture, which I can’t understand. But as a whole, the book was hilarious.

I will never forget the “Microsoft Dad” who boasts his job to a fellow parent. The Dad was describing the homepage of Windows and all the stuff that initially appears on the screen. The mother can’t figure out the Dad’s IT skills. Only to later discover that the mother is a MAC user. This made me laugh for a while.  

Character Development – Bee is the best person who encapsulated the requirements of Character Development. She literally and figuratively grew within the confines of transformation.

Change of Tone – The last parts of the novel was way different from all the humor presented in initial chapters. The novel ended with all the drama and tears.

The Mother and Daughter Story – The book is another literary piece that celebrated the unique relationship between mothers and daughters.

Perfect Antagonists – How unlikely of me to appreciate antagonists?! Haha They are the characters I wanted to eliminate using my own hands. Surprisingly, this is a rare piece that made realize the value of the antagonists. They added the meat and fueled the suspense of the story. They kept me holding on the story.

Overall, I’d like to give the book 4 out 5 stars. And yes, I will recommend this literary piece to all the members of the female populace. It’s a feel good read that celebrates mother-daughter relationship.

PS Pardon the grammatical errors, I typed this post bleary eyed at 1:20 am. So please BEER with me, I mean BEAR with me :) 

Friday, January 24, 2014

30 Things Life Taught Me # 10

Never cyber quarrel again.

In Filipino parlance, making parinig or ranting over people without the courage of mentioning their names is a practice I often observe in my Facebook or Twitter account.  For some reason, people tend to be more brave and vocal in status messages. But when you meet them in person, they can’t really utter half of what they posted in their Facebook account.

I will not pretend to have clean hands. I’m another guilty criminal. I ranted over a friend, colleague to a random stranger who ruined my day. When I was new to Facebook, my five friends were witnesses to my daily dose of clamor. Thank God I only had a few friends then. When I started increasing my Facebook contacts, the position reversed. I'm now fed by rants and angst from my contacts. It was when I realized all the irritation I've caused to my friends. Whenever I rant through a status message, I spread the bad vibes, gain enemies and worst, I allowed myself to be feasted by gossipers.

I rarely post status messages these days. Thanks to blogging because I found another venue to rant with longer character allocation. Hahaha  But seriously, I regretted all the hate messages I posted. I ended up deleting everything. I felt so stupid and immature.

I still express my complaints, issues in life and negative sentiments through status messages. But this time, I'm more careful with anything I post. As one network said, think before you click. In my case, don't post anything you can't really utter in person. 

Better yet,


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Beautiful Sunday # 91 - Overload

The work is just overflowing :( As I'm typing this post, my mind is somewhere else. I'm trying to figure out how to accomplish everything this weekend. Two freelance clients, five research papers to review, and my documentation project that is nearing the deadliest deadline. All in all, they contribute to my stress eating and lately, a very unlikely eruption of pimples?!? (I'm already too ugly to accommodate another set of ugliness hahaha)

Setting aside these stress hormones, let me share the few good things that made my week.

I've been having a hard time getting up every morning. Blame the colder temperature (20 degrees today in Manila!) and the sun that rises late on the early months of the year.

The literally and figuratively green window at the workplace! The window used to be an empty view of the sky and adjacent offices. Looks like the gardener is still on vacation mode.

On the way home, I noticed everyone taking pictures of the dark sky? When I checked my Instagram account, I learned the reason behind everything. The rare occurrence of the lunar ring explains everyone's sudden obsession of the sky.

Can you guess the green thing? I would have been the happiest if it was a semi-precious stone. It's just Advil in soft gel capsule Hahaha  This became my life saver after suffering from extreme menstrual cramps.

Did I just mention stress eating? :)

I'm catching up with my teaching files. I need to check papers and prepare midterm grades. Hence, I always leave the workplace late. The tall bottle of Coke and the instant spicy Yakisoba were my constant overtime companions. They kept me alive and awake :O

Pan de Manila's paper bag is love! I love the reprint of the very Filipino painting.

Mc Donald's Oreo McFlurry and french fries never fail to save a stressed self and a hungry stomach. Unhealthy? Yes! Happy? YES!! :)

Rice in a box in spicy chicken chorizo is another life saver. This is one of the best things that can happen to your Php 45.

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead!

Friday, January 17, 2014

My Experience with Book Depository : A Shopping Review

Before I make another long and boring post, let me already conclude my experience with  
Book Depository.

It was great! 

The story could have been the greatest if the antagonist did not delay the delivery of my parcel.

Let me now relate how I landed on Book Depository. 

I discovered Book Depository from another blogger. Given that I’m a bookaholic, I immediately checked their website. My initial intention was limited to browsing the site. Obviously, my shopaholic hormones prevailed. What convinced me to shop is the FREE WORLDWIDE shipping. Hooray! I verified this when I made a trial transaction. Upon check out, I also noticed the absence of additional fees or taxes. Given that I will only pay for the item, I decided to make my first international book purchase.

I searched for titles and was amazed with Book Depository’s extensive collections. All the books I want are available. Best about everything, they sell both paperback and hardbound editions. In terms of prices, I was quite surprised to discover that some of their books cost cheaper than retail prices of National Bookstore and Fully Booked. The box set of John Green's books costs Php 2,739 in our local bookstores. Book Depository sells it around Php 2,500.  My heart wants to play Rebecca Bloomwood, but my mind was telling me to slow down. Hence, I limited my purchase to one book.

I placed my first order during the last few hours of my birthday. I was sad that day, if you still remember that post. As always, I consoled myself with this shopping attempt. 

Online shopping in December is obviously not a good idea. The holiday break and the high volume of shipping and deliveries will contribute to nothing but delay. I prepared and conditioned myself for the inconvenience. However, my tolerance for a shipment delay does not cover a month.

Book Depository claims that on the average, international packages arrive 7-10 days. Mine was almost a month, excluding holidays and weekends already. I did the usual move. I sent an email to Book Depository’s customer service. In fairness to them, the customer service representative was very accommodating. We agreed to wait until the last day of January. A few days after, my order finally arrived!

The local post office’s mailman delivered my book at home. I’m aware that there are duty and import taxes for imported commodities. However, I’m also aware that books and other educational materials should be free from any form of taxes. I was quite surprised when my mother told me that the mailman charged Php 50 for the book. It was delivered right to our doorstep with a minimal fee. The amount is cheap but the absence of receipt is something .... never mind.

Whatever it is, I decided to let go. I’m just happy that Book Depository delivered its promise. Despite the delay and the minimal fee, this will not be the last time I will buy from Book Depository.

30 Things Life Taught Me # 9

Patience grows with negative experiences. 

My friends would often recognize my extended tolerance for everything agitating and irritating. I’m always the last person to verbally complain. I’d rather sacrifice to address someone else’s shortcoming. I can’t figure how I emerged as another martyr, given that a number of people in our family are not really known for patience. Haha I guess my silent personality explains everything. I hate arguments. I hate dealing with people who are best in ruining everything.

One thing I learned about Patience is its positive correlation with negative experiences. As I gain more negative experiences, my patience is moving with the limits of infinity.

In teaching for instance, my patience is forced to expand with every unique and challenging kid I encounter. With a new project, I meet different people and discover another set of workplace attitudes. Heehee

I guess at the end of the day, gaining more patience serves as the silver lining of every negative experience. Another negative experience means another opportunity to learn how to extend patience. :) 

30 Things Life Taught Me # 8

Money can buy happiness, if spent the right way.

I learned this through Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. I will never forget when she decided to spend her money to a new set of crisp white shirts. Despite the temptation of other clothes around, Gretchen was firm with her decision. Gretchen’s point was at the end of the day, she would always stick to her favorite white shirts.

I’m very guilty of buying things I don’t really need. The mall wide sale is a great temptation culprit. It’s always tempting to purchase items marked more than 50% off its original price.  I take these items home, only to later realize that they are useless and contribute to the never-ending chain of clutter. The ending, the hard-earned money was wasted. The opportunity to spend for other useful and meaningful things was never experienced.

I know the lesson but I will never claim learning. For sure, I’m bound to make another useless expenditure. In order to at least avoid the mistake, I decided to make a list of the things I want to own and achieve. The idea of writing down everything was also inspired by Carol. The list serves as a personal approach in redirecting efforts and resources. If I know what I want, I can easily figure out whether my hard-earned money is spent the right way.  A few of the items in my list include another travel opportunity, bags from Kate Spade and Tory Burch, new shelves for my books and my working space at home. My list will help me keep on track. If I receive my freelance earnings, I’d rather go home and spare the money. I’m postponing spending to achieve a happier ending.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

30 Things Life Taught Me # 7

You can never get everything you like.

But the good new is, better things will come your way.

During my jobseeker days, I remember passing the examination and interview of this banking institution. It was one of my dream companies. I felt so optimistic because I surpassed all the requirements months before I graduated from college. Sadly, the company turned me down. I was told that there are no job opportunities that match my limited skills and capability. It was my first taste of job rejection.  Months passed and I became used to more rejected job applications. lol When I finally settled to my first job, my dream company was acquired by another company. My friends who were hired eventually left and transferred.

Some years ago, a prestigious university in my country accepted my paper for presentation. Before the year ended, I was informed that the conference would not push through. The aftermath of the hostage-taking incident in Manila threatened all the foreign participants. A year after, I received an acceptance letter from a university in Taiwan. It was only then when I realized that the opportunity lost paved the way for a better opportunity.

This has been the mantra I’m trying to adopt whenever it feels like the entire world has turned its back against me. Give me enough time to rant and cry ;-), I can get back on track. I will make things happen.  

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Beautiful Sunday # 90 - What happened on the first work week of 2014?

It's a weekend of firsts. Not really a milestone heehee It's just the first weekend after my first full work week in 2014. Truth to be told, I haven't found my working pace yet. I'm still recovering from my two-week holiday break. Added to this my screaming empty wallet haha Why is payday seem so faraway?

Meanwhile, let me share the few beautiful things that made my week

A slice of Sans Rival -  How could I refuse my favorite?

Dunkin Donuts - You can never go wrong with Dunkin Donuts. I'm glad they are developing new variants such as the red velvet munchkins.

Chef Tony's Popcon in Country Cheddar - I can finish a small tub on my own. This kept me company while doing some freelance work during those wee hours.

Spam cooked in butter - Truth is, I didn't cook. I placed the slices and the tidbits of butter inside the oven toaster. Haha The end result was the inviting smell of butter in the entire kitchen.

Rocha's Puto (steamed rice cake) - Rocha's Puto originated in my hometown. This is a sure hit among our friends and relatives. You want one? We can meet in my hometown and consider it as my treat.

Sky Flakes in Oat Fiber and Tuna Mayo from  Century Tuna - Minus the mayonnaise, this is a healthier snack at the workplace. The Oat Fiber tastes better than the classic Sky Flakes. The Tuna Mayo comes in easy open can and retails for Php 28 in 7-11 stores. I'm sure it will be way cheaper in supermarkets. (Thanks dear friend T for referring the Tuna Mayo).

Dalandan (Sour Orange) - It's starting to cool down in Manila. Yay! While I appreciate the colder temperature as opposed the always summer weather here, I have to equip myself with enough Vitamin C.

Siomai with the fiercest chili garlic - Yes to this comfort food after a long day at work.

Braided Leather Belts - If you like something, buy everything haha There's still another piece in red, will I still purchase it?

Coin Purse from Ame & Lulu - There's no way I would purchase this purse for Php 1,950 ?!? Fortunately, the item was sold 75% off its original price. Win!

Necklace from Zalora - Thank you Zalora Philippines for the shopping credits.

My new read! - I first encountered the book from A Cup of Jo. Witty, funny and entertaining!

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

Friday, January 10, 2014

30 Things Life Taught Me # 6

Never give up your family.

I’ve witnessed how some of our relatives devastated each other. My late paternal grandma (Lola) is the greatest witness to quarrels and issues among our relatives. Whenever a relative visits Lola, conversations would often relate accusations and criticisms against another relative. These family clashes used to occur only among personal conversations. I’m amazed, irritated and entertained at the same time (haha) of how some relatives extended their harsh exchange of words in the cyberspace. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, I don’t need to unintentionally eavesdrop conversations inside Lola’s house. Lol

One thing I admire about my Lola is her capability to stay in the neutral ground. She was always fair, impartial and accommodating to everyone. There were a few relatives who tried to engage her in a spat. But Lola’s kind and forgiving heart overpowered everyone.

This is the best yet unsaid lesson I learned from Lola. You should never give up on your family. You can have a lot of friends but at the end of the day, you only have one family. Saying this made me remember a quote from, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Charlie is fascinated and interested on how this family irony works. “Everyone loves each other but no one really likes each other.” Yes, this applies to us too. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

30 Things Life Taught Me # 5

Monday, January 6, 2014

30 Things Life Taught Me # 4

A random act of kindness is priceless

Admit or not, we will never forget the random stranger who once helped us save the day.

I will never forget the fellow passenger who gave me coins in exchange for my paper bills. He spared me from enduring the long lines of the ticket counter.

I will never forget a fellow college student who chased me for the Php 100 bill that slipped out of my pocket.

I will never forget the Taiwanese national who tried his best to communicate in English and helped me reach downtown Tainan. He specifically gave instructions to the Taiwanese bus driver.

After the long bus travel from Taipei to Tainan, I will never forget the bus driver who helped me find a taxi enroute to my hotel.

I will never forget the immigration officer in Hong Kong who accommodated me, even though his station was limited to diplomat passport holders. He smiled and uttered a warm welcome before I left. (Don’t you just wish that all immigration officers were warm and friendly?) This happened within the aftermath of the hostage taking incident in Manila.

I will never forget the jeepney driver who sacrificed an opportunity to earn. He willingly brought my Lolo to the hospital, after having been accidentally hit by a motorbike.

I’m one of those people who are always reluctant in dealing with strangers. In a way, I feel guilty about this.  In my desire to protect myself, I’m overpowered with the act of imposing a negative image to everyone. But when I’m alone and the situation demands for help, I have to pray, hope and rely to an act of kindness from another random stranger.

While it’s quite a challenge to move away from the stereotyped image I impose with strangers, I try my best to become the better stranger. J Pay it forward as they say, I wanted to become the trusted and the heaven sent stranger. They may not know my name. They will surely forget my face. At the end of the day, it always feels good to be remembered as the person who once saved the day.

Kamiseta's Online Shopping Disappointed Me

I've been loyal customer of Kamiseta since I started working. There was even a time when every payday entailed a trip to their branch at Gateway Mall.

Last December, I chance to visit a few of their boutiques. I was able to purchase two blouses and the red quilted bag I blogged here. I liked the bag so much. I even asked my friends to buy me another piece for my birthday. My friend Anne also liked the bag. She was eyeing for a piece in navy blue. Unfortunately, the branches we visited don't anymore have stocks. I wanted to help Anne so I checked their online shop. To my surprise, it was available so I hurriedly purchased. I made the online transaction last December 31, 2013. Given the holiday break, I wasn't expecting an immediate response. Unfortunately, the next days gave me nothing but disappointment to Kamiseta's online shopping services. Allow me to enumerate the loopholes of their services.

1. The user account does not provide a facility for password recovery - I forgot the password of my first shopping account. I tried to retrieve the password through email, the usual process implemented by sites that require account sign in. Hours passed, I never received the password recovery email. To resolve the issue, I decided to create a new account instead.

2. I never received any confirmation of successful transaction on my email - Kamiseta's shipping policy states that a confirmation email shall be sent to verify the successful transaction. Days and almost a week passed, I never received even an auto-generated email. Good thing, I had transaction record in my Paypal Account. It was my last saving grace.

3. It took them several days to respond to my email - I was beginning to worry about the status of my transaction. I logged in to my shopping account to discover nothing. No transaction number or history of my order. I decided to send an email last Saturday, January 4, 2014. I checked my email on Monday morning, no response at all. I decided to fax a follow up letter which included the payment details from Paypal. I was able to successfully fax my letter after countless attempts of redialing their always busy number.

They were able to finally send a response before lunch time. Much to my dismay, this is the content of the email

Fine. This led me to identify two more problems

4. Stocks on their online shop are not updated on real time - Stocks in online shopping should be updated on real time. This is a basic requirement among online shopping facilities. You wouldn't sell something that is not available in the first place.

5. They lack customer service skills - SORRY. If the item is no longer available, they should make a way to address the problem. In my case, the lousy email escalated my level of irritation. WHAT NOW? The burden of their mistake was suddenly returned to me. In my opinion, they should have given me options. They should have asked me if I want another item or a refund.

I was no longer interested in purchasing anything. I made the decision. I demanded a refund. This was the response I received

Heck, another lousy response?! Waiting game? They should have included details when to expect my refund and possibly, whom to reach in case they fail again.

I gave them the last chance. Before hitting the publish button, I checked my Paypal account. Oh finally, the refund was processed.

Given the experience, it would take me some time to shop online from them. I'm not withdrawing my loyalty to the brand though. To avoid the inconvenience and irritation, I will stick to my usual shopping routine. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Beautiful Sunday # 89 - Traditions and Discoveries

This is my first Beautiful Sunday post for 2014!

I enjoyed my much needed two-week holiday break. I will be back to work tomorrow, meeting my dearest college kiddies and documentation project at the office. Before I finally return to work mode, let me share the few good and beautiful things I had.

An overflowing refrigerator because of New Year Eve's leftover, best! Great and overflowing food never fails to bring good mood. Hahaha

Pizza Hut's 7-cheese is another foodie discovery. Thin crust pizza oozing with different layers of cheese feels like a heaven of grease.

New Year's eve will never be complete without my all time favorite nachos with homemade cheese, ground meat and cabbage slices. 
New Discoveries + Traditions
I was able to finally taste YAKITORIONE in SM Aura. I had doubts and apprehensions. I was worried that I will end up ordering from 4 Fingers. My hesitations faded as soon as I tasted their Chicken Karaage. It was the best! Yakitorione will make it as one great reason to visit SM Aura.

As for traditions, I never blogged about my other favorite childhood fastfood chain. As of date, there are only counted branches of Tropical Hut Hamburgers. Luckily, the branch in my hometown is still alive. Despite the presence of other fastfood giants such as KFC, Jollibee and Mc Donald's in the area, Tropical Hut remains still. It even operates 24/7. It may not be appealing to kids today but I will always love this locally owned chain. The quality of the food remains consistent and customer service is best.

Still about food, these are just some of the treats I savoured over the holiday break. Cupcake from Brownies Unlimited never fails to make me happy. Red Velvet and Oreo Cookies from Sophie's Mom are the best! If only SM Megamall is not too far from work and home. Green mangoes with homemade sweet and spicy bagoong is perfect after our excessive intake of meat dishes. The black grapes has been my constant companion in those wee hours spent for writing and editing papers.

I will miss the colourful and creative Xmas decors in shopping malls. Before the holiday break, I went to Resorts World Manila with my few workplace friends. We explored the high end mall and casino and almost ended up eating at Mc Donald's. LOL Good thing, I was able to convince my friends to try another dining place. In my mind then, I wouldn't take time to visit Resorts World just to eat at Mc Donald's.

Before going home, I was able to take home french macarons from TWG. Yay or nay? Can I just say that for the price of Php 360, I was expecting more.

Here are some of my favorite presents last Christmas. The milk box contains a nice shirt from Kamiseta. Cute and unique packaging! A huge but cute notebook from my cousin A and my favorite perfume generously given by my Big Boss :)

Lastly, may I share how my Christmas shopping become easier. In my desire to lessen my trips to the shopping mall, I engaged to some online shopping for my few friends. One of my trusted shopping sites is Zalora.

Zalora is based in the Philippines so no worries about shipping fees and duration. With Zalora, I was spared from the long lines and exhausting commute to shopping malls. I also feel that I'm saved from unnecessary expenditures. This includes an expensive full meal, taxi fare or high gasoline consumption brought by the holiday traffic. I enjoyed my holiday break without the hassles of shopping. To further understand the system of online shopping and its security features, you can refer to this post.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!