Sunday, November 26, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 293 - Last for November

And just like that, November is about to end. Save for the classic question, where did time go?

I'm typing this post with some backaches and leg pains. Carrying heavy bags for several days, endless walking, taking long baths after a long day and bad sleeping positions. My body must have been surprised after a week long break. Big thanks to the wonders of salonpas, I feel better and spared from resorting to pain relievers. 

I had another full week. It all started when I overlooked the start of my classes. Much to my surprise, the Friday night schedule did not leave me. I thought I'm done being the last person to leave the office every Friday. Surprise, there's another 6 months to survive. Save for the love for teaching, I'm looking forward for another meaningful semester. On a lighter note, going home after 9 pm feels less depressing these days. The extended mall hours is a life saver. I don't have to rush for dinner, attend to some last minute errands and squeeze in some Christmas related shopping. Oh, the Christmas rush! It can be stressful but I love the sight of people shopping for gifts, friends reunited and families going to the church together. It gives me that rare warmth and happiness everywhere. 

At the workplace, the last months of the year mark a lot of festivities. It starts with the founding anniversary and later, all the Christmas related festivities. Work is lighter, the environment is happier, and everyone seems to be easy to deal with. :p Like probably most of my colleagues, everyone is wishing this atmosphere to last the entire year. ;) 

Meanwhile, here are the other beautiful things that happened last week

For the love of books and anything in blue ;)

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

My Book Giveaway is still ongoing

Hello everyone! Just a quick post for my Philippine based readers. You can still enter my book giveaway. All you need to do is answer the form below.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 292 - A Week Well Spent

I started typing this post on a Sunday night. Problem is, looks like it will be published tomorrow because of our poor internet connection. This is the best time to recall and cap off another week. I'm beyond grateful for this unexpected break. I had a great time with my family and a few friends. I slept and woke up at my own pace. I had my much awaited ramen with my mother. I was able to see new places, even within the city. The highlight of this week was the hotel staycation with my friend K. 

Here's the past week in photos

Skyscrapers and City lights - The view from our hotel room, the rare times when the city felt so quiet and peaceful.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 291 - Sweet November

It's another long weekend ahead. Prior to this holiday, I had a relaxing work week. The evening classes are over. I finished a few paper works. We had our annual spiritual recollection. Before the week ended, an unexpected typhoon arrived in Manila. It started to rain on Thursday afternoon. In times like this, heavy traffic is no longer surprising. But since most schools are on a semestral break, traffic was manageable. Added to this, it's one of the rare times when Manila felt like Baguio or Tagaytay. The cold breeze felt so soothing. Same went when I reached home. It was the best way to end another week.

On the weekend, I managed to attend to some errands. It was so tiring, I didn't anticipate the horrible traffic in EDSA. If there's any consolation to my exhaustion, the great sale finds and arriving home with my online orders delivered. I want to finish all the Christmas gift shopping before December comes.

I'm trying to recall anything significant last week. Unfortunately, my memory can't provide me anything worth sharing. ;) My Facebook account is better because it provides me posts showing the best memories. The week was filled with photos reminding me of the trip to Hong Kong with my family. I'm dreaming of visiting Taiwan with them, given that the visa requirement has been lifted. But as always, there are other priorities. :)

Here are the other beautiful things that happened last week.

Random find from Fully Booked - My initial plan was to buy a few gifts from Fully Booked. I ended buying gift cards and taking this book.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Book Giveaway Here! (for Philippine based readers only)

Because my favorite time of the year is about to come, I decided to host a small giveaway here. :) I'm giving away a copy of one of my favorite books.

You have to chance to win Paul Arden's It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be. Entering the giveaway is easy. Just answer the embedded form below.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 290 - The long break ends

It’s been a great week-long break. Except for Christmas and Holy Week, it’s a rare chance to escape from my usual routine. Time was on my side. I was able to accomplish a lot of items in my list. Visit the salon, check examination papers, encode grades, clean my room, squeezed in a freelance work, attended some family related errands and finished some books. Everything seemed perfect except for the absence of a decent internet connection. In effect, I became dependent with my data plan and God knows how much fear I have for my next bill. Other than this little inconvenience, I’m feeling grateful for the past week.

I’m trying to narrow down my list of best things this week. Everything started with the rainy weather. I know, the rain is a hassle for most. In my case, I found comfort and relaxation from the cold weather. Some food like ramen tastes better in this kind of weather. I tried two different ramen and Tokyo Tokyo’s Siracha Beef Ramen made it for me. I love that it comes in sizes and since it’s Tokyo Tokyo, expect it to be budget friendly. (Typing this, I dream of having another bowl this week.) At home, I enjoyed my non-meat meals. I owe everything to my mother, who prepared my favorite pink salmon and steamed tilapia in butter and garlic.  In a way, I felt “detoxified” because I had a week of healthier meals. And even though I have limited movements at home, I don’t feel any sign of bloatedness. I was able to regulate my food intakes. It’s far from my usual appetite at work, where I always feel hungry. My only regret, I could have accompanied my week-long break with proper exercise. 

Other than relaxation, here are the other beautiful things that happened this week

On my table after a long day for errand – Sign of a good read, a lot of sticky notes some pages. 

My Shipping Cart Experience : The Second Time Around

UPDATE as of January 12, 2019 : I blogged about my my recent experience in this post.

Two years ago, I shared my experience with Shipping Cart in this post. I was highly satisfied with the speed of delivery and cheapest shipping fee I've encountered. Unfortunately, the post was flooded with comments relating negative experiences.  It went to the extent that some readers accused me of misleading other people. It felt unfair on my end. In the first place, I wasn't responsible for their lost or delayed their packages. Also, just because I had a great experience and others didn't make me a less credible person. 

Despite having a different positive experience, I decided to try another cargo forwarding company on my next purchase. This company delivered fast, setting aside the unexpected hefty shipping fees. This year, I took the risk of returning to Shipping Cart. The succeeding part of this post relates my entire experience.

After years of having an inactive Shipping Cart account, nothing much changed in it's interface. The process remained the same. I used Shipping Cart's US address in California and distinct account number assigned to my name. I monitored my shipment sent via UPS until it reached Shipping Cart's address. Everything worked well in my second attempt. To give you an idea, here' a timeline of my shipping experience.