Sunday, May 21, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 256 - Cycles

Life and its cycles. It was one of those weeks when I sit down and become involved in accomplishing a recurring task. If my memory serves me right, it has been 6 or 7 years. While it has been the same activity, its outcome remains unpredictable. On the rare times, I ended the day feeling fulfilled and grateful. In most cases, something sad and frustrating is bound to happen. This task eventually brought me another recurring realization. There's a different system governing the world of grownups. 

As a kid, I was taught to help anyone in need. In the world of grownups, helping sometimes means an opportunity to emphasize one's inferiority and highlight another person's superiority. A person who never apologize and admit shortcomings eventually become praiseworthy. When did pride and ego become a measure of strength and superiority? This is way contrary to that classic childhood reminder that being good meant being humble, admitting mistakes and saying sorry. As kids, everyone is encouraged to make friends. In the world of adulthood, one becomes selective in accepting and initiating friendships. We try to protect ourselves from people who befriend us for a selfish purpose. 

On the positive side, I love how the world of adults redefine happiness in its simplest and shallowest form. Handwritten notes never fail to warm my heart. I don't remember having the same level of appreciation as a kid. A pat from the back, hug and those appreciative gestures will be more than enough to make my day.  

I guess I'm making a long and serious post. To lighten up things, here are some photos that made the past week

Some postcards showcasing my dream space - Having my own library still counts both as a childhood and grown up dream

Journal entry for this week - Looking at my planner, I worried a lot about something this week. ;p Only to find out that 90%  of it did not happen. Hahaha 

Another thing that consumed me this week, the defective iPhone I received from my plan. The phone kept shutting down on its own. It was the third time I visited Power Mac's service center in SM North Edsa. I feel so exhausted and irritated.

I gave in to the white Keds sneakers :p -  I was reluctant to purchase a white pair of sneakers because it easily acquires dirt and looks too bare and simple. Unfortunately or fortunately, I have been surrounded by people who were able to wear the pair with "class" and "style." :p Though its color does not complement my dark skin tone, I love that this pair feels so soft and comfortable. Better than my usual pair of flats because of the thicker sole support. 

Meanwhile, in my efforts to console myself :p Found some refuge in an old book

It's been weeks since I was able to devote a Saturday night for a blog post. I miss Saturdays like this. Watching weekend shows with my parents, potato chips and a decent internet connection. I was occupied with freelance works over the past weeks and the defective iPhone unit is testing my patience. I'm hoping to be given a replacement unit. I can't accommodate another diagnostic test that will declare the absence of problems. When I eventually use the phone, another set of previously undetected issues will arise. I will again return to Power Mac and ..... the same cycle will recur. Seriously, I'm beginning to lose trust with Power Mac's service center and Apple's devices.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! Hopefully, better than mine :p

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 265 - Trips and Treats

Before anything else, Happy Mother's Day!!!! I've been waiting for this day weeks ago. It's the rare chance I get to treat my mother on a weekend. These days, it's quite a challenge to encourage my senior citizen parents to go out. We went to the mall, had great lunch and did some shopping. I also took advantage of the time to return the defective iPhone I received from my plan. :( Actually, much of my weekend was consumed by that phone. I was able to use it for several hours until it died and went to iCloud heaven. :p Part of the photos for this Sunday posts were taken by it's camera, which I failed to back up. Award! hahaha I was able to salvage some photos from my old phone. 

I was tempted to use the word revelation for this post. It was another week when I discovered something that changed the way I view some people and I guess, life in general. My doubts were confirmed. I was able to open another can of worms. Over time, I gained this grown up realization of how ignorance define real bliss. The unfortunate trade-off of knowing the truth includes having doubts, confusion and losing that hard earned trust. The irony of trust, it takes years to build and a snap to ruin everything. It sounds like I'm on my way to deliver a negative blog post. :p

On the positive side, some great news came along the way. In the middle of the week, I received my teaching evaluation results. The testimonies of my students were enough to make me believe on the rare times I've done something right in my life. :p I accomplished all my errands on Friday. I finished and gained another set of freelance works. The past week could have been less exhausting if I had sightings and interaction with my crush. ahahahaha 

Meanwhile, here a few photos I was able to salvage from the past week

I toured my friend M in my hometown last Saturday. The real intention was for her to try Rustic Mornings by Isabelo. We finished early so we visited the nearby Shoe Museum. Though much of the collections belong to the popular former first lady, the place is still worth a visit. 

Left is the photo of an old church in my hometown - Honestly, I wasn't impressed with this church. It took a friend to make me appreciate its structure and the spacious area it provides.

On the right is a beach front somewhere in Batangas - It wasn't another vacation, some errands enabled me to discover this area yet to be developed.

Unexpected meet up with my friend T - They forced me to treat them at our favorite pizza place. Hahaha 

French macarons is love - A few of the treats I savored during Mother's Day

Breakfast at Rustic Mornings by Isabelo - Goodbye exercise hahahaha 

While typing this post, my legs feel so heavy from all the walking I've done this week. Same as with my arms filled with strips of Salonpas. Proof that I needed to shed off some weight. :p

I was looking forward to have a relaxing week. Unfortunately, the activities lined up spells another exhausting story. I'm also feeling quite rattled because of some pending works ahead. Wishing everyone a great week ahead! Hopefully, it's a little less exhausting than mine. :)  

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 264 - First of May

I'm typing this post feeling a little relieved. For a change, I think I'm starting my Sunday post on a positive note. :p My happiness radiates from some discovered solutions to my list of grown up struggles. The grip around my neck is starting to loosen up. While everything is still uncertain, I'm starting to feel optimistic because of the little progress I'm making. Hopefully, everything will turn out as planned.

I was "home alone" at the workplace the past week. Most of my colleagues were on vacation leave. The atmosphere felt melancholy, silence was deafening, but I was able to accomplish my tasks. There's something about silence and stillness that make me motivated and productive. To keep me alive and entertained, I steal office hours by browsing my Facebook newsfeed. :p There were a number of events that sparked discussions enough for one month. Starting with the elected government official who left an insensitive label to unmarried mothers. There was also the dedicated cabinet secretary whose appointment was rejected by the another set of government officials. As it appears, everything boils down on protecting some vested interests. 

Other than political issues, I will never forget the young professional who was able to produce millions in his bank account. This started several weeks ago, it was only this week when I remembered everything. Unfortunately, the expected admiration was overpowered by criticism. While he gained my respect from the discipline in saving, I cannot dismiss the opinions of the netizens. True enough, it was not impossible to raise millions from someone who earns a six-digit rate. His intention to become an inspiration didn't work out. More than the negative sentiments, this case captured my interest in the field of image management, social media branding, analytics and the like. Is there a profession dedicated in planning and building social media image? I can already identify a list of potential clients, those who once tainted their reputation with a mere post from their social media account.

Setting aside all these news and controversies, here are the beautiful things that made the past week

What weekend mornings are made of , a coffee table book, sunrise and a slice of my favorite cake

Messy planner output this week

My Melody and a witty quote :p - 90s kids who love everything about Sanrio will love this My Melody toy from every Mc Donald's Happy Meal

Philip & Ana's maiden book - I'm thrilled to receive a free copy from a friend. Thanks Mother E! Know more about the book and the company here.

Me and my love for vintage diecast cars  - My grown up boy's wish is to collect these beetle cars in different colors. 

I'm typing this post while watching some late night news. I somehow regret it because I'm beginning to absorb all the negativities. :p I gained some unnecessary stress. So much frustrations and disappointments around. This is one of the major reasons why I love to stick with my K. dramas. Sure, it would make me dumb and hopeless. But heck, the absence of unnecessary stress seem to be so worth it. 

Meanwhile, my family will be on a road trip tomorrow. We'll be visiting some relatives in the province. I'm looking forward to have a great time. By this, I mean my relatives would stop asking me when will I get married. :p I guess the blame goes to my crush who cannot compensate all the attention and efforts I'm giving. Hahahahahahaahaha

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 263 - Revealed

I was trying to figure out the best word to summarize the week. The first word that came to my mind, revelation. I had too much of it in one week, both on the positive and negative sides. Of all the things revealed to me, something disheartening stood out. It made me question some friendships I nurtured many years ago. I thought those years were more than enough to withstand anything. As it appears, I never learned. Even the strongest and longest friendships can be withered. While my heart is yearning to save what has been left, my attempts planted more wounds. It made me discover more things I wished I never knew.

Burning bridges has always been my last option. I've done it once and I don't intend to be in the same place again. Even if it meant, the bridges I burned will eventually light the way. With all the circumstances, I guess I have to stick with the good old ways. Hold on to my silence and wait for the day when I can say, all wounds have been healed.

While another sad experience dominated the past week, there are still some positive stories that happened in between. First on the list is the unexpected long weekend. Aside from the Labor Day, work was suspended last Friday. I gained some freelance works and the usual pre-weekend dinner with my friend A. Here are other beautiful things that made the past week through photos.

The most awaited meet up with my Cath Kidston Sisters - Hi Mother E and Leah! Almost half of my Saturday was spent with them. Great food, stories and some shopping escapade for my friends. This makes me remember, I wasn't able to buy anything for myself. Accomplishment!!!!! Haha 

Happy Mail -Thank you for the postcards, Marieken and Terra It is always a great day whenever I arrive home with your postcards. 

Because I failed to post my journal entry last week, I'm making two entries. :) My recent journal addiction is the clear stamps from National Bookstore. It took me some time before giving in because finding an acrylic block was a challenge. I was able to purchase one from Lazada and another from an Instagram based seller. Also in the photo are vintage stickers and labels, another journaling item I love to hoard lately. 

And another set of items that define my shallow happiness - Book from Mother E, personalized cards from Leah, vintage stickers and the free postcard from Papemelroti.

I'm typing this post on a Sunday night with my usual quiet time with my family. Watching The Voice, potato chips, Coke and finding some humor in between. While I'm thankful for the holiday break, I can't believe that it's ending tomorrow. I'm trying to recall what have I accomplished. If rest can qualify, I guess I had too much of it. :p 

I wanted to end this post on a positive note. I'd like to believe that there's always a silver lining behind everything. I probably lost something valuable today. Perhaps, the space left can make room for emerging friendships and opportunities I have yet to explore.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 262 - Last for April

The month of April flew so fast for me. A few weeks ago, I remember feeling sentimental because another semester has ended. Then the annual graduation came, with our usual role behind the scenes. The Holy Week came in perfect timing as it provided the much needed break. The happenings over the past week were too much for me. It felt like a week was not enough for everything. The week started fine, some good things happened in between but in the end, there were so much worries, disappointments and some questions of regrets?  I always have the tendency to overanalyze everything. While I advocate for simplicity, there are days when paralysis by overanalysis happen to me. I'll be faced with the most analyzed options. In the end, I will make the least reasonable decision. Beat that! Hahaha When will I really grow up? 

While I'm trying to figure out everything, I'm ending this post with my favorite photo this week. We had our annual summer outing at the workplace in a beach somewhere in Batangas. I originally planned to write a long post. Unfortunately, some minor yet stressful concern came along the way. My mobile phone broke down. :( A replacement is NOT in the budget. As consequence, my plan to acquire my dream Sony Camera a5000 will be set aside. (Insert selfish and childish cry hahahaha)

On the positive side, we're having an unexpected long weekend. Hoping to spend it making the best memories. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 261 - Stronger

Hello everyone! Before anything else, Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a meaningful break. I spent the past few days at home with my family. Like the past years, I had plans. Clean my room, arrange documents, exercise, but most dealt with work related tasks. I'm happy to report that I'm done with my freelance works. Outputs were delivered and deadlines were met. 

I wanted to give myself some pat on the back for a job well done. So in between accomplished tasks, I rewarded myself with some online purchases.:p Yesterday, I also treated myself with some movie marathon. I was one of the many fans who lined up for the first screening of #FF8. Eight installments, each was released every two years. If my estimates are correct, it has been 16 years. I literally grew up with this film! I felt sadness when I saw Dominic Toretto and Bryan O'Conner parted ways on #FF7. I also got used to watching the movie, until the credits are finished. Unfortunately, #FF8 never had one of those sequel teasers. So to fellow fans, don't bother finishing the after credits. We are left guessing and waiting again. 

Meanwhile here are the few beautiful things that made my most awaited break. 

Summer rain and a gloomy Easter Sunday - We have been experiencing rain showers in the afternoon. It's a great way to end a long summer day. 

Afternoon picnics and summer sunsets at home - You know you're getting old when you start appreciating silence, stillness, and all the comforts of home. 

Found some inspiration and ideas from postcards

Good Friday treats - It has always been a family tradition to cook Filipino merienda on Good Friday. Over the past years, we even had family reunions. This year, there was no reunion organized. Quite sad, but I enjoyed my quiet time with my own family. 

Another weekly round up - More stickers and post its!!!! Lately, I realized that my definition of happiness and relaxation meant writing entries in my planner and playing with my collection of colorful post its and stickers.

So much thoughts are running in my head while writing this post. Much of it are grown up concerns, priorities and life plans in general. My thoughts are all scattered. It doesn't help that I'm watching a stressful movie, those that deals with unfaithful husbands. Hahaha I'm nowhere close in experiencing such problem. Going back, I wanted to express my constant wish lately. And no, it's all about my crush again. Hahahaha I'm on that stage of trying to figure things out, defining directions and discovering my path. It doesn't help that time is not on my side. My age and responsibilities add to the list of pressures. So much things scare me, but once in a while, I find refuge on unexpected people and places. 

I guess those things that happen in between make up for everything. Hopefully, I'll be able to figure things out. Borrowing some lines from this stressful movie, we are stronger than our weaknesses. :) 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 260 - What I thought

When one my major projects ended, I thought the remaining weeks will be slow and relaxing. Monday started with an appreciation lunch for the team and the rare times I reached home early. The succeeding days went surprisingly crazy and exhausting. Receiving news about death. Discovering works to be accomplished. Cramming for preparations. Rendering my usual contribution in the pre-graduation activities. The most that drained me was something that happened before the week ended. It was one of those days when someone made me feel stupid and disrespected. My saving grace was as always, the company of a great friend. Had it not because of my friend A, I would suffer from another drama anthology. Hahahaha We spent the remaining hours of the week with pizza, pasta and tons of heartbreaking stories. Shallow as it seems, all I needed is a friend who never gets tired of listening. 

Everyone here is looking forward for the upcoming week, the Holy Week break. Everyone is on vacation mode. In my case, I'm all contented with my slow and quiet time at home. It's like the usual weekend, except that I have longer time to rest and opportunity for another family reunion. I hope one of my cousins would take time organize a family lunch or merienda. 

Meanwhile, here are some of the beautiful things that happened last week

The default photo of the week  :)

Happy Mail, thank you Terra!

A typical weekend morning

I seem to follow a default pattern in writing my Sunday posts. Pardon the boredom but my creativity juices were also drained by the summer heat. :p And for those who have been reading my posts, you can easily predict how this post will end. I saw my crush this week hahahahahaahaha Unfortunately, the encounter was useless and frustrating. (insert teenage tantrum here) Hahahaha It also didn't help that I saw some demotivating posts about him on Facebook. I somehow regret doing some online stalking.  Nevertheless, I'm not giving up. :D The battle is still alive, same goes with the setback that happened before the week ended. Aja, aja! 

Gifts from

When this year started, I developed a new interest. Decorating my planner, or if this can qualify as "journaling", then let it count as my new found venture. I have been maintaining planners over the past years, but most contained text accounts of my usual day. Back when I regained my interest in blogging, everything has been transferred in this online platform. The additional social media accounts also made me more attached with other online mechanisms. I thought there's no more turning back from the manual approach. But my constant exposure to Instagram changed everything. I discovered communities of bloggers and non-bloggers showcasing their traditional planners and journals. This time though, a different and higher level creativity is involved. I discovered Moleskines, Midori Notebooks to simple planners with drawings, paintings, calligraphy works and what seems to be a different level of scrapbooking. 

In my case, I don't know how to paint, draw or render a calligraphy work. I used to draw in my Elementary days. Looking back, part of me is wishing I still have the interest. My skills would have improved and I have a creative outlet on the side. For now, I content myself with a little scrapbooking approach in my planner. 

A few months ago, the people behind offered to send me some planner goodies. I received some washi tapes, jute string, desk decor and a kinetic toy.  My favorite has to be the washi tapes. I love seeing a stack of washi tapes of different colors and design. My weird self finds it therapeutic and refreshing. Aside from decorating my planner, the tapes will be useful for my other interests, like letter writing and postcards. Thank you These goodies will go a long way.:)  

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Postcard Series : Jorge Pineda of Manila and Ramon Guerin of Cuba in 1905

I'm not sure if there are people who share my interest with used postcards. Most people would probably find it as a weird and unusual hobby. My interest started when I scored this postcard from Baltimore from a vintage shop in Sta. Cruz Manila. Upon browsing the dusty pile of old cards, I started to notice pieces of used postcards. Like my usual purchase behavior, it started with one card and the rest was another story of shopping addiction. ;) 

Lately, my reliable shop in Sta. Cruz, Manila hibernated again. I'm not even sure if the shop is still on operation. When I checked my archive, my last attempt to feature a used postcard was on August 17, 2016.  I thought my weird and old hobby would die. Fortunately, my recent visit to the Manila Central Post Office opened an alternative. I encountered an old woman offering used postcards. Her collections are great, except for prices. And because I miss my old hobby, I took the bait of making another unnecessary purchase. 

The postcard originated from Cuba and sent to Manila in 1905. It features the Havana Central Park. The illustration is more than a century old. Hence, I was expecting some major transformations. True enough, I can't find photos that feature the tamed and seated lions.

The postmark is still clear in actual. It's just difficult to capture the details because its color blended with the design of the postcard. The postmark is important because it confirms the age of the postcard. 

The postcard is intended for Jorge Pineda. It would have been easier to track Jorge Pineda if his actual address was used. Using P.O. Box as a delivery address didn't help my research. 

There are surely a number of Jorge Pineda in the Philippines. However, I knew an artist with the same name. I'm inclined to believe this card belongs to a prolific painter. I knew him as one of the first Filipino cartoonists and a painter depicting Filipino hometown scenes. A few years ago, his name became popular among art collectors. His heirs denied the authenticity of a painting in a local auction. They were claiming that the original painting is still under the family's custody. Some art collectors explained the possibility that Pineda might have created duplicates or miniature of the Las Buyeras (Betel Nut Vendors).  This case also happened in some of Fernando Amorsolo's art works. 

If my details are valid, Jorge Pineda was born on 1837. He is around 26 years old when he received the postcard. He died in 1946 at 67 years old. 

As for the sender, I almost didn't notice that he provided his name. On the left is a stamped name of Ramon D. Guerin, Box. 5, Cienfuegos. I verified Cienfuegos and learned that it serves as the capital province of the southeastern coast of Cuba. This provides additional support of the postcard originating from Cuba.

I tried to search details about Ramon D. Guerin. The nearest I found was an online census record.  He was born about 1884 in Cuba. If such detail is correct, Ramon D. Guerin was 21 years old when he sent this post card.

It is too difficult to translate the handwriting in the postcard. However, a great friend helped me extract the message. Thank you Mother E!!!!

He recibido con places su bella postal for la le day mil lo que por las diele que use envia que desea y le feara la ver rauictis le tengo que pedirly i la por no es esta. esperas do mas gratus noticias. Quedo, S.S.R.D.G

Google Translate's direct translation 

I have received with places his beautiful postcard for the day one thousand what for the diele that he uses sends that he wishes and he fears to see him rauictis I have to ask him and I for it is not this. Waits for the most gratus news. Quedo, S.S.R.D.G

I failed to cull details of their relationship. I'm wishing that anyone here can help in the translation. 

For now, I'll leave this post hanging in my tree of uncertainty. 

Summer Wishlist from Stylewe

A few weeks from now, I'm hoping to temporarily refrain from wearing my usual office uniform. It's thick and heavy fabric is not complementing the upcoming summer weather. I've been wanting to wear my comfortable jeans, trousers and cotton tops. Unfortunately, my weight gain problem has been causing me some wardrobe problems. :p Adding my adherence to the KonMari principles, I'm often left with a few pieces in my closet. I'm preventing myself to commit purchases. Instead, I often entertain myself with some online window shopping. That's life for me lately. :) Recently, Peter of StyleWe invited me to browse their clothing line.  I have compiled the few pieces that captured my interest.

Left to Right Clockwise 1 - 2  - 3 - 4 -

There are more styles and fashion pieces available at StyleWe. For summer, they have varied sets of black kimono and for formal events, some sequin jumpsuit

For more information about StyleWe, check out their Frequently Asked Questions page here

Chic Mall

It's that time of the year again. Working in the academe, this is a prevalent expression whenever the months of March to May arrive. My colleagues are busy with their respective roles for this yearend activity. Graduates meanwhile savor the remaining days of preparations. A significant part of a graduate's preparation is the dress, especially for the members of the female populace. Of the years I've been exposed to graduations, I noticed that the little black dress still prove to be the safest option. A black dress fits all body types, height and occasions. However, finding the cheapest black evening dress is not the easiest task. Recently, I discovered Chic Mall, an online shopping place for dresses to wedding gowns. 

Among the different LBDs I saw, here happens to be my favorite
Natürliche Abschluss Fallen Appliques

günstige schwarze abendkleider

Visit Chic Mall here for more details. 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 259 - First for April

This weekend has been one of the most awaited. Contrary to expectation, I don't have travel plans or any activity to look forward. I just wanted to rest. The past work week has been the most exhausting this year. It entailed reporting for work at 7 am and leaving the workplace beyond 9 pm. Running around offices again like a headless chicken. Revising a 100 page document within the day. Waiting for results until 9 pm. I have anticipated all the exhaustion at the end of the week. Hence, I filed a leave on Friday. My rest day started with a trip in Binondo with my cousin. We walked the entire stretch of Ongpin, ate hand pulled noodles, dimsum, and capped the day with some shopping at 168 mall. I was tired but not stressed. It was refreshing, despite the summer heat and relaxing to temporarily escape from reality.

I had the best sleep last Friday. Waking up late on Saturday compensated for everything. Savoring my long bath with my favorite milk body wash, smelling my favorite Green Bamboo scent from my humidifier, beef in tamarind broth for lunch, potato chips and Coke and another opportunity to savor the best sleep. True enough, the best rest comes after the longest stress. :p

Meanwhile, here are some of the beautiful things for this week

And the default photo of the week hahaha

I have so much stories written in my planner. Some are worth sharing and the rest, I have to keep it to myself. My recent project enabled me to work with another group of colleagues. Hats off to my colleagues, who rendered unwavering support and cooperation. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. The least I can do is treat them for lunch. We ate the best barbecue and fresh green salad to end a successful endeavor. In a way, I also felt that I gained new sources of friendships. Thank you L, P, J, D, and N! Let's continue working, hoping and praying for the best! 

My loot from Binondo - When in Binondo, most people visit the popular Eng Bee Tin stores. In my case, I prefer the old Salazar Bakery. I love their ready-to-eat tikoy rolls. I also bought a childhood favorite, Haw Flakes and sunflower seeds. Also in the photo is a charm bracelet given by my cousin. Thanks Ite A!

What weekend mornings are made of - Enjoying freshly squeezed juice, brojas biscuits, and a nice coffee table book define the best weekend morning.

The upcoming week will be my last week in teaching. Where did 6 months go? I'm not sure if I will still be given the chance to teach next school year. Much of it can be explained by the transition period of the K-12 system. On the next school year, colleges and universities will not have freshmen and sophomore students. There will be lesser teaching assignments and being a part time faculty member, I'm aware that I'm not a priority. I'll be stuck with my office work, while waiting for another set of drastic changes to be implemented. 

In the last part of my previous post, I expressed my "grown up" and "childish" desire to encounter my crush. I would like to believe that some of you prayed with me. Hahahahahaha Seeing the person you admire is the best antidote for a demanding workday. I have the same wish this week. Please continue praying with me. Hahahaha A date with my crush will surely be a great material for my blog. ;)

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!  

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 258 - First Day Cover

Stressful and exhausting. This was the theme of the past week. I was running around like a headless chicken, visiting offices and seeking documents. I leave the office beyond 8 pm everyday. Five days were not enough, we had to continue the work on Saturday. There were signs of extending on Sunday. Good thing though, I had a great support system. We were all done last Saturday. We beat the deadline, but my legs are aching. I acquired colds. My eyelids are swollen for a week already. As much as I wanted to rest, the real work will happen on Monday until Wednesday. I can't wait for this event to end.

They say that being highly occupied makes you immune with some issues and nuisances in life. As the week was about to end, I had my taste of classic worklife politics. Someone used me as a scapegoat and puppet to stage the antagonist's most awaited drama. If this happened on a regular workday, there will be a long rant here. :p I will stress eat and some impulse purchase will be made. But I'm already drained to heed another adult drama. Part of me wanted to say, I'll have my own time. I'll handle everything in my own terms. But the grown up in me is overpowering. I just want a better life ahead. I wish to hear some good news, enough to outweigh some attitude problems I have to deal with. 

Meanwhile, here are the beautiful things that happened last week.

The planner seems to be my default photo every Sunday. I'm turning monotonous and predictable. But this is life ever since the year started. I don't have trips and other interesting stories to relate at the moment. Unless otherwise, everyone here would like to hear the details of my work. :) Creating automated forms in spreadsheets, discovering behavior and unearthing information from numbers, administering surveys, writing reports that no one bothers to read hahaha 

In the middle of the week, I managed to squeeze in a trip to the Post Office. I was able to score some old First Day Covers (FDC). This one features a painting of  the Tsubaki (Camellia) flower, released last March 20, 1961 in Japan. The best thing about this FDC is the intricate design of the postmark. I love the stamped illustration of the two Japanese ladies.

Another FDC I scored within the week, alongside with my other collections of used postcards. Since this FDC comes with a name of the recipient, my other hobby will finally be revived. I have yet to trace the original owner. I'm feeling excited.:)

This is my favorite score last week. Though admittedly, I find it expensive. It came from another seller, not from my favorite shop in Sta. Cruz, Manila.  I have a feeling that this postcard belongs to a national artist. It dates back 1905, originating from Cuba. I have yet to discover and make an extensive blog post about this.

Sunday is about to end and I still feel all the exhaustion. As much as I'd like to say, the "cold" never bothered me anyway hahahahaha I'm hating its existence. This is not the best time to endure any sickness. To make me feel better, another encounter with my crush might work as great antidote Hahahaha I noticed, my crush has become another default parting statement in my Sunday posts. ;)

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!  

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 257 - To be great and extraordinary

This Sunday is a rare work day for me. It's a long day ahead. I'm hoping to be productive and finish everything early. I still want to savor the few hours left for Sunday. I plan to buy special dinner for my family. It's been a while since we enjoyed our favorites from Burgoo, Yellow Cab or Army Navy. While typing this post, I'm enjoying my usual Saturday night. Dinner at home, watching the same TV show, coke and potato chips on the side. This is the life! Boring but very peaceful and relaxing. 

Last week was filled with activities, both expected and unexpected. It started with an unplanned work due on Tuesday. The next day, I had a random trip to the mall with my friend A. The mall had problems with their supply of electricity so everything went to total darkness. I will not lie, part of me panicked. On the way home, the train's services were suspended. In effect, I had to endure longer travel hours. Thursday felt fulfilling because I was able to complete some tasks. I also had a great lecture with my two classes. Friday was the best because I was able to watch Beauty and the Beast. Finally!!! No one could have done it better than Emma Watson. I read countless reviews, both praises and criticisms. Setting aside everything, what remained on me was Disney's first attempt to incorporate "gay love" in their film. Apologies for the spoiler. ;)   

Meanwhile, here are some beautiful things for this week

Weekly planner mess - The highlights of this week included Beauty and Beast, letter I received in celebration of National Women's Month and some items from a faraway branch of Japan Home. 

I'm adding rubber stamps in my stash. Anyone interested? I will share it to anyone interested in journaling. I hope I'll be able to generate interested fellows. I'm actually testing the water for this venture. Crossing my fingers, I hope everything will be successful.  

Postcard from Terra-  Thank you Terra for being one of the few friends, who make life beautiful and worthwhile.

Hello Marieken! Thank you for the postcard. I'm trying to track the years when did we start exchanging postcards. Can't remember and figure it out anymore. Hahaha 

Also in the photo is the all time favorite Vcut and Coke and the most awaited Sony a5000. Give me more time, I will earn that camera!!!

The beauty of weekend mornings - Goto (rice porridge) with strips of bagnet (crispy pork belly), lemons for juicing and an elegant coffee table book, everything feels so refreshing. 

Every now and then I discover friends who deactivated their social media accounts. Most complained of the unnecessary stress they gain from selfish, rude, cruel, and misconstrued thoughts of people to organizations. I will not deny, I had days when I felt irritated and provoked after checking my social media feeds. What usually affects me are people declaring their opinions as facts. In my own world, facts meant having data and concrete evidence. Unless you have decent proof, everything appears as mere assumptions. Then there are people enumerating their credentials and use it as take off point to lambast another person. Another breed include those who impose standards of excellency and use it as reference to elevate themselves. But truth is, everything will be directed to make someone appear so low and unworthy.

Recently, I read someone defining the standards of a "great" educator. I felt bad that some educators have the tendency to belittle fellow educators. While we have our own standards of defining what should be ideal, I'm leaning to the belief that everyone is already extraordinary in his / her own way.

A teacher or any person is already filled with life changing experiences. These experiences both forced and inspired them to become better individuals. Little do we know, it meant taking selfless decisions entailing years of sacrifices. Some may have been continuously immersing themselves with endeavors leading to priceless achievements. Unlike most people, they don't document every phase of their experience. No traces or evidences in social media, because they prefer to be humble and discrete.

An educator is not defined by his or her capability to venture on travel, acquiring a degree from an expensive university, a high grade in his or her thesis or dissertation, speaking engagements or her set of beliefs eloquently defined in her social media bio. I'd like to take everything on Brandon Stanton's words, When you look at a person, remember that everyone has a story. Everyone has gone through something that has changed them....

Apologies for the sudden outpour of thoughts. Blame my newsfeed, hahahaha 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

P.S. On a lighter note, I hope to feel inspired today. Maybe a sight or a conversation with my crush will suffice. Hahahaha 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 256 - Halfway March

I was away from home the entire week. It was the longest time I stayed in a hotel not for vacation, but work. The tasks were manageable, my room was great, except that I miss home. After a day, my body demanded a different scenery. I spend the remaining hours of the day in the nearby mall. I wasn't familiar with the place so it took me several attempts to figure out the cheapest way move in and out of the hotel. Speaking of cost efficiency, having dinner in the mall everyday is the easiest way to ruin your weekly budget. :p My taste buds and stomach were rejoicing, but my mind and pocket are suffering. Added to this, I miss the company of some great people. I was counting the days to be with my family and friends. Now that everything is over and done, I'm enjoying my slow and quiet time at home. Pajamas, popcorn, movie marathon, and family are priceless. I have waited for this the entire week.

Meanwhile, here are the beautiful things that happened this weekend 

Weekend mess - It feels like I'm aging backwards. I'm obsessed with stickers, rubber stamps, and different stationery items. But my weirdest addiction is collecting vintage items such as movie tickets, classic bus tickets, and brand labels. Should you find something online or offline that sells cheap vintage paper items, please tag me! :)

Treasure from Book Sale - While I can easily google the origin of stamp collecting, learning everything from the book is way better... coming from the old soul in me. What I miss though is scoring old postcards from Sta. Cruz Manila. My go to store has been operating in an on and off basis. My research skills are longing to be practiced. I miss the challenge of tracking the real owners of used postcards.

Another treasure from Book Sale - An addition to my collection, The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies!!! I still have a long way to go. Hoping to complete this classic layout edition of Beatrix Potter's collections.

Manila Hotel's Cafe Ilang Ilang buffet is one for the books.  - I cannot remember when was the last time I flooded my blog with food posts. 

Twinning with my friend :) - I'm excited to give this pouch to one of my greatest girl friends. Advance happy birthday A! Enjoy your upcoming trip. Thank you for being one of the best women who never fails to empower me. 

During the past week, my Twitter and Facebook feed were filled with events about the National Women's Month #BeBoldForChange. Every now and then, I encounter articles, stories, quotes, to advocacies aiming to empower women. While I'm in support of anything that will benefit women populace, part of me feels the need to improve of  how women treat each other. Unfortunately, I have been a witness and sometimes, a victim of women who underestimate, discriminate and devastate other women.

On the positive side, I have been and continuously inspired by women who chased their dreams and opened opportunities for other women. One of my favorites is Beatrix Potter. She defied restrictions and the traditional belief that women are only meant for marriage. 

The past week was also filled with some unexpected learning and realizations. Loyalty, honesty and hardwork will never be enough to gain that much needed trust and confidence. Some things are destined and manipulated not to work out. Sad reality. Although this one sounds too cliche, much of life's disappointments can be eliminated if expectations did not come in.

Sunday is about to end and looking at my notes, I have another long week ahead. Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead! 
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